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PES 2008 (Pro Evolution Soccer 7)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (60 reviews)"

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  Online play is atrocious

| | See all Paul457's reviews (2)

Play this offline and it's really good but the problem is when you play it online. The lag is absolutely ridiculous! The game was obviously never tested properly before it was released or they wouldn't dare release it like this. If you get a good connection then you can have a good game, but get a bad connection (likely) and it's almost impossible to play with players and the ball popping up around the pitch.

  Hmmmm.... Bearable

| | See all Vernon282's reviews (6)

Positives first, graphics are impressive and the user-friendly nature when you have an adapter to use a PS2 controller or xbox controller, (Never tried using the keyboard). The layout is very clean and dead easy to use, even if you have never used it you know instantly what to do. The master league is well constructed simple, and not over complicated, plus builing your dream team is after all why we buy games such as Football Manager.

However despite these positives, there are negatives and boy are there some negatives. How easy it is to score from long range with players such as rooney or vicente (especially) is just ridiculous.

Possibly the most enfuriating thing is the lack of any intelligence from any player on the pitch! The defenders seem to run away from the ball when an attacker is coming forward unless you controlled all 4 to sort themselves out. The first touch is sometimes spot on, whereas sometimes it is dreadful. The adriano not being able to hold it up against shaun wright philips! (although entertaining if you are in control of SWP :P). And sometimes they dont even bother with a first touch, when you place a ball through they let it roll of the pitch, i mean come on, its just the basics.

Keepers are a liability!, if the ball travels straight at them from a weedy tap from a forward he parries it either back to him or his ONLY partner in a sea of 10 defenders!

Similarly you find you have to tackle the same player for an age and then when you tackle him the ball magically goes to another opponent or flies 20 yards of the pitch for a throw-in.

Im in a difficult position as a lover of the sport and the enjoyment of some aspects of the game. But i would have many more hairs on my head if they made it less frustrating in some areas!

  So and So

| | See all SimbaMizzi's reviews (7)

As a game it have great graphics but there are some things that will make nervous some time! I need to ask those people who have this game if the game is controlled with button's of Xbox?

  Not great, not bad

| | See all Greidy1's reviews (5)

Got this at a great price from Play and on first playing was quite impressed. Unfortunately as you progress through the game you start to get wound up with some of its features. Such as trying to set tactical strategies which you have to try to work out yourself because there is no clear explanation. Also there are 5 difficulty settings whereas there should only be 2. These are beginner (dead easy) and amateur (dead hard). Attempting the other 3 settings may well result in you punching a hole in your computer screen.
Otherwise, AI is quite impressive in this game and I suppose it makes you attempt a more tactical approach to each match. Graphics are great and gameplay relatively smooth. Online play not so good.
I have Vista 32 bit, HD 2600 XT graphics card, quad core Q6600 and 2GB ram for those needing to know specs.
Anyway must go, just lost 2 nil to Iran and I was Brazil.

  Pro Evo

| | See all godjim's reviews (13)

The most realistic football game out there, bit of drain single player but get your mates involved, start a master league and your gurenteed to enjoy. I've played right through the series and it only gets better and better. Stuff Fifa, pro evo's the real deal.

  Game ok

| | See all adsimo's reviews (11)

This game play ok, but as everyone has said it is terieble online. the lag is ridiculous. I have avery good connection to the interent but the game lags all the time, this does not happen when I play either pes6 or fifa 08. Ones it was so bad that i scored a goal the ball rolled out one of the other teams player collected it and the game carried on as normal for like 30 seconds, then the goal was given. Mostly though the ball just seems to go all over the place regardless of what you press. My advice if you want pes on the computer get pes 6 much better game, i think many would agree.


| | See all Lobz123's reviews (6)

The game is amazing!! You can download the official kits, stadiums, balls and option files so theres no need to complain about licensing.

In my opinion its the best football game out at the moment, better than FIFA by a mile, graphics are amazin for the pc and ive had several epic games when playin 2 or 4 player with mates!! Absolute steal.

  Fine Solo but don't bother online

| | See all NutleyBoy's reviews (6)

I've played the Pro Evo Series for years and this is the first one I've brought for the PC. The game is great solo but go on the net and it is pants. Waste of money as I brought it to play online.

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  Great Solo, Rubbish on-line

| | See all requiem7's reviews (17)

Great gameplay with fantastic graphics. Its a good in single-playe mode if a little easy even with difficulty put up. But the on-line play is a farce. Far too frustrating to continue with. The ball warps all over the place. So till they fix the on-line mode I would avoid it. Don't get me wrong you might get a couple of decent games with no major lag and then the gameplay shines through, but they are few and far between.

  Why complain?

| | See all DontAskMe's reviews (9)

OK, Let's break this down a little... those who are complaining of poor graphics must have terrible computers because the graphics on mine are fine... if they were anything below ps2 standards i'd reconsider. The game itself is a brilliant addition to the series, I became addicted for a short time to diving in the area trying to win a penalty, this is just one of the features that makes the game more realistic, you CAN get away with diving. OK the commentary is quite terrible, but that's something you can work around. The official licensing isn't there either but you can download all of the official kits and the rest so that's another issue sorted. All in all I think too many people were expecting far too much from Konami and have been left disappointed. The simple answer... expect little, and you will realise this game delivers a lot!

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