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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Adsolutly a stinker

| | See all simonsept1963's reviews (2)

A Boaring game and it's almost impossible to score a goal all my one on ones so far have all bee saved
don't buy this game insted buy fifa 07 or Pes 08

  Re-skinned and out of date

| | See all silverdude69's reviews (1)

EA has let the community down with what just looks like a re-skinned new version of Fifa. They've updated the music, the player names and a few player faces here and there, but the graphics look dated at best. I have a top of the range graphics card (NVIDIA 8800 Ultra) and with visually stunning games like Crysis out there breaking the mould; powerhouses like EA have to give HD gamers something big. We need to be blown away by realism! This game lacks that quality in every respect. The crowd is just a loop of about 2 frames, and the grass lacks texture. In fact the whole game looks like it was made for generation 6 geforce cards rather than getting to grips with HD gaming. I expect it is just as bad on the next generation consoles too. But to be fair I've heard Pro Evo 2008 is the same in this respect. So don't bother getting this or Evo 2008, or even the token Euro 2008 game out later this year, because that will just be a re-skinned version of this waste of money, but with less players and teams! Unfortunately I can't send it back because I downloaded it of the EA download centre! Shocking....

  Why did they change controls?

| | See all federicoCyprus's reviews (2)

I always play with the keyboard since fifa95. And always to change a player in defense style u use the key "s". After 13 years you CANT change the key.....why would you do that.....why??? If 2009 is gonna be the same controls i dont think im ever gonna buy it any longer.

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  Some Glitches but a great game

| | See all FlyingMan1's reviews (1)

Gameplay is good, an improvement from 07 with new tricks, Goalkeeper control and better passing control. Graphics have improved from 07 but are still not amazing. There are some glitches such as when you sky it over the bar the commentator says great save! On PC it is better with a joypad but for die hard fans it is possible to use the keyboard effectively. A must have for football fanatics...

  a touch offside

| | See all somethingfishy's reviews (58)

better then the last 3 years efforts but still way sort of the pro evo soccers from 2 years a go better looking graphics and player movement but at time you just seam to lose or totally miss the ball all together a lot more teams and leagues this tme as well but just like this years pro evo 2007 it the game play and speed that lets it down when are we going to stop putting up with this yearly update or when are or if ever are ea going to make a great fifa football game again

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  Great game, stop the whining

| | See all Foxstar's reviews (4)

Many people sit on the Fifa or PES side of the fence, I sat on the PES side for many years but tried Fifa for the first time in years on Fifa07. This game was more fun than Pro Evo but yes it was less realistic and easy to score unlike PES. However Fifa08 fixes these issues. Yes the controls are slightly different but it makes them more similar to PES and it makes a great improvement in gameplay. Scoring is harder which was most peoples gripe but on the other hand scoring too easily used to be people's problem. Either way you can seperately set the goal keepers skill to make this easier or harder (and you can make the rest of the team of a different skill level). As for slow jumpy graphics, I have a single core 3.0 ghz intel processor (not one of the new duo's) and the game runs amazingly well. Overall I feel this is a vast improvement on the fun but easy 07 and beats PES6 hands down, we'll just have to see what PES2008 has to bring (yet with few real teams).

  Pretty dismal effort

| | See all Stagletto's reviews (5)

Graphically this is pretty awful, I have Fifa 99 which I got free with my mighty Voodoo 3 about 7 years ago and it doesnt look too dissimilar to this. Worst of all....very slow menus, I mean, HORRIDLY SLOW. You will be there for ages trying to click things. It would make sense for a game to run this badly IF I had a naff PC but when you have a top spec Core 2 Duo which doesnt have a problem with Bioshock / Test Drive Unlimited etc at high resolutions with all detail on this shouldnt really make it chug. Blocky and poor characters - this is a port of the PS2 version people, NOT the all singing all dancing beautiful PS3/360 version. Advice to all PC owners - avoid. Oh yeah, and your players over-run the ball constantly. Frustrating, thought id give FIFA another go after getting into Pro Evo but I wish I hadnt.

  New style

| | See all KingFisher316's reviews (2)

This new Fifa is not bad. The problem that I can see people having with it is that the controls are different, and the 'classic' style of controls cannot be accessed. For online it's gonna be harder if people cannot get used to the new controls.

  Alright but......

| | See all Jackie13's reviews (1)

Quite a good game.

some bugs that should be sorted out with patches. Graphics decent and scoring more difficult than on Pro Evo or previous FIFA games.

Pro Evo fans will not like this game (because they never do). The game is not as realistic as Pro Evo, but the sheer range of teams, leagues etc more than makes up for the slight shortcomings.

4* overall. I would still choose this over Pro Evo any day.

  demo shows nothing

| | See all mixinda's reviews (16)

not for pro evo hardcore fans i think, too frustrating for their kind. this fifa is as hard as 07 but now allowing to change the keepers to a lower difficulty setting is a great addon as it makes the game much better without impossible goailes.thing about this and pro is when you score on pro is like (i scored whoopdeedoo) on fifa if you score you feel you have achieved something (because it isnt easy.)

you can now do skills on the field, great be a pro feature as you only control one player and get xp as you advance. pc graphics are decent but not like the 360 version. good game overall