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Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (96 reviews)"

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| | See all Barafo's reviews (1)

If your thinking about starting an MMO, or moving from different pastures, think about Warhammer. If your a 9 till 5 guy/gal like most people warhammer is probably the only MMO whereby you can play without feeling like your experience is being limited by your level and/or your gear/equipment.

Warhammer is just a great MMO for all types of players, hardcore or otherwise. The RVR is something thats kept me intrested, alongside great Public Quests and fantastic new content like the land of the dead (The home of the Tomb Kngs for those Warhammer buffs)

All in all, its a great thing to have when you've come in from work and just want to chill out for a while. No stressing about gear, just go with the flow and snipe some destruction players from the top of a cliff with your engineer rifle. Life can be that good at times. ;)

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  An Awesome Game!

| | See all Candide's reviews (2)

I have been playing Warhammer on & off since just after launch & all i can say is that this game keeps getting better & better!

It does have a few problems with lag when there are alot of people on the screen & there are some problems with population balance on some servers, just search the forums & you'll soon find a well populated server (Karak-Azgal & Karak-Norn are usually well populated).

Comparing the current state of the game to what is was like just after launch & its amazing! All the current additional content has been free & good, while the vast majority of bugs & class balancing issues have been resolved by patches. The story quests are generally quick & easy, the public quest idea works really well & the RvR (realm vs realm) side of the game is awesome!

As mentioned in other reviews there is a free trial for this game which, although limited in content, is a great way to see what this MMO has to offer. In my opinion this game is damn good & well worth a try!

Graphics 4/5 - Not great, not bad...
Sound 4/5 - Is fine for me
Gameplay 5/5 - Brilliant, always something to do
Longevity 5/5 - As with all MMO's they're always adding new material to stop people getting bored!


| | See all I2ROUNDS's reviews (10)

Great MMO so smooth, the graphics are one of the best i have seen along with the customisation. im a level 7 scout, so far i like the story and it add little cutscenes to show you where to go etc, i can see me playing this for a long time. i got the headstart and whenever i get time i play this game its addictive.

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  A Must Have

| | See all Godoman's reviews (4)

If you're familiar with the Warhammer Lore, this is an quintessential addition to your collection.
First time MMO player and this has got me hooked.

  Excellent Game

| | See all DarrylHolmes's reviews (4)

I bought this pretty much as soon as it came out of closed beta, usually MMO's bore me after a few month at best, WAR however has been constantly evolving and improving from day 1 so I'm still playing all this time later.
As a heavy player of both Destruction and Order in multiple servers i have to say its incredibly well balanced, as soon as one side starts to dominate they will make a fatal mistake and lose their advantage, so as in any PvP game it can go out of balance at any time but is restored to an even playing field in a flash. A lot of people complain that one side dominates the other but since its coming from both sides I'm sure people reading this are smart enough to realize its pretty even, which side dominates changes nearly every other hour so no side is "constantly winning" as some people claim.
I have purchased 4 copies of this game so far (2 collectors and 2 standard, only 1 being for myself of course) and have to say the collectors is well worth the extra money for the extra stuff, the EXP boost potion you get is very helpful between level 19 and 20 + the box and physical contents are worth the cash on their own.

* Very Detailed World
* Loads of extra content added through free expansions (including the new Land of The Dead)
* Nearly all original problems have been fixed after this first year or so.
* Welcome back presents for people who have rejoined so older players are coming back
* Excellent PvP Equalizer system that makes sure even lower level players are still dangerous and everybody has a chance.
* Next to no grinding is ever required as all quests are short and sweet (apart from Event Quests) with an excellent story that makes you want to read what the NPC's tell you (first online game i have ever enjoyed reading the NPC dialogs)

* Bits of minor lag during huge keep battles (this is mainly down to slow connection and struggling hardware rather then the servers fault)
* Patches far too often for people on limited broadband (like myself )
* Areas aren't always as populated as you would hope.
* Some Event Quests (such as the Halloween Event) take too long to complete.

  Hugely Enjoyable!

| | See all leharv's reviews (1)

I played the game when it first came out for the free month and had a great time. The game is made better by having someone to share it with so playing with a group of friends is recommended, however I found the WAR community to be the most helpful of any MMO I've played so this should not be a worry.


- WAR's primary attraction is PVP and RVR (Realm Vs Realm) these take two flavours. There are 'zones' where players on opposite sides can battle as-well as matchmade arena games both are brilliant.
- WaR takes a lot from WoW, the graphics on Warhammer: Online are outstanding and the classes also have depth and keep interest.


If you've been thinking about getting WAR for awhile I'd say go for it, the first 30 days are free, before this try the 10-Day trial and check out if the games for you.

Only four stars because as with all MMO's you end up playing longer than you intended too!

  Got potential

| | See all QuiSiLoR's reviews (8)

I have just done a 10day trial after playing wow for 3yrs. Dispite not being able to do everything, I did find some grps for PQ (Public Q) Stuff. RvR and Scenario concepts are very nice also.

While it might not have the support wow does, upgrades in terms of content are currently free :) Also as a game gains in popularity which im sure this will ... expect more fansites, helpful guides etc :)

If your bored of wow or new to mmo's this is a really nice game - 3 stars due to limited interaction via trial. Im sure would ahve been 4 if not 5 if I had this game for real which I will soon :D

  Great Idea / Poor Execution

| | See all Kasp3r's reviews (5)

Great idea for a mmo and has many things about it that could of made it a great success. After playing this game for 8 months, i gave up. Server management is poor, major lag during any keep or city seige. Destruction are very overpopulated in every server so its usually 30 Order vs 100 Destro. Classes are borked and the game in general is frustrating. My opinion, dont waste your money.

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  Better than wow

| | See all myersman0's reviews (1)

WAR is great fun and with all the free content that they are adding its the perfect time to join. Much more fun than wow

  Dont judge a boook by its front cover....

| | See all Melikeyplay's reviews (1)

Basically downloaded this recently to get the ten day trial period....... allls i can say is that (withouth even being able to do everything) this game is going to be outstanding. The PvP is awsome and the quests are fun, tricky and sometimes trying, people are very helpfull in the realms defo a must get for mmorpg fans....

There are a few incy wincy downsides tho that im sure they will fix within time, such as the glitches here and there but its only been out for not evne a year yet so..... Great Game will defo be getting it.