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Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (3) (with Guitar Controller)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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| | See all tomoverton's reviews (2)

The lag is pretty much random depending on your hardware.

Just because yours doesn't lag, good for you, but it's really not helpful to say "ignore people who say it lags" or "upgrade your PC".

Sometimes it works fine on an average PC, sometimes it lags on a high end PC. I chop and change my hardware around every few days, always trying out new motherboards, CPU's etc. I have experienced unplayable lag (skt AM2 AMD X2 6000), slightly annoying lag (skt 939 AMD X2 4800), and no lag at all (Intel Q6600).

Adjusting the graphics settings or video/audio calibration won't help you much, when my set-up suffered from lag I spent ages trying to tweak it, with little or no improvement.

In my opinion the game is flawed as it will not function at a playable level on SOME PC's that are better than the recommended spec. Maybe another patch would fix this (v1.1 didn't).

My advice would be to take a chance and buy it anyway, and if it lags then send it back. If your PC meets the requirements and it still doesn't work, you're entitled to a refund.

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  Lag is fixed!

| | See all Matt123red's reviews (1)

People moan that this game is laggy on high end PC's, well its been found that if you turn off the internet or unplug it the lag completely disapears.

The game is great!!!

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| | See all cooleimages's reviews (1)

After first playing this on my mate's Xbox360 I hated it, as a guitarist I got instantly frustrated at how different it all was but after a second attempt a few months afterwards I really started enjoying it and got the hang of the controls.

I didn't realise that it had been released on the PC until I was looking to buy a copy for a friend on the Wii, so I bought myself a copy instead! Just to let people know that it works fine with my 64bit version of Vista and runs really smoothly with loading times noticably quicker than the Xbox version (although it will entirely depend on your system spec).

All in all a fantastic game, I highly recommend to anyone!!

  OS / Controller Compatibility

| | See all BairdyUK's reviews (1)

Just to say that Guitar Hero 3 works no problem on my installation of Windows Vista 64-bit, and also that the enclosed X-plorer guitar controller works on the Xbox 360 and the PS3, as well as the PC.

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  Buy It Now

| | See all Neimad2k's reviews (1)

Picture the scene, back at work after the hols not really in the mood to work looking for a bit of fun. Discover on play that the PC Version is only £45 and think great.
Get it home and i have called in sick for a week fantastic!!!!

  Anyone using this on Vista x64?

| | See all Icefyre's reviews (1)

Just thought I'd throw this question out there. Has anyone used this on a 64 bit Vista platform? I says in the specs it's unsupported, though that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work.

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| | See all anon11's reviews (1)

I've just ordered this and i was wondering if the USB guitar would work in a PS2 usb slot so i can do multiplayer on the PS2 version of the game. Thanks.

  Dedicated Console Game Now On PC and a GOOD Conversion.

| | See all rossthebassist's reviews (7)

Ignore anyone who says that they have experienced "LAG" with this game thats a hardware fault and not a fault with the game. just because you meet the specs on your computer dosnt mean that the game will run smoothly out of the box. as you will have other things running in the background such as virus scanners etc etc taking up some of your precious spec's. so if you have an oldish computer then i would seriously think of upgrading...

onto the game... the conversion is perfect. i have the PS3 version which kicks serious amounts of A** and the PC version manages to achieve the same. one feature i am looking forward to is when those modders come along and patch us in a create your own song setting because you know they will :) which would make this PC version much better the consoles which are pretty restricted to the content packs that you can buy.

Over all its nice to see more Console exclusives get a shot on a PC.. but if you dont wanna run the risk of getting it and it not working... buy a console there gonna last you at least 6 - 10 years whilst a PC will be majourly out of date in 3

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  lets rock

| | See all somethingfishy's reviews (58)

first things first yes the guitar controller works on both the pc and the xbox 360.this is a great game in single player mode and a even better game in co-op mode especially if there is a group of you and you miss a note or notes. great mix of songs for those lovers of rock music hence the name legends of rock from guns and roses to muse the controller works spot on but if you are left handed you could find it a bit of a problem. no problems with lagging on my intel quad core system with windows vista and no lagging on a lower spec amd althlon 64x2 with windows xp pro as well graphics are an improvement on past version of guitar hero and the cut scenes remind you of a Gorillazs video and are very good and at times very funny.hours of fun to be had with over 70 tracks to master ranging from very easy to almost impossible the boss battles are a nice touch as well lets hope some more good tracks are offed as a download as well

  Does the PC guitar work on a xbox 360

| | See all damoplay's reviews (1)

title says it all. would like to take my PC version guitar round his house and have 2 player battles on his 360. Some have said it will and some not. ANSWERS???

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