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Company Of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Top Class!

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

this is a great addition to CoH, the graphics, gameplay and amazing sound is what makes this the best RTS game to hit the shelves. If you get this also get the original as you get more missions and Factions to play as. One thing that ruined it abit is the amount of patches you have to install but it makes up for it or you can disconnect your internet before you start the game and it will not ask for Patches (only if you play single player)


| | See all Robdabest's reviews (9)

you get 2 be 2 new armys British and Panzar Elite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i counted over 20 new units and more than i think 5 maps and quite a long main game. If u like multiplayer then order this game now trust me multiplayer 5 stars better than ever. And each army is a good as each other.

  great addition to the game

| | See all DaviesDude's reviews (24)

With the addition of the brits and the panzer elte this is someone better than the original. 2 Full campaigns that together take longer than the original are brilliant although not quite as good as the american one. The two new faction do seem to be for more experianced players but are alot more fun. The british 75 pounder artillery is wicked.

  cannot recommend enough

| | See all SurferSam's reviews (33)

I cannot recommend the Company of Heroes series enough, and if you haven't tried it yet, Opposing Fronts is a perfect opportunity to join up for a tour.

  A must for RTS players

| | See all miestro's reviews (12)

This game blew me away. I didnt think that you could get better than the first game, I WAS WRONG. The graphics are stunning, gameplay is amazing and the selection of units gives an excellent variety. The only thing that i would say lets it down a bit is that you have to be online to play, even single player, and the multiplayer often doesnt work correctly due to relics server. Dont let this put you off though a game worth buying.

  excellent, dont need to say much more

| | See all webol69's reviews (7)

this game runs perfect on a good spec computer/laptop trust me have good specs atleast 2gig ram to get a good run, story line is excellent

  The Best RTS Ever

| | See all Madball's reviews (1)

When I first saw this game I didn't really want it because I had played Soldiers from Codemasters and it put me off, After a friend insisted on my buying it I did and I'm so glad I bought it. This is by far the best RTS game I've ever played. Command and Conquer doesn't even come close to how great this game is.

The Visuals are stunning, the gameplay is so much fun and the game is very well polished. All I can say is you must buy this game. I just hope Relic Entertainment release more Company of Heroes titles, maybe a Vietnam or modern day combat title.

  If you only buy one game this year...

| | See all visorboy's reviews (9)

...buy this. The finest RTS game available, if you liked CoH you will love this even more. Two new fantastic armies and missions plus loads of new skirmish maps. Even after playing for months you will still be impressed by the detail and movement of the game.

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  3/5 would have been 5/5 (read more)

| | See all JoeHawkins's reviews (7)

This is the first REAL game of its kind. The most successful WWII stratergy thats come out in the last year. Gameplay is great and AI are smart but i warn you. you need a decent comp to get the real "oompf" out of this game, Its one of the first releases to feature Direct x 10 support. so please dont do what i did and buy it before you have made sure your pc will run it. or you will be very disapointed like me

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