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Battlefield 2142: Deluxe Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Great Game... but left me disappointed...

| | See all richci's reviews (3)

This truly is an amazing game... however i prefer single player, im a casual gamer so i often will play a game windowed whilst doing other things so being forced to play multiplayer to unlock content that i bought is pretty disgusting... Singleplayer gets a fraction of the maps and no options to unlock the special guns and equipment you should rightfully start with and even more annoyingly no titan mode... I love that game mode but i can only play it online which i rarely have the opportunity to really jump into a game fully concentrated for long periods of time... so yeah you don't get what you pay for unless you are able to play online for hours... if you can do that get it because its a bargain and an amazing game... if not... meh... Maybe get it... if you got money to throw about... :)

  Bfbc2 or Bf2142?

| | See all ndholyoak's reviews (3)

The great thing about BF2142 is theres no lag what so ever. But yet bfbc2 is also great.. Works on Vista SP2. PawnSacrifice's review is nonsense, you don't need these 'super weapons to do well'. Everybody has to start at the same point. Skill is what you need- a good workman never blames his tools.

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  Great game...if you have the advantage

| | See all PawnSacrifice's reviews (7)

I got this game after playing the demo for about 2 years! The demo was great, but slightly glitchy.

The full game with add-ons is almost glitchless but unfortunately has some other issues. To start with you, like everyone else, will now have access to super weapons. Mines that follow you, missle launchers on your rifle, and all sorts of gadgets.

This makes the game a little annoying as it doesn't take much skill. Also, if you're new you'll have to earn points to unlock these weapons yourself, something that can be very annoying as everyone else will have all these super weapons already.

I think it would have been much better to keep is similar to the demo. No stupid super weapons and everyone equal. For that reason this game is a bit of a let down unless you can find the right server.

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  Bestest game of the bf series!!!

| | See all Pulice's reviews (10)

I just bought the game, works great and i liked it better than bf2 complete collection, if you gamers out there are unsure about which you're gonna buy, think again about this game cause it is FANTASTIC. Recommended for any gamer!

  Just So Amazing

| | See all Marcus1337's reviews (10)

Had this game since 2007 and what a game it is, do note this game is addictive but defo worth it for the enjoyable times

got to rate this game 5 out of 5 due to it is just so amazing :D

  3.5 Stars

| | See all NitroMikeo's reviews (14)

For those of us out there that thought this game was going to be a fresh and innovative new entry into the Battlefield series were sadly let down. Although the game was exiting and addictive for the first few days, the more you play it the more you realize that this game is just BF2 with a different hat on. The step into the future stops being a novelty rather too soon, and the lack of classes is still a decison I don't agree with. The way you unlock guns is a nice feature, and encourages you to play for XP and to work as a team for those extra points, but the ammount of wepaons to unlock is also limited.

The new Titan mode is however a nice change, if you get two good teams, a game of titan mode can be extremly fun, however if your team is a bunch of selfish morons (which is most of the time) who don't bother defending their titan, then games are over very quickly and dont take long to get very annoying. 2142 still suffers from the horrible community that its older brother BF2 adopted. People will teamkill, team steal your vehicle, not defend titan, not play as a team and generally just be noobs which makes for a sometimes poor online experience.

To sum up, the game is fun, and possibly worth the price, however the whole thing just feels generic as ever (thank you EA) and overall BF2 is probably still a more enjoyable FPS.

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  Excellent step up from Battlefield 2

| | See all TCP2000's reviews (2)

This is purely one of the greatest online games around, it maybe a few years old now but the graphics are simple yet fantastic... and the game play is simply amazing - make that step up, Im a BF2 vet but this game is easily one of the greatest time killers there is, fun and very very adictive!!!

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  Warning this game is divorce waiting to happen!!!!

| | See all DICCUS's reviews (1)

This is one of the best games I have ever played on the PC. Full of action and strategy this will have you hooked after the first game. After a slow start getting to grips with the controls and the game play, which are not complicated but need patients, as the game play for multi-player is very quick, and there are a lot of experienced players out there who are happy to pick off a new starter. I highly recommend getting the guide book for this as well, as the instructions which come with the game aren't very comprehensive. I play this game so much that the only way my wife can talk to me is if she's fighting along side me!!

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  A Must Have

| | See all OzzyTheBear's reviews (1)

This is a smack my gob game. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's all set in the future and you'll get to grips with it in a few hours. What you need is broadband and join a clan. Online is what this game is all about. As you get better at playing online you get upgrades, but you have to work at it to unlock all the weapons. Don't be fooled into buying a second hand copy of this game cos you need to register the code with your e-mail address, so it's locked to one user. Don't try and modify the multiplayer game or you'll get kicked from every punkbuster controlled website. The only thing I was disappointed about is that the booster pack needs to be downloaded from EA and they will only hold it on your user account for 6 months, so if you PC gets reset after that you will need to buy the booster pack again. That's why I have only given this 4/5. Single player is good, but you need to get the online patches from various battlefiled websites to unlock all the weapons and maps for single player. I have Four PC's running this game and it's great fun playing on a local network. Enjoy - Today is a good day to die.

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