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Company Of Heroes: Gold Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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| | See all Ne0X09's reviews (3)

One of the best WW2 RTS games ive played. loads of fun to play. Campaign was brill and multiplayer is even better. Its More strategic then other rts games which gives this game an edge. only thing that bothered me about this game is the AI....in skirmish they tend to avoid all artillery you send and any abilities, but its been patched now so i give this amazing game a 5 out of 5.

  Utter, utter, RTS brilliance

| | See all Unzen74's reviews (14)

Company of Heroes is without my favourite RTS title of the moment. Yet funnily enough, it took me a while to get into it!

As with most RTS games, I jump straight in and have a few rounds of the skirmish levels. I think this gives you a good overall 'feel' for the game and sets you up in preparation for the campaign mode.

So, I jump in with both feet. And get wasted. Try again. Get wasted by the CPU opposition again. Oh dear. What's going on here? The AI seems to have an uncanny ability in knowing what you're doing at all times. Try as I might, I get nailed by the AI, unless I knocked the difficulty level down to Easy.

So I ignore CoH for a few weeks. And I think about trying out the campaign mode - despite my misgivings of the skirmish mode. Straight into the US Campaign I go and it is there that CoH starts to unfold its sheer brilliance.

Everything gels. The sound effects, the dialogue between the troops, the amazing level of detail in the unit animation (just watch the firing/reloading sequence of the '88 AT guns, for example) and the feeling that each unit type really does have a role to play in the game.

And that brings me on to CoH's trump card. You know an AT crew is for taking out tanks, right? You know a sniper excels at taking out infantry from a distance already? Sure you did. Every unit type is based on real-life WW2 kits, meaning that its very easy to pickup what unit works where - and best for your mode of play.

Once the highly enjoyable US campaign was completed, I started the German one and then finished with the British one. In terms of order, I'd say the US campaign is the most difficult, the German one the easiest (and shortest) and the British one is perhaps the most enjoyable overall.

Since having completed the campaigns, I'm now an avid convert to the CoH skirmish mode. Now that I know how the game 'plays' - I'm enjoying different ways of trying to take on that damn AI!

Even if you've never been a fan of RTS games - that something like the Command and Conquer series simply made you fall asleep at the keyboard - give Company of Heroes a try, anyway. It really is such a well crafted, well made and thoroughly enjoyable game from start to finish. It would be such a shame to miss out.

  What can i say?!!

| | See all tommyhavark's reviews (2)

this game come out on my top 10 games list...
its completely amazed me both ofline and online.
the fun in building your army then setting them off to war is great.
both beating and being deffeated is rewarding.
everything unit has its own reason for being there, hours and hours of fun to be had with these two games!

  An outstanding & refreshing take on Real Time Stratergy.

| | See all Shasam's reviews (2)

When it comes to RTS games it seems that the first player to build up their base so that they can get the biggest and best units & amass a huge army will be the winner. Dawn of War, Relic's other RTS, is certainly guilty of this, though perhaps not as guilty as some.

Company of Heroes drastically breaks this trend. Making almost every unit just as valuable as the rest, with very individual abilities and uses. It's possible to be attacked by the largest possible army, and repel them with a few well placed Anti-Tank guns & Heavy Machine Gunners.

This makes the game far more strategic than most other RTS games. Your units are valuable, and looking after them rather than throwing the recklessly at the enemy will serve you well. The terrain is destructible, walls and buildings can be blown down to create new paths. The cover system provided by the terrain for your units is very deep, so finding the perfect placement for your units is also very important. Not to mention that the graphics are fantastic, adding a certain feeling to the experience that you might not get otherwise.

All of this comes together and morphs in to one of the greatest RTS experiences you can find. Coupling that with this package, of the original game and the expansion for a great price, and you're looking at what should be an instantaneous decision. If you can run this game on your PC, you should play it ASAP. It's an experience you can't get anywhere else.

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  u think age of empires 3 is good this is ten times better

| | See all 101stEasyCompany's reviews (1)

first of this is so addictive its untrue i go on this more than my 360 games and it is so satisfying to see yourself progress through the ranks on multiplayer. i would buy this game just for the multiplayer not that skirmish and campaign are crap because they are certainly not.

  Blows DOW out the water

| | See all ChadZor's reviews (6)

one of the best rts games ive played, highly recommend this for purchase. Both games are fantastic plus its at a good price, you can't go wrong. If you liked Dawn of war then you will love this game

  Best Game Ever!

| | See all LegSaidtome's reviews (3)

I do not like RTS games - This game made me eat my words. Been playing it non-stop since it came out. Campaign,skirmish and Multiplayer, every mode is totally fantastic - Different every time you play, if you haven't got a PC, buy one for this, yes, it's that good!!

  Best RTS ever

| | See all Foxhound1982's reviews (3)

Company Of Heroes is a real time stealer, think saving private ryan the real time strategy game, i dont normally play games for long periods but this is impossible to put down, just pips command and conquer in my opinion, epic!!! bargain price too.

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  Great Price and Package

| | See all Martster's reviews (22)

Company of Heroes is an amazing RTS game with realistic damage and destructible environments the visuals are inspiring

The multi-player and skirmish is fun were you can choose to play as the Allies (Americans) or Axis (Germans) but the real experience is in the campaign. Seen through the Allies eyes you must move through France to Germany, but along the way you see some of the most moving character sequences I've seen in a game, making you almost feel the horrors of war and the battles are very cinematic
If you've seen the opening to Saving Private Ryan then just imaging that scale and ferocity as you play the beach landings and from then on the game still never lets up with the intense rush of adrenaline

This package is a great deal as for the price of 1 game you get 2

The expansion adds 2 more intense campaigns and 2 new armies The British and German Panzer Elite

The British campaign is the liberating of Caen and the German campaign is the struggle to repel Operation Market Garden

This is a must for all RTS and WW2 fans

Even if you already have one of them as the expansion is standalone you should still invest in this as its still cheaper than buying them singularly and you could always give the other to friends or family for them to experience

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  Best Real Time Strategy Game of all Time

| | See all CptOwenbrau's reviews (1)

The single player game is excellent but the real fun is online. I bought the first game 18 months ago and cannot stop playing it.
This game as raised the bar as far strategy games are concerned.