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F.E.A.R. - Perseus Mandate (Standalone Expansion Pack)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Less Fear, More Gunplay

| | See all Affirmative's reviews (39)

The second expansion provides a logical end-game to the 1st incarnation of the franchise. If you want to forego most of the terror filled sequences for good old fashioned enemy stomping combat - this is the sequel for you.

Firefights are taken to the max, with a couple of new baddies, but as you would imagine - the difficulty is in being outnumbered by around twice the enemies in every engagement, than in the 1st two games. Towards the end of the game there are some terror filled scenes, but these are mainly to flush out (well probably just repeat) a few pointers from the main story arc. Alma does make a few choice appearences and these sequences are worth getting to.

However, as to be expected the game as a whole isnt on a par to the original, locations are new but similiar looking, while by now you if youve played both the original and the 1st expansion pack then you should be in a position to know what to expect.

Playing this on Extreme Difficulty - it was still pretty easy, if you take your time and are careful. This is mainly due to the over population of first aid kits and armour left between engagements with the enemy. There were a few upgrades to slow-mo time and max health - so getting these makes it even easier. However, there are over a dozen larger than usual combat sequences/ambushes that really tested this fps-shooter vet.

If you love your all-action firefights then you wont be disappointed by this. Similiarly if you want more of the F.E.A.R universe then you also should give this a go, though its not as terrifying as the either of the first two games.

Still for me, its better than the avg. score given by most reviewers here. Though that is just my opinion.

7/10 so 3.5 stars is my real score.


| | See all BlakeGedye's reviews (2)

Huge fan of the F.E.A.R games, but this just brings shame to the name. Okay so you get some new weapons, which is very cool, but things like the levels look like they have had no effort put into them what so ever, the game runs slower and even the graphics are lower. The only reason this XP was made was to fill up a time gap during the making of 'Project Origin'. There are some good parts to the game, but nothing that stands out compared to the original F.E.A.R...

...On the other hand, if you like to go online with F.E.A.R then this is a good buy, since you get more levels, weapons and players. It's a must get for those of you who enjoy the online gaming.


| | See all Redfield's reviews (57)

Perseus Mandate has recycled everything that it could from Fear and Fear XP but the result is not so exciting...I was a huge fan of the first two games, but this one has been a let down: the first four levels are very very boring, in fact the game begins at level 5 when it becomes more challenging, but then the fun won't last long because the game is short.
I had better system performance with the two games mentioned before...here I experienced some slowdowns and first of all the "slow mo" system seemed to me worse and a bit laggy compared to the one of Fear and Fear XP.
In conclusion I would advice to save your money for Fear2 or some other titles.

  well worth the money

| | See all briskiboy's reviews (8)

great fan of fear...this expansion pack stand alone has hours of game play.....ok nothing new but neither is the half life genre at 2wice the price......great gaming...keep it up....and yes i play with the lights on :-)

  Nothing really new here but it can be entertaining for a bit

| | See all ZEUSGB's reviews (21)

Good Points:

More F.E.A.R.
Confirms certain things about the story we already thought were true.
Some scary moments.
Graphics are still great, shadows are cool.

Bad Points:

Nothing really new.
Some bad voice acting.
Rehashed levels.
Bugs and glitches.

The game is set towards the end of the original game and through Extraction Point. You are a member of the second F.E.A.R team and your deployed to look for more clues about the secret ATC project Perseus. The game soon introduces a new faction and these mercenaries are well equipped.

During the game certain things about the F.E.A.R story get confirmed. I won't but any spoilers in this review but you should be able to guess them anyway.

The game is suitably dark and moody with a lots of paranormal activity and the same creepy atmosphere. There are a few scary moments in F.E.A.R that make your heart skip a beat but there's nowhere near as many as in the original or Extraction point, which I find disappointing.

The graphics are still really good and the shadowing effects are still fantastic. I don't get the some of the reviews on gaming sites saying the engine is dated and looks horrible?!?!? The game engine is still as good as it was.

