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Final Fantasy XI Online: 2007 Edition

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Customer Reviews

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  Horrible Game!

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This is one of the worst games ever made, graphics are horrible , movement is a joke, the controls are set for a monkey, if you don't get a control manual you won't be able to even move, mouse is used for nothing at all. Do NOT buy this game.

  Great game.

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Good game, Really cheap. Some helpful tips/advice/information:

Monthly subscription of £8.99.
You need to enter your credit card to get your free month.
After free month £8.99 will be taken. (so remember to cancel if you dont wanna play anymore.)
Keyboard or chat pad needed to talk to everyone as no voice chat.
Hours needed to install game and get update.
7GB+ needed on Xbox hard drive for updates.
Alot of grinding involved at the start. (but only the start)

Really good game though, Graphics arn't amazing but once you get into it, its really good :) You dont even need to be a Final Fantasy fan to play! Also the PlayOnline interface is cool. :D

  A fantastic game!

| | See all Leovar's reviews (2)

This is one of the best games I've ever tried. Seriously.

But if you expect something like LOTRO, WoW, EQ2 or anything similar, then stay away. For example, for leveling and other ways of fighting monsters, there are almost no solo options (after lvl 12 or so), you WILL need to party/group with other players to progress.

FFXI is not a rush to max lvl, then raid only, as most of the newer games. This is much more slow-paced, and for the high-lvl activities (not only "end-game"), this game has more options than any other games out there. It can be casual-friendly, but not solo-friendly, not even close.

The community in this game, is one of the most mature out there. If you happen to be one of the kiddies from WoW (ie. begging for money, or spamming LOL, OMG, etc all the time), you won't stand a chance. If you behave, you will see that nicer and more friendly gamers doesn't exist elsewhere. The player base is very stable, it's been around 500,000 for a very long time, according to the official census.

Most MMORPGs are very time consuming, but FFXI is even "worse" than most. If you expect to be able to log on for half an hour to do a quest or lvl a bit, then forget it. FFXI is for players who are able/willing to play long sessions, that's just how it is.

FFXI doesn't have region specific servers, like most other games. Each and every server has players from all over the world. This is really great, cause no matter what time you log on, the servers are never "dead".

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  Friendly Note.

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You cannot buy this game used! unless stated it inclueds Character Content IDs and Play Online Login details.

I'v had this game over 4 years. imported from the US when it first came out, but iv never been able to bring myself to quit.

If your a WoW Fan THIS IS NOT YOUR GAME. this game takes forever to level up, and thats because people play easier games like wow and don't like the slow EXP system.
But with my characters i have a sence of Progression and Statisfaction. Where as my WoW characters just feel so Long and Streched.

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MMORPGS requires stupid amounts of time. tbh you should go out and live your life but.

Treasures of Aht Urghan is aimed at higher lvl players as is the next expansion pack. The best bit about TOAU is Besieged and Assault where you defend the city against the beastmen horde attacking. Lots of lag tho and you can't see everyone but lots of fun. 700+ players versus massive NMs. Lots of Quests etc but this game requires other people to help you which is the major drawback. You can solo but unless you're the max 75 its almost impossible. Square really needs to look at this as a lot of people can't be bothered to help out and why should they it takes ages to do quests and they get nothing for it.

Waste of money imho fun but massive time waster. I need to give it up seriously. I mean China runs rehab clinics for this.

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  I dont see what is going to attract new players.

| | See all XbobbyX's reviews (1)

I was looking through coming soon and i was amazed by this i cant believe they are not trying to attract new players this pack is basicly for the die hard members (im not that bad :o ) I dont see anything about this Re-release that is special its things like this that i find annoying. ive played the game and the first two expansions and they were very boring and well i dont expect anything from this new expansion. I find that disappointing takeing into consideration i like the idea of Final Fantasy being a MMO. I just hope they get their act together and try something new this is getting toooo repetitive.

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