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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Big departure from the previous games

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Its a very big departure from the previous games in the series. You can (and are encouraged to) sneak around, but it's not entirely necessary anymore, and getting caught just means losing your pursuers and trying again (although you could theoretically run and gun it).

Some levels aren't really made for stealth gameplay, so you'll end up having to go to the old 'third person shooter' a bit more than you'd expect.

There is still a lot of stealth in it, but its more the 'Assassins Creed' kind of stealth, with moving and climbing and picking off rooms full of enemies.

Content-wise, you could realistically finish it within 6 hours, but only if you ignore the stealthy aspect of it all. Its much much easier than its predecessors.

I do recommend it, but if you're a big fan of Splinter Cell, you might be disappointed.

  I give five to this game and dont care about bad reviews.

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

I love the franchise, i play this since th first and i know the bad choices that ubisoft made about the same, but i think im my poor opinion thais is the turn around more likely and more joinable in my point of view.
Good game, good graphics and most enjoyable gameplay since the last.

  Really good Splinter game

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

I wasn't too sure about Splinter Cell Conviction at first as I'm a big fan of the series and this one is a bit different format wise, but after playing it for an hour so I really got into it. Its told in a different way from the norm but that's definitely one thing its got going for it, also the action is really good although the stealth takes a bit of a back seat to the shoot em up stuff, but it still has some great stealthy moments.

The only things that let it down for me a bit was the singler player campaign is a bit on the short side but it is really good of course, and the other thing is the swearing and dialogue from the bad guys who keep saying the same sort of things "You can't hide from me Fisher!" "I'm gonna kick your ass, Fisher!" and so on.

Apart from this, Splinter Cell Conviction is a really good game and I enjoyed it very much, so its definitely worth it.

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| | See all Williamuk's reviews (1)

Having been a massive Splinter Cell fan since the first game, I have been eagerly awaiting this release. Knowing that Ubisoft ditched the iconic head gear I still wanted to try it, but I was not impressed.

The storyline is alright, but relies on doing a 180 on the previous game. The graphics are not as good as Double Agent, the AI of the NPCs is flawed and the game play does not rely on stealth anymore, replaced by a more "Kane & Lynch" approach of duck and shoot.

To conclude: NOT a stealth game and NOT true to the other Splinter Cell games.

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Hi I just got this game and I am must say that this is not like the others before. The 4 games before that in my opinion were very difficult this one is more easy but I am so excited. Conviction is a title that all the Splinter Cell fans must have!!!

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  Was a bit sceptical

| | See all Sweeney47's reviews (11)

Having been a huge fan of the series (and therefore pretending double agent never existed) I was very sceptical about this one as it seemed to branch away from the formally stealth driven gameplay. However all that stealth etc still exists you just arn't 'forced' into it.

Run and gun does work and can be a bit of fun but you will undoubtedly get more enjoyment out of the stealthy approach. Some of the stealth hand to hand takedowns are pretty cool, for example: one of them has you shoot them in the back of the knee, as they drop, another round in the head... satisfying ;).

Mark and execute is an excellent addition to the game and when you first read about it may appear a bit too 'easy-mode' however in order to unlock an execute you must complete a hand to hand combat move. Depending on the weapon you can mark and execute up to 4 enemies at once.

Last known position feature is another great addition to the game. When you are spotted by an enemy a silhoutte of your last known position appears and this is where enemies will charge, flank and shoot at, knowing this position allows you to out flank enemies and set up ambushes with remote mines etc should you have them.

The single player campaign is short but very good and without a doubt has plenty of replayability. The multiplayer campaign (Prologue) is also very good and about the same length as the single player campaign and some of the sentances that come out of the two characters (Archer: Third Echelon(who sam used to work for), Kestrel: Voron (International version of Third E)) are nothing short of comical.

Other modes, known as deniable ops, include Hunter which is where you play through the coop maps but rather than being objective based you have to take out all hostiles (like terrorist hunt in rainbow six vegas etc) the twist being that if you are spotted reinforcements arrive (from all directions) making it harder. Another game mode is a survival based game whereby an EMP is in an area from one of the maps and you need to protect it from waves of enemies which gradually get better equipped and harder to kill up to 20 waves. During the game you cannot restock ammo or gadgets so have to quickly scavange between waves. Having played a fair amount of these game modes with a friend of mine they are very good and again have a good amount of replayability. With a variation of weapon and gadget choices you can mix up your play quite a bit.

I have not experienced any of the issues that JimSniper has neither has my friend and my machine is half of what his is and I play it on full settings so its not a global incompatability issue with the game. In regards to the DRM it can be a pain if you dont have a stable connection but its the price you pay in the games company's attempt to fight piracy its better than a 3 install cap etc that EA used to spit out on their games.

I can safely say after years of disappointment that Ubisoft has managed to release a cracking game that I will be playing for ages yet without being bored(especially if they keep throwing out free new weapons ;D).

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| | See all JimSniper's reviews (1)

Quite a departure from Sam's previous outings...
the story is very good and the gameplay is pretty fluid (if it wasnt for the fact that the game keeps crashing even on my core i7 6gb RAM ATI4890 machine... !!! this shouldn't happen)
and you MUST have a VERY stable internet connection... its positively infuriating and not very playable when you are constantly being harranged by Ubisoft's utterly useless and plain ridiculous DRM system. which means if there is any sort of dip in the connection between you and the server, the game pauses and tells you to wait untill it's re-established connection.
managed to play a lot through now... but it is being slowed down by the annoying breaks in play caused by DRM and crashing issues... i mean i can play Bad company 2 full spec on this rig... this crashes when 4 people walk into the frame all shooting at you...

if you are a fan of the series, by all means get this game... but it is a far cry from SC1 2 and 3.
controls are fluid (i play with a wired 360 controller), but don't expect to be doing split jumps and all the fancy player controlled moves you can no longer climb ontop of stuff like when sam was a bit nimbler. the game moves away from being super stealthy-climb-up anything-you-can to more stealth but running and gunning is easier. but this is replaced by some cool take outs and the mark and execute which is very fun...

I caveat this review by saying i have yet to play all the coop and multiplayer missions so i can't comment on that, it may just make this game..

sorry the review isn't well written. i can fault this game in so many ways, but sadly barely any of the faults are really to do with the gameplay itself.

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