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Total War: Rome 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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Like the game, shame they have added all the added bits in to do with the economy and stuff means less fighting and more sorting out of the cities and keeping them happy to the first one, but saying that I do like the game.


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Dont waste money ......very disapointing!!! Medevial 2 gold much better ................they charge top price for a half finished game and then ask you to pay 14 for a few civilations that should be there allready 2 for blood that is literly just a tick of a box.

Also empire is still a broken game and they refuse to fix it

For me theres alot of things wrong with this game even after patches are loaded i could list them allday and im sure there is a list out there

They have thrown away all the things that made total war great........just after your money......... Sell outs sell outs sell outs sell outs sell outs sell outs

  Total War: Rome 2

| | See all Boggit's reviews (2)

Overhyped at pre-order, this game turned out to be a massive disappointment in comparison to the rest of the franchise. It is a little better now thanks to the patches, but there are still silly things like making it complicated to merge units within an army, or the automatic destruction of walls and fences when a unit moves over then - In NTW and ETW you'd see individual soldiers jump over such obstacles. There are still serious flaws with the trademark brain dead AI, and the painfully slow gameplay. Whilst graphics are much improved over the original RTW, frankly the modded original RTW game was still perfectly acceptable - even better the Roma Surrectum mod for MTW2. The one really good change in this game is the naval combat which is a decided improvement - even then a player is advised to get the naval mod from the TW Center website for the improved naval battle AI.

For someone who has all the Total War franchise, this one is the greatest disappointment. Perhaps it will improve if CA continue to patch it, but at release it was really a beta test game that did well on hyped marketing.

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  Looks Good Gameplay, but......

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I purchased this game thinking it would be the best game out for PC yet, it all look like good gameplay going through the tutorial but then the action begins and what can I say. This game is so memory and graphics dependent it make playing it almost impossible even on low settings! I have a fairly medium spec set-up at that, plus I'm hearing comments of people with high-spec rigs that they have performance issues. Perhaps this game is best avoided until CA release some well needed patches.

  Best Total War so far

| | See all bigtallanddopey's reviews (1)

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this game on release as nearly all of the recent previous Total War titles have had numerous game breaking bugs upon release. And unfortunately they are still present but they are not too numerous and just mainly cause crashes back to the desktop and this is the reason fro dropping a star.

Apart from the odd crash the game is a big improvement on previous games, mainly with the AI which is far more unpredictable and aggressive. In many of the previous games once you had conquered a few provinces and established a relatively large army any AI controlled factions would not attack you, giving you free reign over the rest of the map. Whereas in this game you have to constantly be on the lookout for attacks from rival factions and revolts from within, giving a far more challenging game and one that you cannot win within a days play.

The 'tech tree' has also been reduced from the massive re-searchable technologies available in Empire and Shogun 2, meaning that by the end of the campaign it is actually possible to have fully researched your factions upgrades. And one of my main favorite features is to limit the number of armies and fleets that you can field, many would say this slows the game down and stops you from expanding. However i believe that it makes you think a lot more about attacking a new faction and opening up a new battle front, as if you over stretch your armies and expand too quick enemy factions are liable to attack unguarded territory forcing you to abandon your attacks and defend.

In conclusion this game is well worth a buy and once a few patches have been released it will be a 5 star game.

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  If you played the first Rome war forget this one too slow

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If you played the first Rome war forget this one too slow

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