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Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (3) (with Guitar Controller)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Release your inner rock star

| | See all asteberg's reviews (15)

So, I know the Guitar Hero game franchise has been out there for a while, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try this game if you haven't before. You'll find yourself trying to get longer "note streaks" and more stars on the reviews until you feel ready to try the next level of difficulty, and you'll start over again, trying to be as good as on the previous level. Good rock music will keep you going.

I never played the guitar and I suppose that helps - I actually feel like I'm playing the guitar for real (since I don't know what that's like I easily convince myself that playing Guitar Hero is how it feels!). Knowing it is very different from playing an actual guitar doesn't really matter. After all, playing Call of Duty is not like being in an actual war either, thank God.

Guitar Hero (Legends of Rock) releases my inner rock star much like Singstar already released my inner pop star.

  RE: AJC182

| | See all 5ThStreetCorp's reviews (8)

Now with most common pc games... You will know after the release of the game a few months down the line there will be some sort of patch file to update the games content / features...

Thou i'm not saying how long it will be. But it is bound to happen eventually. You just have to be patient.

  lag what lag ?

| | See all casper123456789's reviews (1)

I have a quad core 2.6 ghz with a nvidia g80 768mbs with raptor hd

and a samsung 225bw works fine on high setting


| | See all drgamingguru's reviews (5)

Can anyone tell me what guitar controller you get with it i haven't got the game but i am thinking about getting it?

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  Diet Guitar Hero

| | See all AJC182's reviews (1)

Finally Guitar Hero arrives on the PC. I've had this game for the past 3 to 4 months and so far the experience is pretty much spot on. Running on a Dell Inspiron 530, Dual Core2 Processor (2.66Ghz), Ati Radeon 2600 HD Graphics Card & 4GB RAM, which I feel is fairly high end (a system based on being able to run Crysis), still has trouble on the Japan level of the game. There are certain angles that causes the game to lag - which on the Expert level can get very frustrating! However this problem can be rectified by choosing another venue. The career mode of the game is spot on and a joy to play. The multiplayer features are OK but investing in another controller may be a good idea (the Xplorer that comes with the came is an Xbox 360 controller with a wire - so i don't know if these are available.
The main problem with the Console conversion is that Downloadable Content is unavailable on the PC version. This does hinder the enjoyment of the game as you are full aware how many more songs are available, yet unable to play!. The section of the game says "coming soon" but after browsing the Internet I am yet to find news as to when this is coming!
Overall I have given a 4/5 as it is a brillant game - great controls and excellent song list - and i'm also glad the PC is being recognized as a gaming system again - however it seems more effort needs to be put in to make the games have the same features, and not punishing the people who choose not to own a games console

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  Hardware requirement underestimated

| | See all TehPhoenix's reviews (4)

To play this game decently with a nice res and graphics you will need a 8800 series card and i am not kidding, and also a decent CPU, like a intel core 2 duo (currently 3.2ghz) and decent amount of memory but that is not as big of a problem as needing a good graphics card, ill be playing this at 1680x1050 res if i can because that is my monitor max, i played this to death on my mates 360 but now i want my own copy lol, and for £45 its quite nice, means i dont have to buy an 360 just for this game lol

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| | See all barnadierb's reviews (4)

just wondering, can anyone tell me, is the controller this game comes with wireless?

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  Great, but could've been done better

| | See all GruntGuy's reviews (3)

Huge amounts of fun, but be careful. It'll only really work decently on high-end PC's, otherwise it'll lag, which completely ruins the gaming experience.
Very fun, challenging, etc etc. Not the most sophisticated game ever made, but definately done to a mirror shine, that is, until ported across to the PC.
It's a fairly shoddy port and to be honest, the requirements for it should be much lower than they are because it's just not optimised very well for the PC.
My advice: If you have a console, then buy it for that console. If you don't, then buy it for the PC but make sure your PC is powerful enough to run it without lag.

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  Awesome Game!

| | See all LokalHero's reviews (4)

This is one of the most addictive games I've played for a while!
I play this game for several hours every night, well, until my hand starts to hurt anyway.
It runs like a dream too, no lag or sync issues to report, although I use a high-end gamer system (C2D E3750, 4GB RAM, 8800 Ultra).
If your getting lag, consider defragging your hard disk prior to install, turn off any unnecessary processes (including AV software), and drop the graphics settings somewhat. There's a patch on the GH website too, which addresses some issues and also adds some extra GFX settings.
This game is just simply awesome. Rewarding and addictive, like great games should be.
I hook my guitar up to my mate's 360 for co-op mode jammin. Which just adds a whole new level to the game.
Well worth the outlay, and totally worth the 5 stars I'm giving it.

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  Vista X64

| | See all andrewowen41's reviews (2)

just to confirm to you all, this game is fully working on my system running vista 64 bit !

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