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Supreme Commander: Gold Edition

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Good game but some flaws

| | See all illage2's reviews (20)

Ok, I like what this game is trying to be but they have made it so you can barkey see who's who since the units are too damn small no matter when zoomed in or not.

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  Insane game

| | See all UltimateSeller's reviews (5)

Great game and the expansion adds so much another 100 units and buildings etc including another 10 units for the 3 factions in supreme commander, game runs brilliants even at the most hetic of times on max settings with on my 32inch tv which I use as the monitor. I run the game on 1360x768 on max settings with ease and these are my specs: Intel dual core 2ghz processors, 3gb ram (with vista as my O.S this is helpfull) and a nvidia geforce 9500gt 512mb graphics card.

  The new age of RTS has landed

| | See all Chlodwig's reviews (2)

I bought the original one over a year ago. I still play it, and I still discover new tactics. The add-on adds a nice touch, not a must-have in my opinion but for the price this sells currently, it's a steal regardless.

It takes a while to get used to the idea of using the overview map as the detail map, and that you can simply zoom in and out wherever your mouse icon is, but after an hour or so you don't know how you ever played any other way. It is very intuitive and feels very natural once you get used to it.

The drawback is that you needed a very powerful machine a year ago. A good machine today should easily and smoothly play this game.

The three original factions play quite similar, with little but important differences in their unit and building set. Some have better shields and can create more durable units, shield their heavy stationary weapons and use a solid "slow steamroller" approach to a battle. Others excel in stealth and use it to flank opponents to catch them with their pants down. Basically, though, all the basic strategies, from "rush 'em" to "one inch at a time" work, and all can be countered easily when you know what your enemy is going to do.

Also, this is one of the few games where maps are HUGE enough to make transporting slow units not only an option but also often a necessity. On huge maps, you cannot simply drive your slow, heavy tanks to battle. You have to find a way to transport them, maybe by airlift, which opens yet another problem, since air transport can only transport few heavy, but many light tanks. What's your strategy? Many small tanks, or few heavy ones? And how do you keep those air transports alive 'til they arrive?

Logistics do become an issue when you can't replenish your losses easily by driving them up there, building a forward base becomes a necessity, and all that counts against your troops limits.

Where do you hit your opponent? Want to take out his heavy gun that keeps pummeling your base? Or will you try to take out his power plants so he can't fire anymore? Hit his production base or better deprive him from the mass necessary to produce? He can't possibly defend both, so where will he be? Can you rely on your radar? Or is he stealthing his units and you send yours into a suicide run?

And do you have a fallback plan when he does the same?

This is maybe one of the most challenging RTS games currently on the market. It's not just "build up and smash him". You can't win with numbers. You can't win by walling and waiting. You usually can't win rushing unless you have a really dumb enemy, his command unit can easily handle your first few units (rushes can still make sense when you can cripple his initial build routine, which can be very essential).

How can you win?

By having the better plan. There is no best plan, so you may have to adapt to what your opponent plays. Be flexible. Adjust and tune your strategy. Never consider yourself already the victor, nothing is easier than blowing up your production or power center and you're flat on your face, scraping together rocks and trees for mass and energy...

This is truely the future of RTS. From interface to unit dependency and interaction, there is nothing in existance that can come close to it.

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  Supreme RTS

| | See all GeordieJacko's reviews (2)

This game has it all. It is a million miles away from those "who can build the most tanks" games. Nuclear strikes aren't always the answer either. It definitely involves real strategy to find the enemies weakness to get that victory. The single player campaign is epic, slowly ramping up to huge battles across enormous maps. Skirmish mode is good fun too, allowing you to chose from 4 factions all use 3 levels of unit but have good quirky differences, especially when you start using experimental units! Online play is quick and easy to set up and good fun to! Don't expect a quick game on Sup Com though, games usually take more than an hour to play!
IMO this is the best RTS game out there at the moment!

  Great Game.... but dodgy disc!?

| | See all Nick8338's reviews (1)

First things first... this game is awesome, and is a lot more challenging and requires more thought than other RTS games I have played.
The graphics are superb as is the variety of units available. The ability to zoom all the way out to view the entire battlefield as the action unfolds is also a very very good addition to this game that makes it stand out above others.

Unfortunately one of the most challenging aspects of this game was trying to get the game to install! Im running Vista on a Sony laptop and when I first tried to install the game, both Sup Com and Sup Com FA, my computer would not read either disc once the install began! This obviously caused me much frustration, and only after copying the files from the disc to my hard drive and running it from there would the game install correctly. I now have occassional problems with the disc being read as the game launches, once in the game it is fine. (I have never had problems reading any other discs)

The above reason is why it only gets 4 stars and not 5, and I hope this was just a one off disc problem as everyone should get to enjoy this game, just make sure your computer is it to it before you buy! All in all the game more than made up for the problems I had and at this price you cant beat it.


| | See all omerga's reviews (7)

the best strategy game in many years, almost as good as Total Annihilation.

Make sure you have a powerful enough computer before buying though, I had to upgrade mine


| | See all lawlcakes's reviews (4)

good graphics and gameplay, games can however last a long time but there are mods out there that can be used to quicken the pace!
well worth a buy

  This would be a bargain at twice the price

| | See all Snick99's reviews (24)

I love this RTS, the expansiveness of the levels, the variety of units available and the myriad approaches you can take in wiping out the enemy. The graphics are spectacular on an average PC for today's standards, although of course you should have a decent video card.
It's true that most missions follow the same pattern: resist the initial attacks while you build up your own forces, start fighting for territory and finally annihilate the enemy. This is not a problem for me, I consider every level a huge sandbox where you can build your SimArmy according to your whims. Besides, most RTS games have been following this pattern for ages, only with much less variety. I consider this package money very well spent.

  Total Annihilation Reborn!

| | See all TONeill's reviews (6)

Can't believe how amazing this game is. Its got all the things you wanted on TA and loads loads more. its great!

Theres so many units and structures its crazy! + getting the addon with the package adds another 1000 or so items to skirmish 4 teams now! :D

A must have if you loved TA. or any other rts very command conquer like but instead of tiberian u need energy and mass.

Get it now why its only £12 thats £6 each hahaha can't believe its so cheap. you can see why its so high up the list still on top 10 pc games ;)

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  Only for Players who know how to play a real RTS

| | See all Mobius's reviews (173)

At time of writing the review this package of both supreme commander and forged alliance is selling for £12.99, What! do the publishers think they are doing letting two great games sell at this price.
Anyway both titles are the pinnacle of RTS gaming for the simple reason that is has more of what any other RTS has to offer. The reason I state this is because Supreme Commander offers
Bigger Battles.
Land Sea and Air Combat all on the same map.
Big Tech tree.
Over a hundred different type of units.
Mech Commanders that can be customised to your playing style.
Maps as little as 5km x 5 km or as big as 80km x80km
The ability to zoom in to a single unit or from high above looking at the whole battlefield.
The ability to play with two monitors.
Over all a great package and even if you dont like the game £12.99 for two AAA titles still aint bad, you never know you may learn to like it.

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