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World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King (Expansion Pack) (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  Rich in content and Highly anticipated

| | See all GamerChris123's reviews (2)

I have played WoW for a long time now, and i cannot say how much i fully appreciate this game. Some people give stereotypes of people on this game but i hate stereotyping as its an assumption and its degrading. WoW is a fun, rich in content and spectacular game, it has proven highly popular the game had set high standards for entertainment and this expansion delivers on par, if not better than Burning Crusade :) Must have for any player, and i cant recommend just giving it a go enough :)

  Buy this game

| | See all Sikalonsus's reviews (1)

I ahve played Wow for almost 5 years now, and I would say that this is definitely worth every penny. The continent is massive, the new bg Wintergrasp is great fun(The winner gets control of a raid called VOA for a few hours with very nice drops), the dungeons are great fun, all of the raid content is fantastic. If Cataclysm is as good as this, we are in for a treat!

  Love it!

| | See all LoopyLozza's reviews (1)

ive been playing wow for just over a year now, kinda got dragged in to it by friends, had no idea what i was doing, its really helpful if you already know people that play. As a female gamer i love this, and yes i rolled a DK once i got to 55 and have not turned back, when you get the game you have to spend a while patching it, but after that you rolling, if your unsure if you want to play, try the 10day trial first, but you will love it, but you will spend alot of time on this game, ideal if you work nights :D

Happy gaming, loopy x

  Another solid expansion

| | See all Obsidanse's reviews (3)

Through no fault of their own, the game can sometimes become tiresome, but for me this has entirely been down to the players within.
If you can find yourself a good team of 15+ people to enjoy this with, youre laughing.
It's beautiful, the music is very often touching and atmospheric, the story is deep and captivating and that's the stuff most people unfortunately seem to overlook!
The gameplay is as simple or as complex as you dare to make it. Come in and enjoy, you're bound to find some folks to felate to and enjoy this with.
A masterpiece of gaming in our time (that inevitably receives scorn and hatred from some, as so often genius does) that truly is something something not to be missed.

  Good for people new to WoW. Less so for those who arent

| | See all on2wheels's reviews (1)

As typical, its a brilliant game with great animations, gameplay, and depth. Alot of people slam this game for being too easy for noobs to get good gear without learning their class, and sadly this is very true. Also i would have to point out that at times it can be a huge grindfest leveling, so if your easily bored, this may not be for you.

Personaly i love this game but ive been playing for years now. However that being said ive hit that boredom threshold alot with this expansion and have tried several other MMO's and i have to honestly say that i do not think that this without any competition from other MMO's. Its definately NOT the undisputed king of the MMO's anymore and there are other MMO's out there that offer what WoW offers.

For all your new people you will probably love it for a while. But if you want to see any form of endgame content you REALY need to find out about in game addons that you have download seperately and also learn your class well. Its easy to get shiny gear now in wow (much too easy) but in game skills are becoming less and less apparent.

So my suggestion to the new person is, play with your mates, have fun and dont expect too much at the start. And expect to have to sink ALOT of time in to get anywhere.

  Brilliant Game

| | See all Smithy1988's reviews (2)

Brilliant game, I used to own it... Gave it away... Trying to get it again now though.. Purchased it from play.com 2 months ago and still haven't recieved the game... So buy this game from another store, the game itself is crazyily indepth and just huge! It'll take you more time than you have to complete it! :)

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| | See all TheHurf1's reviews (4)

I'm giving this 4 stars because I quite enjoyed it for a while until you start to get that World of Warcraft boredom! I have played since the game was released on and off for 5 odd years and I can say it was a great game at the time but does get very dried up. If you want a great MMO and loved the warcraft series then this game is for you! I personally will be buying the next expansion, but until I dont think i'll be playing.

  Must Buy (with reason)

| | See all Ketchie's reviews (3)

I have played wow since its birth, i levelled and raided up to 60, then tbc came out and the game changed for the worse imo (i left), i decided to give wotlk a go and thank god i did, wow is back with a bang, and the death knight story line is more than worth the 16.99 alone.

  Not the best Expansion

| | See all mooked's reviews (13)

eek millions of daggers being glared at me...... jokes aside ive been playing WoW since it 1st beta'd so i do have some sustainance to my argument, world of warcraft was amazing and it blew me away, years on we got The burning crusade which was fantastic and was a worthy 2nd part of this game. Come along wrath of lich king and this expansion is what finally made me quit the game! Yes its pretty, Yes its big, Yes it continues the story, but oh my word its Boring! the deathknight was cool but got nerfed into the ground, the raiding is laughably easy even the hard modes and the dungeons were just to easy even on heroic mode! when the Lich king finally comes out of his shell this game may improve but until then i wont return to it. Lastly dont believe all the addiction rubbish! if i can quit anyone can, but its such a shame new players wont fully get to experience the older and better content to its max.

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  Worth it for WoW fans....but newbies try the demo first.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Let met first respond to the comment about subliminal messages by chrisyuk and the comment about having to pay by credit/debit card by themarkyofbath.

1) I watched the youtube thing and these supposed subliminal messages happen while you're dead and in ghost form. Its a load of rubbish and you could pluck a subliminal message from the sound of a train if you tried hard enough. I dont personally die very often in game so im never exposed to this supposed message and yet I continue to play because its a good game. Plus you spend about 1% of your time dead ingame, so its not the best place to put a subliminal message for Blizzard is it!!!

People play this game because its fun, not because some company is using hidden messages. People play wow because its a distractionfromf life which is called escapism and thats a perfectly healthy thing to do.

Other people watch TV, some go to the cinema, some people drink themselves stupid down the pub on a night time, but in this case they play online games like WoW.

2) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY USING CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS, you can play this game using pre-pay cards in the same fashion you would top up a mobile phone. Once that runs out, you get a message when logging in stating you have no play time credit.

Then you top up at YOUR CHOICE!! No money is taken out of your account, because they DONT have your bank details if you choose to pay using top up cards like I do.

Now that is out the way...

...theres no denying that LK is just going to offer you the same old stuff you got in the first game and in Burning Crusade. More quests, more dungeons, more raids, more gear, more leveling and more pvp and so forth.

Yet if you enjoy leveling up characters, getting more powerful gear, collecting more mounts, pets and playing more pvp zones then get Lich King.

If you were getting bored with the original content then dont get lich king. Its your choice and no one is forcing you otherwise.

All I can say is that Lich King offers a good storyline, some very fun quests which involve vehicals and some beautiful locations and its your choice if you want to buy this expansion.

If you are new to WoW, the simple suggestion is to play the first one before you try Burning Crusade or Lich King and see if you enjoy it. The only issue there is that most of the more fun content isn't reached until you are lvl60+, so it makes it hard to evaluate the game within just a few hours of playing.

WoW is no different to other MMOs on the market like Lord of the Rings, Warhammer or Connan. They all reach a point where they become boring and expansions never offer anything original, except the same old thing.

All MMOs require some form of grind to level up or complete tasks and you complain about it because you accept that grind if you play an MMO or RPG.

If you enjoy the WoW franchise and you want more stuff to do, then buy Lich King then buy it. If you are new then play the first one before moving on. If you are bored with WoW then play something else.

Simple really!!!

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