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Spider-Man 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (7 reviews)"

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  Not bad

| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

I think this game is a must buy for every Spiderman fan; until now it's for sure the best Spidey game that went out and it is very enjoyable too. The PC version is a console porting, so the best device to play the game should be a joypad, but I played it with the mouse&keyboard combination and had no problems at all...so I think it's more a matter of taste.
Performance is good too: I have a Coreduo E6300 and an Ati Hd3850 and the game runs fine at 1440x900 (medium detail).

  Better than original Spiderman game but still not there

| | See all alung2k3's reviews (8)

Spider Man 3 is a fun game to play. Theres something extremly cool about flying through a city that is absolutly huge in comparison to previous games.

All the famous landmarks are there to go visit. The Empire State building has a fun minigame where you glide from the very top and drop through hoops. There are special tokens to collect also that unlock items/secrets.

The story is interesting but does eventually get a bit repetative. You usually have 3-4 missions to attempt at a time. Once you complete them you move on further into the story and eventually you become the black version of Spidey.

The controls are very hard on the PC so without some kind of game pad you will struggle to control him properly. The combat is fun and you can get some interesting combo's. One in particular you can shoot the web and he gets stuck to the lampost as you beat the crap out of him.

The graphics are very good also. Its at its best when the sun is going down and you are sat high up looking out. The enemies range from villans from the films to street gangs. For every gang you defeat the district will like you more. But the basic enemies all look the same.

Overall its a pretty solid game, if they could sort the controls, a few minor gameplay issues and a bit of variation it would have been a true great. 7.6/10

  good game, control system but camera could have been better!

| | See all sunshune123's reviews (1)

First of all, I manged to get this game running on an AMD Athlon XP 3200+, 1.5GB Ram, 256MB GeForce 6800GT system. I had to upgrade my graphics card from a 128mb geforce 6800 because it simply wouldn't run on that! Even on my 6800gt its still quite jerky frames, although its playable. The actual game is good, the control system isn't bad but could have been better, and so could the camera (which is worse). The city is large and features quite a lot of detail. This is probablt more suited to a next gen games console.

  Fun game but needs a patch badly

| | See all SamsTown's reviews (54)

I'll echo what both the 1st and 4th reviews said the performance is woeful even on PCs with what would be considered high end specs. It does look great on the highest settings but that said probably requires a Core 2 duo, 2 gigs ram and high end 8 series card to get anywhere near acceptable and playable frame rates, I'd also add that if you read some professional reviews of the game they say exactly the same thing and mention hitching even with those lofty system specs.

I can totally see the fun factor in the game, some of the voiceovers are great, the side missions and random events break things up nicely, loads of moves to find, even just swinging around the city is awesome but it needs some form of patch to address the performance issues that so many people including myself seem to have. Running the game at the lower settings really makes it look awful too.

On the flipside I can see why some say nice port, its nice in the sense that they actually decided to release the game that came out on consoles this time round rather than some kids game which is what happened last time with Spiderman 2 its not the definitive version of Spiderman 3 though and in its current form gets what is an extremely generous 3 stars based purely on the potential that I see in the game and the fact that im a huge Spiderman fan.

My advice, if theres a demo try before you buy to assess performance on your rig.

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  not for pc

| | See all MovieManz's reviews (6)

I agree with the first post as this game is not ment for a pc or an ps2 the game is meant for next gen gameplay on next generation consles but if u want it on pc u shud have at least an 3GHz processor/amd 4200, 2gb ram, and a 512mb graphics card for no problems and prefeberly on xp not vista, either from that the game is a good next gen game has good gameplay and graphics but still not brilliant as the first 2 in gameplay.

  An excellent game

| | See all Rich976's reviews (19)

This game is amazing! Its graphics are supurb, the scenery is really good, and the draw distance is awesome. Building dont just appear out of nowhere, the gameplay is pretty neat too with nice combos being achieved though the fighting can get repeptative at times nothing beats swinging around the city, sticking to building and climbing to the top to see the spectacular view.

People have been complaining of the game being very system rescource heavy, well I am running this game on my custom built system of:

Intel core 2 extreme @ 2.93GHz, 2GB RAM, and a 8800GTX and Ive got everything set to high and im running it at the resolution of 1680x1050 and Im not getting any troubles, its slows down from its already locked frame rate of 30fps to around 20fps only is certian areas and its mainly during cutscenes which I usually skip or I just put up with as the actual gameplay is fast and sticks to its 30fps framerate!!


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  Excellent 360 port

| | See all shezzor's reviews (1)

Unlike the PC version of Spiderman 2, the PC version of Spiderman 3 is the exact same version as the next gen consoles, right down to graphics and gameplay. The game plays pretty much like Grand Theft Auto but with missions that tie in with the Spiderman 3 story line. These missions (without spoiling anything) could include helping Mary Jane get to destinations on time, swinging through trigger points for time trials or just basically defending and cleaning the streets from gangs and crime.

As this is a direct port from the 360 and this will probably need a powerful PC to run properly. My system runs the game just fine as I'm using a 8800 although its a shame its locked at 30fps. The graphics are fantastic and especially shines on the higher resolutions with all the effects on high. Unlike the previous reviewer, I prefer the mouse and keyboard controls as these seem more comfortable to me as a PC gamer.

Overall its a really nice game and should keep you entertained for quite some time. If your interested in the Spiderman franchise then this is a definite purchase. If you have a PC powerful enough to play this then I would recommend the PC version over the console version as its the exact same game with arguably better graphics and at a cheaper price.

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