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Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (90 reviews)"

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  Best value golden gaming moments - unmissable!

| | See all Baracus's reviews (1)

In answer to the Gareth: NO - you dont have to have any other games installed, this is a complete stand-alone set of games! Go get!

This really is a snapshot of gaming you cannot miss. I missed out on HL2 when it first came out, and after playing through the first few sections of it last night I must say I am so impressed, it is still cutting edge even after this time. The pacing and sense of chase that you feel is truly amazing. Its just a rollercoaster from one piece to the next. It feels like what it must have been like from Keanu's POV in The Matrix!

Although its a linear game, it absolutely never feels like it - achieved through clearly the best ever level design - it really is so noticable it makes me wonder why more games havent got is AS right.

This is going to be a great journey - what with 2 more episodes after this (+ you get a free extra level offered to D/L through Steam too! "Lost Coast" - which is like a playable tech demo).

Portal will tax you at first but you certainly start to look at things differently after messing around with that game!! Genius!

And the icing on the cake with TF2 - a great blast of MP fun... not very subtle in terms of gameplay, but probably the most 'polished' looking game I have ever seen. The visual style and audio in the game are just spot on for this games character and at last proof that it is possible to launch a PC game with ZERO bugs! (Oh, actually there is 1, the lobby list is very unresponsive and its just random kuck if you get into a server or now by repeatedly double-clicking any of them!)

This is my first review - I just had to reply to Gareth so as this point didn't put people off (of reequireing HL1). But when gaming is this good (and cheap) who needs DX30 Shader level 139 etc!!

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  Biggest Bargain of the year!

| | See all CypherUK's reviews (4)

The Orange Box is the biggest bargain of the year for gamers! If you've ever wanted to get into the HL2 games this is your best opportunity. With Portal and Team Fortress 2 included with the HL2 games this is a must-buy for fans of the series!

P.S Gareth you don't need to have HL to install this. Even Episode 1 could be installed as a stand-alone when it was released so you can make the puchase without any worries.

  Great game, but like episode one its far too short.

| | See all Toobig's reviews (1)

This game is great. For those who played half-Life from its original inception, the storyline continues and what a great story. When you hear all the game noises that you have heard over the years its very nostalgic. But after playing it solidly for only a single day you realise they have concentrated on the story and neglected the game. A game is a game, you dont want to watch a movie that is only 15minutes long, you feel cheated!! Where's the rest? I remember playing the first game and if memory serves, played it for weeks. Please make the next one longer..

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| | See all shaunboulton's reviews (30)

Valve always seem to produce excellent games and this is no exception. Dont bother with the crappy Xbox360 version, this was made for the pc!!!

Highly recommended.

  Must Buy!!!

| | See all Jimbob0210's reviews (1)

this is a great selection of games which will give you hundreds of hours gameplay, episode 2 = amazing storyline, Team fortress 2 = by my opinion the best online fps EVER and portal... a new game that is certianly going to be a favourite of many people out there..

p.s, you dont need half life 1 to install it

  Entertaining....Of course!

| | See all Sensitive's reviews (9)

This compilation has everything you need to play, even episode 1, so don't worry. All you need is an internet connection to activate via steam and you have about 20 hours of single player game in total and an eternity of multiplayer.

Good points... Great GFX, Fantastic sound, well thought through levels, new baddies and Alex :-) Team fortress for multiplayer and portal for puzzle play.

Bad points...Half life has Same old weapons, same old freeman and levels are not very open. Portal is short and Team fortress makes you wee your pants when you taunt someone you just killed.

All in all a good addition to any FPS collection that works well on a modest system and will keep you entertained for months. Buy it!

  Best FPS(s) This Year!

| | See all RevenantDisciple's reviews (3)

Amazing, Episode 2 will blow you away. Takes Half Life 2's Gameplay and story too a whole new level. Portal is really fun and not to mention a really nice atmosphere to the game which I wasn't expecting. TF2 is a fantastic multiplayer game, can't help the annoying STEAM community altho a more accessible mute function.

If you like the Half Life series your won't be disappointed and if you haven't given them a go, get the orange box...this is a must buy for all PC Gamers.

  i love half life

| | See all gareth18davies's reviews (8)

i really want to buy this but i dont know if you need half life 1 to insatll these ones because i really want half life 2 because i played it over a mates and it was ausome can some1 tell me if i need half life 1 please

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  game of the year

| | See all Nik4455's reviews (31)

amzing games and for the price, every game in this package is amazing anyone who is a fan of FPS will love this

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| | See all semiflex's reviews (5)

Best game of the year and prob BEST DEAL EVER!
After completing Episode 2, its soo much sweeter when you get to complete portal after

personnaly it has pushed CSS down to number 2 and team fortress 2 being my number 1!


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