Unfortunately there's nothing really new in the game. There's a three new weapons, the grenade launcher (really good weapon), the lightning gun (weak) and the advanced rifle used by the mercenaries (very similar to the existing machine gun but has a more accurate sight).
The new faction is slightly different but they act very much like the replica forces anyway. Some of the mercenaries have abilities like you do so that makes them slightly harder to kill but why they have these powers or why you do goes unexplained.
The levels are also rehashes of the levels from the first two games except one level that takes place in a mine.

Here we are again with me complaining about voice acting. The replica forces use the same voices as in the original and they're fine but the mercenaries are awful. There's no feeling there it's just monotone. Your team mates aren't such better although they do get a little better towards the end of the game. Betters in by far the best voice in the whole expansion pack but sadly the actor was very under used.

I've found the stability of the game a little poor, i've had at least three crashes to desktop. The frame rate goes up and down like a yo yo, this very much seems like poor optimisation and rushing the game rather than problems with the engine. I've also seen texture glitches.

Overall this game doesn't add a great deal in terms of content but can be entertaining for a while. If you're a F.E.A.R fan you may want to play this but don't expect it to win any awards or push the story forward.

Review Machine: QX6850 Extreme (3.0GHz Quad Core), 4GB RAM, 768MB Geforce 8800GTX, SB Audigy 2 ZS and Windows XP SP2.

  Another decent installment

| | See all GamersGuide's reviews (39)

Im re-writing a review i original wrote that gave Perseus Mandate a bad look. I originally awarded it 2 stars and claimed that it was an utter dissapointment compared with the other two.

HOWEVER, ive replayed the game, and have come to the conclusion that i was harsh at first, its actually really good!

FEAR *HAS* to be played in a dark room, with the sound up, as i've always said, and the same counts for this one.
The first few levels are incredibly lacking in excitement unfortuantly, moving from one level to another acheiving nothing but kiling cheap remakes of the original 'bad guys'.

But persist! As the game goes on, the horror aspect starts to take over and it really does become pretty chilling!

3 stars awarded as the FPS side of the game is pretty much exactly the same, and has basically become tedious. I will award this one almost wholey based on the horror content.

I cannot stress enough how boring the first few levels are, and how great the last few are though, so stick with it!
Definitely buy this if your into the other FEARs, but dont rush it! (it ruins it!)

NOTE: This installment contains scenes that will demand more of your PC, so lower the specs or hope for the best!

Ran all on medium on the following:

Athlon64x2 4600+
Nvidia 8400gs
1.5gb RAM

Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 9/10
AI: 5/10
Originality: 3/10
Scary?: 8/10

Overall: 6/10

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  out of this world

| | See all karl666's reviews (4)

this game is well good, if you've never played a 1st person shoother before then try this. the game play is 1st class the story well wrote and overall worth a 5 out of 5, a cross over between doom and return to castle wolfenstein and any of the rianbow six games, its fast past battle seens are out of this world wear not just one weapon will get the job done, it blood and violence and a touch of horror which makes this game very cool and well worth the £17.99 i paid for the game, i've paid more for games and been left feeling what have i just wasted my money on. but not with this game this left me wanting more and more cant wait for the new one hope it ant long

  Good game that links with the other fears

| | See all LifeIsGood's reviews (1)

If you enjoy the other fears there is no reason for you not to like this one, game play is the same, graphics etc. I enjoyed the others so I enjoyed this one... If you like change I don't think this is for you, but if you like the fear series, it should be a enjoyable play

  Desperate attempt!

| | See all z33ker's reviews (19)

I'm a fan of the previous FEAR game and expansion for a huge list of reasons. I loved them from start to finish.
However after playing this expansion for about thirty minutes i exited and haven't played since. For me it is nothing like the origional FEAR at all.

This expansion introduces some new enemies aswell as the old ones essentially all at war with eachother.
Some new weapons which i regret to inform are very unimaginative and quite frankly are awful in everyway.
And also a team, you're "followed" around by two of the most incredibly dull AI characters i have ever seen. Their animations are awful in everyway.
Now i dont know if its just because ive played through the origonal FEAR games alot, but all of the scares are exactly the same! Nothing new at all!

Quite honestly a dissapointment to an otherwise unscratched series. Just look's like the creators desided they were a little hard of pocket and decided to make a quick amount of cash.....