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Need For Speed: ProStreet

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  it is a good game

| | See all hobers4's reviews (2)

If u have a fast enough computer like me a q6600 32 bit processor with a 9600gt overclocker graphics card and 4 gb ramm the game is amazing and ok i will admit need for speed 1 and 2 were better because you could put neons and doors and everything but in its own right prostreet is awsum coz its more realistic with the crashes unlike most wanted lol


| | See all JubeiTigeruk's reviews (15)

Well what to say about this game... I was impressed and sucked in by the adverts. I have been a fan of most of the Need For Speed games and this one is awesome in some senses but then again really rubbish!

I honestly still think Need For Speed Underground 2 is the best one out there to be honest! That one i have played OVER and OVER again and not gotten bored.

I would love to see another Need For Speed game with the gameplay of Underground 2 and the way it was done but with the detail of Graphics & Car Damage along with Mod Upgrades and Car Selection in the next one. Would be the perfect game in my eyes then!

Thing i found with this one that the Game can be demanding on the PC. The Graphics are awesome but if you don't have an up to date PC your pretty much not going to be seeing them.. the Car Damage is awesome also which makes it more like the real thing.

Performance Mods were good but i found that whats the point in having the different make Forced Inductions and so on if they do no different to the spec and cost the same. Waste of time in my eyes.

Cars were awesome malthough be nice to see some old school cars in there too!

Smoke in the game when doing burn outs are pretty sweet!

The main thing i missed about this Need For Speed game is the free roaming about!

Overall i would only say buy this game if your realllllly bored and wanting something new to fill in your nights in the winter or whatever!

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  not a bad game in its own right

| | See all Budvar's reviews (5)

if you are after the "latest" NFS then this really isint it, might of been better if they had given this game a new fresh title because it is nothink like the others, in its own right it isnt that bad a game tho i wouldnt go over board on it, nice graphix, nice sounds and ok backdrop, fun playing your mates at LAN but gets borring on your own

  i was really anticipating this games goodness

| | See all greenriva's reviews (1)

my wt a pity
wt a damn fine shame
this just isnt need for speed at all
infact i tell a lie
this is need for speed 2 all over again
poor control ie: no control
bad bad bad bad bad car's aiming for lamp posts constantly
none of the gorgeous grafx can make up for how rubbish this game handles
if only they hadnt fiddled
this woulda been a real winner
tho i guess if u hav a steering wheel u'll hav the time of ure life
just on a keyboard the only thing this latest installment of the series will do is get you opening up ure browser to search for a new racing title

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| | See all Toryas's reviews (4)

I can relate to the other gamers' disappointment with the fact that they don't bring any of the last games great parts in. No cop chases, no city driving... However I think they have made a great game with new and positive changes. I like how the cars are now a challenge to drive, and you're actually scared to crash because it costs.

I like the fact you have a car for drift, car for grip and car for drag. (Since when could you hammer a drift car around a corner, just because you're in a grip race in RL?). The modifications are also good. I like how you can win engine upgrades, turbo upgrades etc. Another good point is you can have different blueprints for the same car.

In conclusion the game is a bit of a disappointment if you are expecting the typical NFS. However the game itself is fantastic.

5/5 Graphics
5/5 Customising
4/5 Expectation.

  NFS gone legal

| | See all FodsyDoo's reviews (2)

As a lot of the other reviews have noted the game lacks what we have come to expect from the NFS series. As probably a lot of people thought I was hoping for some illegal city racing but not the case. You get stuck on awful racing tracks which is ok if I bought myself ToCA or something but not what should of come from this title. I expected this game to be the best of the modding from Underground 2, the police chases from Most Wanted and maybe some of the game modes from Carbon. How wrong could you go, they had all the data from the last 3. All they had to do to make an awesome game was combine them. Another cheap, rushed and poor game by EA. save your money cause there are a lot better games out there

  worst NFS yet

| | See all sternkanz's reviews (1)

I've played all of the NFS series, and this is one of the worst yet. Granted the graphics are good, but thats it. The cars handle like boats on ice, the progression is very difficult to get started without re-running the same races over and over to get more money, and having to concentrate on 4 cars instead of 1 does NOT make it more fun. Also, drag racing... nice idea, but I don't want to have to spend hours customising my car so that I can beat the opposition(which I can beat on hard in grip mode with ease).

As for the new damage model, I think it looks fantastic, but if I have to spend over $3000 to FIX the damage from one little scratch, after getting only $2500 for winning the race, I spend ages saving and re-loading my game so that I can finish the race without a single scratch. EA has really screwed up with this game, trying to make everyone happy at once has only made noone happy.

  Avoid like the plague!

| | See all Alphabert's reviews (1)

probably the biggest pile of cack released under the NFS banner. As a fan of previous incarnations, I am majorly disappointed. As another reviewer writes, the cars are almost uncontrollable, the "tuning" is farcicle, the whole scenario smacks of EA being told to "make it legal". Avoid - go for Most Wanted or U2 instead!

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  ProStreet? ProBad!!

| | See all Nito4president's reviews (6)

After playing some of the previous titles of "Need For Speed", I was expecting the same sort of thing, fast ilegal racing in the middle of some city, hoping for some nice multiplayer action, inspired by the films "The fast and the furious" or something like that. Istead we have a very nice looking, yet poor, track racing game, more on the sort of TOCA, but without so much simulation.
Looks like they got half way arcade half way simulation in this title, and even with the good looks the graphics of this game brings you, the controls just spoil it out.
Stearing is a nightmare, and in some ocasions it feels like there is no connection between the ground and the wheels.
The menus can be very complicated, and this is not really the game I was expecting, this is way away from NFS.
If you like racing in tracks under an orginized manner this will be your game, but if you are a fan of NFS you may stay away from this one.

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  i must need speed to have got this

| | See all somethingfishy's reviews (58)

what?? great driving game ?? best game yet??.no sorry this the worst need for speed yet as like for the last three years with most other ea games thay just seam to have this need to make each years game worse then the years game before need for speed has always been about the street racing lifestyle hence the underground tag it once had.track racing ?? if you want track racing buy a f1 game if you want dirt racing buy a rally game if you wanted street raceing you got need for speed well not any more just like fifa and all those sim games just ea looking to steal more money out you pockets with another poor poor game.a just to make thing worst i even paid £29.99 from the shops for this what a mug

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