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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  very underated game

| | See all capnbirdseye's reviews (2)

I think this game is very underated because it's far better than some of the pro revues led us to believe, as already mentioned elsewhere the graphics are awesome & don't lag my machine at all.
In reality it's 2 games in one as you get to play both human & N'avi campaigns & you don't need to complete one before you can start the other either so at start of play each time you can choose which campaign to resume.
Altho it can get repetitive with quests to fetch this & fetch that or find some rare crystals etc it doesn't get boring like Farcry2 with it's unaltering landscapes.
When nightime suddenly appears it becomes almost magical with plants & creatures giving off a weird glow.
There are lots of power up with weapons & abilities to earn as you go along, & a checkpoint save system that is better than most in that whatever lead to your death doesn't reappear for you to battle again so if you kill six enemies & just one remains & kills you the game reloads you with with just the one enemy to fight again. Both human & N'avi have to fight off packs of rabid Viperwolves in almost every area of the map & humans also get attacked by killer plants that either poison you with clouds of toxic spores, swipe you off your feet or shoot spikes up from the ground.
Ground vehicles drive very well but I found the flying somewhat awkward to steer where I wanted, all other keyboard/ mouse controls worked very well.
All in all one of the most enjoyable games for a long time

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| | See all Ace5762's reviews (1)

Theres a little formula in these situations, that the quality of a movie video game is propotionate to roughly 25% of the quality of the movie. This usually means that most video games based on movies are useless, but because Avatar was such a good movie, it is a (moderately) good game. QED.

  Better than i had anticipated.

| | See all TerrorTrooper's reviews (26)

Firstly, this game easily earns a 3 1/2 star rating, but obviously i cant do that.
i didnt want to degrade it to 3 as it honestly deserves better than that,
so i uprated it to 4 because its actually a decent game, unlike the usual mirriad of unfinished code that development houses tend to lump on the consumer in time for film release deadlines these days.

Lets talk a little about the game.
Visually, its beutifull! i have often found in the past, that jungle based games turn into various "oceans of green" and the landscapes get very "samey samey". Avatar was actually a pleasure to explore, a lot of thought and love went into the maps and landscapes.

Also, throughout various settlements, mining camps, and other projects across pandora gave an interesting insight into this intriguing reality whitch seems to be all the talk across the internet.

First, i played the Human campaign, this had a feel a lot like your typical FPS/RPG. a lot like mass effect or deadspace. Hardly origional, but easy to get to grips with.
Although the campaign was very linear, you didnt neccisarily have to do objectives in a set order, and didnt have to follow a set path, overall, it didnt feel as free as the hype promised.
The selection of weaponry and vehicles, as well as the varied skillset ment that you could do things "your way" in Avatar and in this respect, adds a certain level of Replay value that a generic shooter wouldnt provide, i did find myself feeling a bit overpowered at many points in the game, i didnt find many parts of the game all that challenging, and some "bosses" so to speak, were dissapointingly easy to kill, including the final showdown.
There were some nasty bugs in the game, however nothing gamebreaking. one in particular, you have to fight a certain tribal leader on top of a plateu, and i accidently knocked him off.. we were well outside each others firing range and i had to spend the next 30 mins taking the long way round to even find him as he was stuck in a normally un-enterable crevase in the terrain.
However, there are more than enough missions to make the human campaign long enough to still be entertaining without getting boring although the ending did seem a bit of an anti climax.

The Navi campaign did seem much harder than the human campaign, however, i didnt find it half as entertaining.
Again, i felt somewhat overpowered and devoid of any real strategic challenge, and the weapons, equipment, even the skills at my disposal just wern't as much fun..
It is worth noting however, that both sides do play a lot differently, its a lot more than just "swapping a gun for a sword" that many RPG's do with charachter types.
Also, the Navi campaign uses much more of the "continuous time delayed yet infinate spawning" of enemys in certain areas that i have come to hate in some games as i feel its a "coders cop-out" rather than a tactical development choice.
I did encounter a few more bugs in this campaign, some of them distresingly annoying. And the ending of the campaign was devoid of any final boss.. I get the impression that the navi campaign was rushed and was likely completed close to the end of the games development cycle.

Avatar isnt the usual "run of the mill" Movie based game.
This is a cut above the average movie-game and is definately worth a look at its rather modest price tag.
The Strategic "tactical mini conquest game" is also an amusing break from the Real time action, and although a bonus, rather than a key gameplay element, is still implemented well.

I never bought this game, it was given to me as a present. It nearly never got installed due to the stigma of Movie-based games.
This ones actually more than a cash cow in the milking

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  Avatar on PC

| | See all Vinny73's reviews (2)

Very good simply put. I don't play movie title games, but having seen the movie and enjoying the world that was created, I thought i'd give Avatar on PC a go.
Visuals are stunning. My PC isn't the best, 3 years old with an ATI 3850 512mb AGP card, and it plays Avatar maxed. If you enjoyed the movie, you WILL enjoy this game. It's great fun.

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| | See all bidders40's reviews (3)

Recieved this game today, & what a game it is. The graphics are awesome. Would highly recommend this game. You will not be disappointed.

  Better than expected

| | See all Simzey's reviews (12)

This game scores quite low in PCZone's review, which I think does not do it justice. It may not be up there with Half Life or Bioshock, but for the reasonably low price tag, I think it is well worth it. The visuals and sound are really good and you get a real feel that you are in some far away fantasy land, especially with the noises of the animals coming from all directions. I quite like the idea of being attacked by carnivorous plants and its good fun being able to shoot them and gain XP points. The quests do get a little dull after a while, but the rpg element and weapon upgrades plus the fantastic looking landscape more than make up for it.

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  could have been so much better

| | See all v8dakar's reviews (1)

i do agree with boogie graphics are great gameplay is good i just think the qs could have been so much better once you have completed a zone i feel a different set of quests for different zones could have taken it to 5 stars, even better at the price it is now :)


| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

Got this for christmas, and i absolutely love the game. The world is so huge to explore, different missions, different places to explore, choose to play as the Na'vi or the RDA. Each have completely different weapons to choose from. This is an absolutely beautiful game, the scenery, graphics and gameplay are all top notch. 5 stars from me, would give to more if i could.

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