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Football Manager 2008

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (157 reviews)"

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  Very good

| | See all steamgirl's reviews (11)

This edition to is the best yet. The last two manager games I purchased were both CM 06 and 07 which were very poor and from what I can gather the new one hasn't changed. Poeple who say this series is too hard really need to work harder because Im 4th in the league with swansea city which is saying something! The gameplay is very good. matchdays are realistic, transfers, player interaction and many more features of the game are the most realistic your going to get with a manger game

highly recommend it!

  Another classic

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

Another classic football manager game.The only fault i have is that you do have a rediculous amount of goals ruled out for offside or a foul.Nearly all from corners!But you can get over that,and it proves to be as addictive as ever.


| | See all Whatever578's reviews (1)

Where do i start? loved it before now that i have started playing it again as 09 didnt work realised how bad it is. firstly, sooo many goals ruled out for offside or foul, and even know that happens, the average scoreline of a game is 3-2!! i have had 8-4, 6-5 results, which happen probably once a year, not every single week, in games such as the champions league and chelsea, man u. Also every single red card is for elbows in the face, which never happens, and generally the game is soo unrealistic. im fed up of losing 6-0 and some times im fed up of WINNING 8-0 or something ridiculous. And the coninuity is ridiculous. O look, arsneal and liverpool out of the champions league, with reading and portsmouth replacing them. and look, craig bellamy 42 goals in 38 games with 6 goals in one game. i admit that occasioally there is a strange game, and perhaps at times there should be strange seasons, but that should be in later seasons, when there has actually been time for you to build up portsmouth as a champions league team, rather than buying leroy lita who for some reason is the best player in the world. Its just ridiculous and from what i hear, 09 is no improvement either. They used to be sooo good, and although i love the managing side of it, when it gets to games, im left boiling in anger

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  Don't like it then u r mad

| | See all dukeofluke's reviews (2)

This is one to buy, the game play is so realt and it make you fill like you are a real manager so if i was u i would buy it and not listen to people who don't like it because they must not like football

  The most addictive game in the world

| | See all ThomEverton's reviews (1)

Well firstly i only gave it 4 stars coz i couldnt give it 4 and 1/2. It is amaxin but there are still some small problems such as the fact that most goals are ruled out for ofside and that most headed goals are ruled out for fouls. But bar them problems it is amaizn would recommend to anyone with lots of space time, as its very addictive!!!!!!!

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  Hours of entertainment

| | See all mike85's reviews (8)

Great game, does have its faults but the stand out advantage is that there is an online community who poduce patches, upgrades, editors etc as well as the official editor so you can keep your team's squad up to date or just plain cheat

  Bang on. Perfect and addictive game

| | See all wwetnagod's reviews (4)

This game is without doubt the best football managing game i have ever played. Its extremely addictive. You will get stressed turn it off and say ' i am never playing this crap ever agen' and then next day your back on it once again.
There are a couple of flaws aswell, i dnt get how overated teams like reading and aston villa are, reading always get into the top 4, and it seems that the players that score the most goals have a finishing of 11 and composure of 12 which is absolutely ridiculous.

However it is the most fun game i have ever played. Winning euro and the world cup with england was so fun and tense.
I friggin adore this game
Cnt wait til fm09 comes out if its a touch on this one then it will be worth buying


| | See all forest93's reviews (2)

This game is just as, if not more, addictive as it's predecessor, one of my favourite games of all time, i would recommend it to everybody, i am eagerly anticipating the release of FM 09!!!

  Realism at the cost of some fun

| | See all LankyPov's reviews (1)

I really like the Championship Manager, and now Football Manager and I'm just as addicted to this as any other I've played.

The game is certainly harder to master than previous versions, which adds to the realism of professional football management but at the same time can leave you tearing your hair out.

There are a lot of things going on off the pitch that you need to manage on this game, and even as an avid user I can get quite confused and bogged down in this.

All in all though, the series continues to impress, perhaps just a tweak to the match engine and it would be 5 out of 5.

I still rate it as a definite buy if you're a lover of the football management sim.