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F.E.A.R. - Perseus Mandate (Standalone Expansion Pack)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  Great game, if not as good as the original

| | See all BlackWolfrtcw's reviews (7)

This is a great game, but it's not as chilling as the original. 'nor is it as long, but I'll forgive it for that since it is an expansion pack as apposed to a full game.

I recommend you do play the original first in order to fully understand the storyline however.


  More of the same, thrilling and atmospheric

| | See all Richie99's reviews (1)

The concept of an expansion is, that it builds on the original game and is essentially the same as before (but most people would like to see a few new things as well.)

On this basis; the pace is fast, retains the atmospheric quality and addictive gameplay of the original game. The storyline is a bit vague compared to its predecessor's but nevertheless the intoduction of the 'nightstalkers' makes a worthy foe. They are more difficult to kill and very agile in combat. The final battle is definately a challenge, if not a little predictable. I hope their is more to come, this will definately entertain a die-hard fear-fan.

Graphically, it is not up there with titles such as Crysis but bear in mind this game was produced on pre-Crysis technology and in its time, it was percieved as good. It will still make you jump and retains the intense moments of suspence and anticipation prior to entering those seemingly innocent and emply rooms for a big dynamic fast paced fire-fights. Fully endoresed and recommended in my view.
The new weapons are a great addition, and necessary to overcome the well equipped enemy forces.

The reviews that slate this game for being 'more of the same,' what did you expect? Its an expansion pack! If you want a game with a totally new concept, then buy a new game!!

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  F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate

| | See all gameforever's reviews (1)

If you like either of the previous fear titles then get this as well. There isn't much difference between the second expansion and this one in terms of rating but I'd put this one slightly above. As with the previous expansion there is no loss of continuity which helps make it worthwhile. Combat is perhaps a little harder than before which is a good thing since I found it a little too easy before. What powers all fear games is the storyline which, I think, is brilliant. Take that away and it would leave a fair bit to be desired. My only gripe is that I thought the price was slightly too high but that's the only negative aspect for me. There are more weapons in the game which I found made a good addition. I just hope they keep writing more of fear chapters / installments.

  A great game for FEAR fans

| | See all TheMadFragger's reviews (4)

I don't really understand the poor reviews of this game, which is, after all, an expansion. Just because it is standalone, does not mean it should be something completely different from the original. It is gimmick-free, stable, highly playable and action packed.

A lot has been said on this game's engine, that it is now dated and not as good as newer games. Fair enough, but it's still a decent engine, which I've had running smoothly on Vista on full settings at 1600x1200 with no slow-downs or stuttering.

This episode is different from the others in that you play a new character with apparently similar talents to the original. There are new weapons and new set of bad guys, and the action is relentless. If you liked FEAR, I believe you will like this game.

Having said that, this episode gets you exactly no further forward in the story than before, as for most of the time you are acting out events in parallel to the other two episodes. I'm looking forward to Monolith's continuation of their part of the story, in addition to Sierrra's future episodes (Monolith left Sierra's production, but Sierra has kept the rights to the FEAR name).

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| | See all joshjameshunt's reviews (3)

I agree with the guy above. Totally crap... Just buy COD4 best game of the year. This game was boring same textures same gameplay. Orginal F.E.A.R was class this is rubbish.

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  Terrible cash in on the good fear franchise

| | See all Jubei316's reviews (10)

This game looks worse than the original fear game from 2 years ago, lazy programming, bland generic grey buildings and all the same enemies from before.

i played call of duty 4 for 3 hours yesterday and what a groundbreaking joy that was, some of the best gaming ever, then the day after i put this on and i felt depressed after about half an hour.

I wanted to snap the disc and defecate into the box and send it back to play, then i realized its not their fault.

Avoid this game at ALL costs, get crysis or call of duty 4, this game looks about 5 years old and is duller than dishwater.

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