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Rome: Total War - Gold Edition II

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Utterly Amazing...

| | See all LittleStag's reviews (1)

This game is just simply amazing. I got htis game about two years ago and now even though there's all these new games, Halo, Call of Duty, Red dead redemption to name a few of my faveourites I still think that Rome total war is still my Favourite game!!! You can play it again and again and never get bored as each time you complete it you start again and then something different happens like you unlock some new faction to play as and each faction has its own special units that no other faction has. Just the general vastness of the game is amazing, there are tonnes of different battle fields to fight on. The controls of the game are very easy to use and you quickly become good at controlling units. In my opinion it is a brilliant bargain and you would be foolish not to buy such a great game at such a great price.***** five star game!!!!!!! ^_^

  Alexander or the Barbarians?

| | See all Plato67's reviews (45)

The Total War ancient world franchise, better known as 'Rome: Total War', consists of three instalments: the initial 'Rome: Total War' and its two expansion packs. Having reviewed all three of them singularly, I am now writing yet another review to help customers choose between the two Gold Editions - with the first one comprising 'Rome: Total War', and its first expansion pack 'Barbarian Invasion', and the second (and object of this scrutiny) consisting of 'Rome. Total War' and its chapter entirely centred on Alexander the Great.

Keeping in mind that both Gold Editions have the original 'Rome: Total War' in common, choosing either one of them may depend primarily on the historical period of preference ( in my case, I would have to recommend 'Barbarian Invasion'); however, in terms of game play and strategy, picking the second combination out might be a sound idea for many reasons.

Although it revolves around the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the Barbarian Invasion expansion offers pretty much the same options as the main game in terms of game play and strategy. Just to cite the preeminent ones, the map is the same as the one in 'Rome: Total War', and the factions, although entirely different, are structured in much the same way. In terms of campaign, in both 'Rome: Total War' and 'Barbarian Invasion', you will have to conquer and hold a given number of regions in order to meet the victory conditions. Both military units and building units in the two games follow identical criteria, and diplomacy also plays a decisive role in both of them. On the other hand, in the Alexander expansion, the presence of a brand-new map that stretches eastwards all the way to India - abandoning therefore the typical territories of Roman and Celtic Europe to embrace the sweltering regions of Middle East - gives the expansion pack that flair of originality that makes it leap out in terms of the opportunity to control new regions and hire different mercenary units, widening the scope of the game significantly. With the game set on the eve of the Persian war, you will lead the encroaching Macedonian army into Persian territory, having also the chance to consolidate Alexander's grandeur by subjugating nearby barbarian factions. Despite controlling Alexander's faction only, the game still stands out from its previous companions under two standpoints. First, being solely limited to Alexander's military campaign and his victory over the Persian empire, there is no such thing as diplomacy, which would surely make no sense whatsoever in terms of the game's philosophy. Second, there are no difficulty levels on Alexander, but the game is quite challenging, for you will not only have to meet the typical victory requirements, but you will also need to complete the game within Alexander's life span, having as a result a chance to test your strategic ability to organise and optimise the game resources.

In conclusion, my advice to all customers - as well as fellow history buffs- is to get each of the three games of the series anyway, for each is a gem that truly presents a chance to interact with the most significant periods of the ancient world. Having clarified this one point, my only complaint about both Gold Edition packages is the marketing decision of combining the two expansion packs with the main game only instead of providing an ultimate edition with both expansions in one disc. Notwithstanding such inexplicable marketing strategy, however, I will give this edition 5 stars, for it deserves each of them, and even more.

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| | See all deathroulette's reviews (3)

This game is great. the battle control is good, the graphics good. i can see myself playing this still in 5 years. you can play the game over and over without getting bored.


| | See all RedHairedChimp's reviews (7)

this is quite possibly the greatest PC if not greatest game full stop ever made!
ive completed it numerous times and still come back for more, since each time you play something different happens!
it may not be as accessible as the Age of Empires series but stick with it and you will be rewarded!!!!!

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  a top game

| | See all ianiffy's reviews (13)

i still think this is one of the best strategy games ever i have
played medieval 2 total war but i don't think it was as good
the battles were never as good as rome total war this game is a all time classic

  this is well wow

| | See all liamp20's reviews (1)

this is one of the best games i have ever played and im not even that keen on stratagy games the i think thay couled have put a bit more in the expantion but for £9.99 it is defonotly worth it

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  Still one of the best

| | See all Krushner's reviews (6)

Rome Total War Gold Edition for the mere price of £9.99 deserves a place at the side of every gamers PC. Arguably better even then its sequel Medieval 2 Total War, this game has ancient battle strategies and melee down to a tee.

It was the revolutionary next step from the Shogun style engine, however obvious similarities between the engines are evident. With similar effecient, easy to use controls and a near perfect interface and the graphics to match, this edition of RTW should not be overlooked.

If your into strategy games then this is the game for you, it can be used for a mess around creating your own battles and scenarios as you schoose, or for the more serious players it can be taken online and skills can be tested against other players. So as I have explained it matches many interests and people can make what they want of it.

The online capabilities are another strong point, being able to play with up to 8 players with thousands of troops clashing at any one time. This game is becoming dated, but it still does not cease to amaze me. If you have never played this game before and you want a new game to try, you will not be let down.

This game is so good that I have failed to find any valid criticism, and that, my friends, is unlike me.

This is a must buy, and I rarely ever say that, possibly the best game I have played to date.

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  I saw, I bought, I conquered

| | See all Lewy82's reviews (2)

This is by far one of my favourite games on the PC. It provides a stunning mix of action and strategy that is second to none. Thinking about who you want to fight next is not merely enough.

There is fun in every aspect of this game from developing and running settlements to light skirmishes of raiders to full blown battles for new lands.

This is a turn based strategy that is easy to pick up, hard to master and impossible to put down.

Fully recommended.

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| | See all keirthatsme's reviews (10)

If you like strategy you will LOVE this Brilliant graphics huge scale strategy 1000s of men under your comand has two maps battle map were you can see individual units and commant legions and the campaign map were you command whole armies and expand your cities and towns and feets- watch out for the huge pirate fleets that will attack anything within range. You can command many factions out side of rome such as the egyptians and greeks. I bought this at the full store price which was worrth it but for £9.99 this is a MUST BUY for all PC gamers!!!

  The rise of Rome

| | See all bones2007's reviews (9)

For the best game of 2005 rome takes the cake because of the way history is told to the point and the battles are played so realistic that you are always involed in every battle from the choose of soliders to the horseman and heavy equipment the game plays true to history

I would rate rome total 10/10 for excellent gameplay