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Clive Barker's Jericho

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Worth the money imo

| | See all glenngg's reviews (1)

It's a strange but interesting story to follow and gives you a range of characters to play from throughout the game. It's really worth playing for the price of it.


| | See all Soviet's reviews (17)

My System: 2gig, Dual Core 6400 with a Geforce 7900 running Vista.

An old school corridor crawl in the style of the Doom series (or perhaps 'Republic Commando' is a better comparrison). Very good & very gory.

It took a beating in the reviews on release because it has very basic gameplay (and yes, I would not compare it to the likes of Call of Duty 4 etc, but I think it is a lot of fun for £6.99.


| | See all Revelations85's reviews (5)

This game could've been so much better if they had it as a co-op game.
Far too much jumping about from one character to the next.


| | See all Quinnmesh's reviews (10)

I loved this game, i got it on release day and loved it until i completed it and seen the ending.

This is an amazing game with amazing graphics and amazing story the ambience and characters are brilliant this is just an allround gore fest of a game.

The onlything bad about it is there isnt much replay ability and the ending sux so bad, the final fight is way 2 easy even on hard but its just an all round AMAZING game i reccomend to everyone who like horror FPS and likes Clive Barker

  Great for lovers of shooters

| | See all ezraxj's reviews (7)

Although maps are very linear in this game it is plain fun.

1º You can switch between characters and use their different powers, although confusing at first this is the biggest pro of this game.

2º Ambient and story is 10/10.

3º If you like shooters and liked painkiller, this is a more developed and entertaining version of it.

Some may not like it but the game is very good and has been underrated.

Delivers what it needs to deliver. Shooting action and fun. (with the plus of powers and character switch).

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| | See all gatz66mm's reviews (1)

I've just completed the game and I don't regret buying it for one moment. There is some repetition but every other aspect of the game more than makes up for it. I thought that the team based combat would not work but it does and it's actually one of the strong points of this game. This game doesn't deserve anything less than 5 stars.

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| | See all dave00's reviews (22)

dont be decived this game looks good but it is far from it repetaive enemies dark and boring level design with emphasis on DARK (in fact squint your eyes and get headache dark) only reason i give this a 2 is the story line seams well thought out except the game is so boring i didnt even bother till the end

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  Oh Dear... and it looked very good indeed...

| | See all MuppetEater's reviews (7)

Ok i've reviewed some games over the last few months and i was looking for this game when i first saw the trailers a few months ago.

My PC can run this game at its best and so i did turn up the graphics to the highest i could and it worked well without an issues.

So here's what i think about this game.

I'd give it 4/10 and here's why i've used 2 stars.

1. Average Graphics, lots of Gore (and i mean lots), plus nice looking Demons and of course a German Talking Female Demon in one section.
2. Story seems pretty good and i presume this is down to Mr Barker.
3. You can switch between which character you want, and use their Powers (Characters have weapons and magic abilities, ie Slow down time, stun enemies, nuke them, etc)

1. You can only save at set points (Check points). I started to think this was a good thing but later on i had some massive fights, then another boss, then another fight and died**, so i had to repeat this process a number of times.
2. Each level may look nice (from the perspective of the fact that you're in hell) but it's a rinse and repeat system. You seem to have a large map, but the NPC's will follow the linear path and will not follow you around if they know you're going to a dead end.
3. Some of the fights are just mad, you can have numerous mobs attacking you, and then your NPC's use their AOE which affects you all as you can see jack if Church (that's her name) has errected a fire barrier and you happen to be on the perimeter)
4. NPC AI is very flawed. Some fights your NPC will use their powers well, and that's what can tide the game, other fights you can't rely on them.
5. **No one dies, if your character or an NPC character has taken to much damage they just kneel down, and you can rez them if you're next to them (or if you're using the Father character he has a line-of-sight rez) so it's all about even in hard fights keeping people alive more than shooting mobs, as if you're all down, you have to restart at the last checkpoint.
6. Took me at my first go just 10 hours to complete the game. I did this game in 3 evenings and i have a young child and a baby so i wasn't always at my PC... now that i've replayed i'm near the end in 6 hours, so doesn't even replay very well.

And now the biggest Con.
Codemasters sell the cheats that you can use in the game. They give you a list of those cheats inside the config section and then show you the number to ring to get them. You can turn these on/off, and so if you want to pay an extra £2.99 you can enable all the cheats and play the game on hardest and possibly walk it (not that it's actually hard enough to need these cheats)

But this just adds that level of ruin to a game through people getting stuck and all to easily enabling unlimited ammo....

You do get non-cheat powerups (well i thought they were powerups) within the game for reaching milestones, ie first 50 head shots give you XXXX, completing XXXX Level on Hard gives you XXXX. So when you get these you think 'Ok, does this mean than Delgardo does more damage?', erm No. All you get ingame is to open details of characters and then game, or just titles 'Ie God of Melee' cos you've killed 250 mobs in melee...

Enough from me. I could add more Pro's, Con's, just download the demo and then think, this is how the entire game is.... or better still borrow a friends copy for a few days, play it and go cheers, thank you for buying it.

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| | See all z33ker's reviews (19)

Well to start off i brought this game mainly because i played Undying when i was younger. As a whole i loved Undying because it was very atmospheric and generally a spooky game with a good storyline.

So anyway because i liked Undying so much i brought this.
Personally people that are saying this is the worst game they have ever played obviously havent played alot of the tripe thats come out this year. I wouldnt say this is the best game ever made but its different certainly.

The storyline isnt as impressive as you would expect coming from Clive Barker, but its still far more complex then most FPS's out there at the moment.
Action isnt bad, game play is fairly basic with very standard mouse and keyboard controls and features. Nothing groundbreaking on that front.
But again this is a very atmospheric game. Your surroundings are constantly in keeping with the horror genre, Very dark very gory and very blood covered in other words.
I cant really pick on the graphics either, Nothing to breath taking but it still manages to pull off some nice motion blur, Distance fading and generally nice looking textures with the blood covered floors and walls.
Enemies are fairly origional and look quite cool, Mostly mutilated looking torture victims and the like, all very blood and scar covered with various large rusty blades pertruding from their bodies.

As i whole id recommend this game to anyone that has a spare weekend or couple of nights alone with a headset and the lights off. Not to many jumps involved but its just a freaky couple of hours game play to have fun with. Id only recommend you have a fairly up to scratch pc to reap the full freaky atmos from it though

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