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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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| | See all Sordid's reviews (3)

This is the best deal in a long time you'll get for this price. The single player half life and portal games are already incredible fun but on discovering Team Fortress 2 it completely seals your verdict - totally amazing. For those who have played the original half life 1 games or are totally new to the half life series you will find an action packed, back-to-back game play of the half life 2 games, though this experience may be lessened for those who have already tried the half life 2 series it is still a great offer. Team Fortress 2 is really where the fun starts for online gamers, a massive, cartoon style online shooter which provides fun and addictive game play for weeks. Players will get to choose from 9 classes each with his own weapons and abilities, combining them in strategy to win the level against the opponent team. Surely the best deal around for the enthusiastic gamer.

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| | See all requiem7's reviews (17)

I hate the install method and running the games through steam.
Why when you buy the game you have to go through so much to actually play the game?
Half life is great game though.

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  Oh my......

| | See all Link642002's reviews (51)

I played Half Life 1 when I was quite young and I just never had the urge to play Half Life 2 even though the first was amazing for it's time and still is.

I bought it a few days ago and I'm already hooked.

Portal = One of the best games of all time, easily the best puzzle game in my opinion
Half Life 2 - I've only just started and so far it's incredible, their attention to detail really shows.
Team Fortress 2 - Not played it yet but that also looks incredible.

A must buy for any FPS guy, even just for Portal on it's own.

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  Best deal ever

| | See all LittleChris's reviews (10)

This is an incredible deal, it is such good value for money especialy comparing the prices of each game sold seperately.
You also get more than what it says on the packet, if you buy this you can download half-life 2: lost coast and peggle extreme for free.

The gameplays, stories and puzzles are all great so this is not something you should lose out on.

Be warned though, you better have something else to do while it installs if you have an older computer as it may take over 2 hours to install everything but it will still play at a decent level.

  best game in the best deal ever !

| | See all Surferosh's reviews (9)

If you are fan of FPS games, then The Orange Box is the kit to get.. it has the original HL2, and the 2 subsequent episodes.. throw in Portal and Team Fortress2 and the combination is formidable...

to begin with, you will need an internet account to activate your Steam account, otherwise you wont be able to play the games.. besides, if you plan on playing TF2, then again you will need an internet connection as it is an online multiplayer game and a great one to boot...

i do not need to give an introduction to the HL2 series, but the subsequent episodes are really slick and we see an improvement in the AI as well.. plus, more open worlds and the freedom to roam a bit rather than hover in corridors.. that spells G R E A T !!!!

Portal is a cute looking, but dead serious puzzle game, that works on the classic conditioning theory i guess.. you plough through the levels in order to get cake !!! and the journey thru the game is amazing, albeit a bit short.. but it is high on replay value... this one is for keeps, definitely..

TF2- cult fans of the original TF will like it.. but new people who are into online shooters, willl love it as wel..graphics are in a Pixar style animation which is something really fresh and new in the genre... makes for appealing visuals... and the class based system is so well balanced that it fits to a T ! i love this game, and is my fave of all the 5...

The Orange Box comes highly recommended... and if u have the right specs on ur PC, then go ahead and buy it, so you can kiss goodbye to all your free time :)

  the best game in the world

| | See all killedalot's reviews (9)

well i say this to all my friends this is the best game ever in the world this is the only game that i love this much buy it its the best

  Absolutely amazing

| | See all SirJoeALot's reviews (4)

An truly brillian games package. Each game on its own is worth its weight in gold. Putting them all in one box set was an affront to my social life. And well worth it!

  truly amazing

| | See all pubert0's reviews (1)

After finishing hl2 i had to get the ep 1 and ep 2 and oh boy was it worth it. After staying up till 6 in the morning playing through all of episode 1 i could barley tare myself away to get some sleep before starting episode 2 (week off work =D ). I thought that hl2 and episode 1 were amazing well .... episode 2 was just something els all together. The best game i have ever played, i got so into it i almost cried at the end lol!!

  Cool Game

| | See all MrMoto's reviews (10)

Great game, great everyting, great whatever - if you play games on your PC than this is one for the classics.


| | See all Jamreal's reviews (12)

get this game if its only to play Episode 2 its awsome,,
Graphics are sweet n sexi sound is great...its jus a wonderful box all round...

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