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Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Good game, fiddly controls

| | See all Scottius's reviews (31)

Assassin's Creed is generally just a good game. Story line is sound, and the graphics are tidy. The Idea behind the game is also nice. A welcome change from just shooting anything that moves like many other games.
The issue is, this is clearly a console port, obviously, and the controls reflect that. The controls have to be customised to the individual to make the game even remotely playable, and even then it is an art. To really enjoy this game, investing in a controller is the way forward. If not for the keyboard controls, 5*, as it stands, 3 and a half, but I thought I would round up. So 4*

  Average game.

| | See all CraigDe's reviews (2)

Graphics are ok but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

The controls are clunky and often cause frustration during gameplay and often the character ends up doing something different to what you wanted.

The gameplay is nothing to get excited about and is quite repetitive and the camera angles are not quick enough to change when they are up very close to your character which can cause frustration too.

Having said all that it only cost me a fiver but there is no way that I would have paid full price for the game when it was first released knowing what I know now.

  This Game Is AWESOME!

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

I can't believe its taken me so long to get this game. I've thought about it for ages, and thought i'll wait till it comes down in price a little. I eventually got it today (12/12/09) and i so wish i had got it the day it came out. The graphics are probably the best i've ever seen in a game. The world is so massive to explore, theres so much to do, even if you get bored with missions, you can go around stealth killing guards in very cool ways and searching for hidden items. This game really is epic, theres only 1 problem i have with it, is the sound is a bit out of sync. EG: somebody was killing an imposter in a clip, and before he even stabbed him you heard the victim screaming in pain and the sound of the knife cutting him, and its happend more than once, but that maybe my soundcard that needs adjusting in the settings menu. Other than that, this game is brilliant. The controls take a little getting used to, but once you master them, your flying away with flying colours in possibly the greatest game of the decade.

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| | See all Keron123's reviews (16)

This is one of the best games i have played in a long time, it sucks you in and you can easily end up playing for hours waiting to discover the mystery at the end of the game!, if you like a good long game with stunning graphics and action then this is for you, im getting the 2nd one for christmas and it will be the first game i play on my new 5870x2!

  A Beautiful Game

| | See all Benbot's reviews (1)

I am a biased Hitman fan having played all the games but I have now played Assassins Creed on both Xbox and PC and love it.

You have to play it on PC for the most spectacular graphics and you need a powerful PC as some of the talking cut scenes do are not in sync with the sound but in terms of the vastness of the game you can tell the developers spent ages on it.

Hitman is about strategy which I love but so is assassins creed if you let it. If you think about how to make an assassination look good then it is all worth it.

I know other reviews complain that the game is linear which it is in terms of missions and collecting information about your target but as you progress through the game you gain new abilities that, if you try to use them, make it more challenging.

Also when it comes to an assassination there are 3 - 4 different ways you could kill them. Even running around the cities killing off guards and templars can be fun. Try hanging off a wall, enter high profile mode and then assassinate and Altair will jump, land and kill.

It is a thing of beauty.

I would stress that you need the Xbox 360 controller for windows to really be able to think quick and change weapons during a battle.

If you cannot find anything good about this game then scale a building and look at the scenary.

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  as all other reviews

| | See all graemem's reviews (2)

Beats most games for graphics sound and gameplay but its repetative. I did one cities high spots then had to do them again in two other cities and different areas. yawn. Gets a little tedious in everything. Mind you the best horse riding graphics in any game yet by far. Would think AC2 will be a little less linear, but we shall have to wait and see..

  Good and thats about it

| | See all cynicalgamer's reviews (11)

For a cynical gamer i enjoyed this. Graphics, sound and atmosphere are fantastic. But gameplay is extremely limited, linear and provides no entertainment after a while. The extensive array of sword and weapon play is great but again turns into a "seen that, seen this - oh wow not seen that move for a few minutes, yawn".

The storyline is okay.

I really cant think of anything else to say other than buy, enjoy but dont expect anything else.

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  It is an honest game.

| | See all FPSmaniac's reviews (8)

It is a honest game,i played for 20 days,super detailed world and the only matter that tired me it was the gameplay that repeats itsself in every mission.You have to do the same thinks again and again..If the prize is good buy it,it is not a loss of money

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| | See all Tideh1's reviews (3)

Amazing game, very gripping storyline and graphically amazing. The sword fights are also fantastic. However it was obvious much time was put into those rather than the actual game play, too much repitition of the same old ways to find information, followed by the assassination of the big guy and a fight with numerous guards. It was like playing the same level over and over.
This is what lost the game a star, had there been a more variety of game play like in GTA games then this would have a 5 star.

Hopefully AC 2 will be better.

I'd also love to see a movie adaption of this game.

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  Original and entertaining

| | See all LukeyT's reviews (8)

Very good game, graphics are very impressive, gameplay very good, the ambient sounds are also very imersive and get you going, the kills are pretty good, its always fun to just kill some civilians for no reason, it's definately a game u need to play, i play a lot o games and this is one of the best recent games with others such as crysis and bioshock in terms of quality...although not as good, but not far!

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