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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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  4.7 stars

| | See all NitroMikeo's reviews (14)

This is, as you must know by now, a bundle of 5 games in on package. I still havent played two of them - Half Life Episode 1 and 2 - but it doesn't matter because even if they were rubbish it wouldnt change the amazing value of this game.

Portal - Portal in two words. Is Epic. Not much else to it. Such a fresh and unique idea for a game. Its short and sweet, has good graphics (all of the 5 games run of the same engine) and is just leet.

Team Fortress 2 - You don't get many games which look like TF2. Its cartoony and is very tongue in cheek. There are lots of classes, (I forget exactly how many) all of them using a rock paper scissors style gameplay mechanic. i.e The spy is great for sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying turrets, but run into a soldier and your dead. The game is hard, there is no doubt about it, but like counter strike you just have to practise. Its fun and a great laugh. Not a serious game but good none the less.

Half Life 2 - Of course I had this game already. (but who cares 1 extra copy ain't doing any harm) It too is simply epic. Makes great use of the source engine. A deep and elusive storyline, good character develpment, gunplay, its scary, action packed and theres even 2 vehicle sections.

You haven't lived until you've played this game.

The game is worth the £15 price tag by about a mile.

You can't realy go wrong here. Buy now!

  amazing 5 games for the price of 1

| | See all nukem2011's reviews (72)

This has to be the best pack ever you get all the half lifes ie half life 2,e1,e2 + tf2 and portal wow this is totall amazing well worth the money just dont buy it second hand as your need at make a steam accont grate game that you dont need a top pc for im useing a latop toshiba a300 with a 3650 card and dual core amd 2.1 running all on high 1400 by 900 and this game runs like a dream

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| | See all LocutusOfBorg's reviews (5)

What more can be said, possibly the best deal in PC gaming history. Half-life 2 and its episodes are incredible. Team Fortress 2 and its free updates are superb. And Portal is mind-bending and darkly humorous.


  Awsome package!

| | See all PandaPlop's reviews (5)

I bought this package elsewhere , but it has to be said that for its price it is awsome that all 5 of the legend that is valves games has to be the best buy known in pc gaming history .. A must buy recommended to everyone!!

  Best game package ever.

| | See all JackMason's reviews (2)

Simply put this has to be the best package of games for this price.
Half life 2 is certainly a great game and has kept me busy for many, many hours. Now you continue the jounery with Freeman and Alyx with Episode 2 which in my opinion is superior to Episode 1 but i love them both. Graphics has been updated in small details and looks great, the new enemy (Striders) are pretty sweet, fast and agile they will keep you on your toes.
The best game here for me is Team Fortess 2, its so much fun online on a good sever and will keep any fps fan entertained for hours on end. Each class is very different and takes awhile to master each class, there is a nice balance also which is important. They are also many achivements being added and classes updated with new weapons that you get by unlocking achivements, but only 2 have been updated thus far ( Pyro, Heavy) and the Scout updated next week.
Overall its well worth the price tag, you won't be disspointed with this buy!


| | See all MrBiGIt's reviews (19)

This game is incredible it offers the whole package from online to puzzle to fps. I really dont no what to say but buy this and love it because its probably gonna be the best game/games youll of ever played. Buy now!

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  Half life 2 alone is priceless, this package is brilliant.

| | See all Crysis2142's reviews (68)

I played half life 2 a while back and i can't belive it took me so long to finally buy it. I've had the orange box for about 3 weeks and im not finished with it yet............here's a run down game buy game.

Half life 2 - Stupendous entertainment value in one of the most critically acclaimed games ever. Brill graphics, simple yet engaging gunplay, frightening enemies, great level design, I got 20 hours from hl2 in one play through. An absolute essential........5/5

HL2 episode 1 - this is just an add on and the gameplay isnt really expanded on in any way. The graphics have been improved slightly and the levels are a bit more challenging. Good but just not a huge step forward........3/5

Hl2 episode 2 - much more like, alot more cinematic and more explosive than episode 1. The levels are much more engaging. The new setting also makes for some hardened challenges and set pieces which look astonishing with the new graphics engine........5/5.

Portal - an exceptional puzzle game with added humour and some truly well thought through levels and challenges. a bit too easy but its got tonnes of replay value.........5/5.

Team fortress 2 - This was the last of the games i played and the biggest let down, It looks great, some nice ideas and designs but all in all just really tedious. Its not addictive and the levels offer little variety. It wont stop you playing COD 4 and WaW. The weak link........2/5

All in all a package of gaming excellance. Let down by a weak multiplayer component (in my opnion) but made up for with a bargain basement price. Perfect in time for cristmas.

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  "The Best Deal in Videogame History"

| | See all RobbyL's reviews (2)

This is a simply must buy. The Half-Life 2 series will blow you a way with a compelling story and amazing graphics, the work they have done with every object in the game applying to the laws of physics is awesome!

Although not as good as counter strike source (in my opinion) team fortress 2 is still loads of fun, giving you a whole range of classes to chose from each with their own special abilities.

Portal is thrown in and I really enjoyed this game because its something different to shooting giving a mix of gaming, which makes the orange box even more desirable. Here you have a portal gun and must pass through different puzzles using your own intellect.

A definite 5/5...and for this price there is no excuse not to get it!

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  Great games!

| | See all danieldecay's reviews (1)

Let´s start about this: I don´t like episode games.
Half life2 The orange box did it! The episode One is good but a little boring. Episode two is a mastepiece: great story, great things to do in the hl2 world. I enjoyed it much and i have to play portal (brilliant!) and for the first time team fortress 2 (never played but i think it´s great).
And if you don´t have played the original HL2, you can do it cause the package contains it too!

  For God's sake - just buy it!

| | See all nogoodreason's reviews (2)

I made the naive mistake of not buying this, thinking "Half-Life 2 might not be so great and I may not want the episode packs; Team Fortress 2 looks silly and Portal looks weird. I'll just buy HL2 and save money."

Well, two months on and I'm sorely regretting not buying this because I have since bought EVERY game individually, and regard each one as one of my all-time favourites.

Half-Life 2 (and particularly the episodes) are beyond explosive and it's very playable despite the age. I never once felt the game was 'dated', due in part to Steam still updating their older games - I was impressed to see HL2 making use of my 64-bit processor, which is more than many brand new games do. Oh, and Team Fortress 2 is the *only* multiplayer game most of you will ever need. It's as fun as it is addictive.

Do not knock Steam: as well as allowing you to play your games without inserting the DVD, Steam automatically patches and updates your games. It is an absolute lifesaver and I now buy all my games over it.

If you're a big online gamer and don't already have Counterstrike, and feel that TF2 may not be enough to satisfy you, consider buying the Source Premier Pack over Steam instead. It includes the Orange Box in the price, but throws in a bunch of Source games too.

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