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Championship Manager 2008

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  Too many glitches

| | See all DangerT's reviews (1)

Edios have created a fantasy world in this game where hardly any of the players have fair ratings. The game has completely over-rated the players of spurs, in particular Berbatov, who even gets 80/100 for work rate! Berbatov propels spurs to many trophies including the league.
If anyone's heard of these please say, but for some reason this game thinks they are amazing: Mixalis Pavlis, Semir Stilic, Aiden McGeady and Craig Lindfield, and most of the Liverpool reserve team.
Just a few more moans. Corners, for some reason they are impossible to defend and i end up conceding almost all my goals from them, and they're all identical too. Ball into the near post, their player runs back off the line and heads it into the near post. All my players just stand and watch even when i've told them to mark people from corners.
my last moan is about the goal keepers. For some reason they're always dropping clangers. Even Petr Cech, who was over rated at 100/100 for both shot stopping and handling managed to fumble a straight forward shot to one of my strikers, who then scorred. I just don't know why no goalkeeper can make a clean save, or just push the ball behind the post rather than straight back out to another striker.
The posatives with this game is that the tactics are easy to do, and are more flexable than other games. If you know what your doing then you can go quite in depth, however this gets slightly too complicated and rarely works.
Another posative aspect is that it's easy to find players, clubs and national teams.

In all i think it's a decent game and easy to use, it's just frustrating when you play teams like spurs or newcastle ( also over rated) and you end up being destroyed by Berbatov or Martins. Or when you dominate a match without taking your chances and then they get a corner and sneak a win

  So good

| | See all tyjhgv's reviews (17)

This is an amazing game and looking forward to cm09. Prozone is great watching your goals and the analysis of the game. Moulding players and training options is good. Control over everything nearly. Some faults like unrealistic goals where the goalie stands and gets tackled and players need to pull the ball back for easy goals a lot more often but the challenge makes this a good game still. Easy to use layout. Great game. Would be 4 and a half stars but still well worth buying!!! Great!


| | See all yourmar's reviews (8)

Eidos still cant get it right. They keep huffing and puffing but they can't get through the door being comfortably kept shut by Sports Interactives FAR superior Football Manager series. It's getting to the point where they should just give up if they next game is no closer to FM

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  Good game

| | See all clarkey89's reviews (119)

Overall it is a really good game. A few minor disapointing things are things like on some of the screens you can have so much information you don't know where to start. There's also a few minor bugs.

There isn't a great load of differnce between this game and the older ones.

Then again there isn't much more you can add.

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  Some Bugs

| | See all Katsumoto's reviews (1)

This game is not as great as I hoped. There is a new feature in the trainning were you can remold players tendencies of play which can take very long time (months n months) even when your a top team with excellent coachs... In matchs players IQ's are very poor... some times they would back pass to keeper and he would stand there with ball at feet, gets tackled n its a goal... also on counter attack or normal attack... players would shoot and most of the time keeper saves... even when players stats are high most of the time they never score one on one's (even if you remold them to round the keeper) another thing that I did not like in matchs is that if the players are attacking and are in the box they would shoot instead of passing the ball to team mate for easy goal... Also another major dissappointment in the game is the job offers... For example if you only speak a one language but slected to play multiple leagues you will get rejected from other nations/clubs as a result despite your reputation... This is a bug and most likely will not get fixed... I have always played Football Manager since the split and the things that I have mentioned works well in Football manager... Players in match's are more intellegent in their play (if you tell to pass often and if you are one on one the striker will pass to team mate for easy goal... champ man does not do this and striker often misses) and their stats relect in the game... Football Manager is by far the better game...

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  Really good...

| | See all Welshie84's reviews (13)

Got bored of this during the 2006 version so I decided to see if this was any good seeing it was cheap and it is susprisingly good!

I've 1997/98 season version and this is great! Really realisitic and the ability to have more than one manager on one game has returned and makes the game alot better to play with your mates.

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  Bought this because of the Mobile version

| | See all aclelland's reviews (1)

Iv'e not bought a CM game for a few years because I fell out of love with it and got a little bored.

A few weeks back I bought the Mobile phone version of CM08 and it rocked so I decided to part with my cash and get the full PC version as well (although the mobile and PC versions can swap team data which is a shame)

This is a great game and if you've not bought a CM game for a few versions or if you just want the new team data then this game is for you.

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  surprisingly, pretty good

| | See all flapjackinho's reviews (4)

I bought this game expecting it to be bad. But i was wrong. I stopped buying this series of games after football manager came out by recommendation of the staff in Game. If your like me and like football manager but are thinking of trying this out again then i recommend you do. Although, i still feel football manager is better so if you are trying to decide between the two, i would recommend football manager.

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  True Brilliance

| | See all Pratty12345's reviews (2)

I bought this game for 20 quid and it was the best 20 quid i have ever spent in my life. I purchased football manager 2008 a few days before thsi as i thought it would be better. However, champ manager beats it by a long way. everything on the game is better, the 3D match is brilliant, compared to football manager where it is the same as usual. the loading times are good 2. the only manager game that comes close to this is footy manager 2008 but is still a long way off. my advice would be that this is an essential buy if you like these type of games.

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