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Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Oh dear

| | See all R2D2A3's reviews (10)

I have to say after the first game this was a massive disappointment. So much so I ask myself how could they get it so wrong after getting it so right?

  Nice Destruction but a little buggy :/

| | See all Pulice's reviews (10)

Nice game and can be addictive, but if you see it in more detail you find many bugs and the driving view is a little wierd...

+ i have a problem with videos, stuck with repeated sound, when a video locks up i have to do a manual restart and it bothers me a lot!!

But overall nice game 3 Stars.

  Lots of destruction and fun

| | See all Viruk1's reviews (5)

This game is totally over the top, insane and fun, I love the game, I just wish Pandemic Studios would actually fix the bugs and release the updates that the console owners got.

The driving is a little difficult, but overall...if you overlook the swarm of minor bugs and keep killing things, doing missions and having a laugh, you won't go far wrong.

Great game, but poorly executed by Pandemic Studios, hope they support the PC version Mercenaries 3 better when it comes out.


| | See all Anarkki's reviews (1)

Bought Mercenaries 2, no problems running it on my computer because I checked the system requirements beforehand. Once you look past the occasional glitch and a couple of slightly-badly-ported features it's a really good game. The co-op is a blast, I joined a friend and got up to a plethora of fun (and hilarious) shenanigans.


| | See all Cafalump's reviews (2)

I bought this game for £10 and now feel that money was wasted. Vehicle control on this game is, by far, the worst I have EVER seen. Simply turning a corner in a civilian car is like trying to turn a lorry. Aiming on this is next to impossible, due to stupidly high mouse sensitivity, even when turned down to practially minimum. Missions feel all the same, but those that are different are frustratingly hard. Hijacking is probably the most difficult thing on this game, due to the game not picking up key strokes, forcing you to spend about an hour hijacking a tank (Second mission). If you like the look of this game, buy the original Mercenaries, which is far superior.

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| | See all XblCovetingSpider's reviews (1)

After playing the first installment on ps2 i was looking foreward to this... And what a dissapointment, bugs, terrible gameplay, and for some reason when you aim it seems to be less accurate than firing normally, this is a small list of the problems with the game.

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| | See all DoctorGonzo's reviews (2)

Pre-ordered before i looked into it, doesn't have proper widescreen settings, looks quite bad and runs not so well on my core 2 3gz, 2gb of ram and an ati 4870, ok for a tenner maybe.

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  Fun, but nothing new

| | See all Doomar's reviews (3)

As many people have said, you wan't to blow things up, hijak everything, this game is for you. That's the game in a nutshell, blow stuff up, however theres alot of AI issues and a chunk of bugs to annoy the hell out of you.

Also mercenaries is copying mercenaries, it was to my knowledge the first game of its type and general story, Just Cause was released a year after the first mercenaries game.

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  Better Than The First But Still Not Great

| | See all Biscuit0z's reviews (3)

The game impressed me...compared to the first game.
It can be very fun, especially when you have a few friends round. But playing by yourself the game can get very boring very quickly. The game is so repetitive, easy and not a lot to it.
Cash is easy come. Blow up a building and there basically handing you enough to be settled for life.
But i suppose if you liked the first one, you should get this one, better than the first but i'm still not a fan.

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  Alot of fun but can get boring

| | See all ambc666's reviews (12)

Really enjoyed this game, cant play it non-stop cos i do get bored but can leave it and come back to it and enjoy it again. Is alot of fun, but is really easy. Love blowing up stuff with the C4's, i do die alot tho which is annoying. Is alot of fun to play tho but some of the missions annoy me, great game to just run around and blow stuff up