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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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  be careful

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Although I agree with the below reviews, Its best you realize that the discs in the box do not contain the games just the rights to download the games for free! which I was not aware of and now have to wait ages to play

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  Best deal ever.

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This game contains possibly the best PC games ever released, all for a very cheap price. Buy!

  Five of The Best Games Ever....What are you waiting for?

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Half-Life2 - Ep1 - Ep2:
Probibly the best PC game i have ever played, you will not be disapointed. The story is great and you don't really need to have really played HL1. If you enjoy playing mods you will notice that allot of mods use HL2. It is a very easy engine to modify using the SDK

This game is very special, different and chalenging.

Cons: thsi game is very short and gets boring but there are a few mods just to make it more challenging.

Team Fortress2: This is one of the best multiplayer games i have ever played, its fun and the game changes all the time. There are now WAY much more stuff you can unlock since the first release of this game.

  A must buy for every FPS fan

| | See all Smertnik's reviews (5)

Really, there isn't much to say.

OB contains the best FPS titles to a laughable price. I bought it right after release for the full price and even that I consider a real bargain.

We have the HL2 series, one of the best single player FPS.
There is Portal, a really well thought out and creative puzzle.
And TF2 which I consider one of the best, if not The Best MP FPS with a really unique art style and constant support.

  Incredible Value

| | See all boydyboyd's reviews (3)

Considering this bundle contains 3 of (what i believe to be) the best games ever it's amazing value for money.

I'd gladly pay 14.99 all the games individually. HL2 has great replay value, especially with all the free user-created mods (google cinematic mod 10) and i've clocked over 100 hours on TF2 and god knows how many on portal.

Each are gems in their own right. Valve are artists.

Cons: Doesn't contain an actual portal gun, bad move valve.

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  the best value set of games ever

| | See all Arxxforever's reviews (5)

Just the Half life games are fantastic Value.
When you add Team Fortress 2 and Portal you begin to think you should have been paying for three games not 1 box.
Everyone has talked about Half Life 2 but my fave is Team Fortress 2. Imagine running around in a cartoon that looks like the incredibles. Blowing people up or getting blown up it's just fantastic.

To just make things a lot harder so you can't decide what to do they added Portal so 3 games all deserving of 95%+ rating in any games magazine in 1 box.

  Best Deal going

| | See all BrillowPad's reviews (10)

Best deal going since it has all the best games in the box, not one game can be slagged off in this box.

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  The All-Time, Must-Have FPS package for the PC

| | See all Affirmative's reviews (39)

Having just finished up to Episode 2, I have to say that this is the must have FPS for the PC. Every episode, every storyline and every chapter provided an amazing experience.

An intriguing apocalyptic setting provides the uniquely immersive platform for a superb story that stretched across all three episodes. An amazing engine brings intensity to firefights, the need for some brainpower to the challenges setup by the game designers, which augment the addictive nature of the gamplay throughout. I had to limit myself to a max. of two sections a day or I'd just never get anything done.

There arent enough words to express the greatness of this game. Everything from the original has been built upon. Enemies, weapons, puzzles, environment, the enemy AI and its ability to "co-ord" attacks against you. While some game sequel profess to being sequels, they are updated versions of the original. This game however, is a huge leap up from its original. Even if you have played the original, everyhing and I mean everything is different. If you are a real HL fan, you will just love the references to the previous incarnation. They add a extra-dimension to the storyline.

The different approaches to level design mean you never feel that you're replaying the same level from before, while the inclusion of hover-vehicle and autmobile levels adds a layer of originality that other FPS fail to provide.

I had no problems running this at full quality with;
- AMD 3500+
- Geforce 8800GT 1GB
- 2 GB RAM
(Just about to upgrade)

Together this package provides an unparallelled experience, that anyone with the comp. spec (below) to run it should add to their collection. Nothing comes close to HL:2 and the Orange Box is the ultimate symbol of this untouchable franchise.

Is this the best game ever? Well techincally yes, even though I have another favourite as Im more into strategy games. That said....

The above is written with the additional perspective of playing the original three Half-Life games over five years ago.

Now waiting for Episode 3 which fingerscrossed comes out around the New Year.

A perfect ten, or rather a perfect five!


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excellent game, hours upon hours of fun especially with team fortress 2. ONLY downfall is you have to be connected to internet to install the game.