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Warhammer 40000: Dawn Of War - Soulstorm

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Not As Good As Dark Crusade

| | See all XxMIKEYspikeyXx's reviews (4)

it was good with the new races and maps and stuff but certain things ruined it cant zoom in as much its harder to see the forces and stuff so overall i give it a 3* (Not As Good As Dark Crusade(Buy Dark Crusade Instead Of This))

  stick with dark crusade...

| | See all themadhatter182's reviews (37)

After 43 reviews theres not a lot different I can really say, this expansion is a little pointless and poorly written - both storyline and coding wise.
The new 'flying' units frankly suck, a flying landspeeder? Instead of introducing the thunderhawk troop transport or equivilent for other races they just made pre-existing units fly... very lazy...
The story line makes no sense, though I would have said this of Dark crusade as well, all the imperial forces fighting each other (and every other xenos race just happens to be there) - and unlike dark crusade there is no explanation given... very lazy...
The coding is terrible and loading times are awful. Even though Noah did carry my computer off the ark I'm still disgusted. They're well over 10x dark crusade's and there's no improvements to the running of the game. Not to mention that the patch meant to fix all the minor glitches only recently came out after over a year on the shelf, and still hasn't fixed all the problems it was meant to solve.
Still, that said it is still dawn of war and though I will probably continue to play the earlier versions instead it is still good. If it had been anything else this hastily and poorly thrown together this review would've been much worse...

  Soulstorm !

| | See all Bendosh's reviews (68)

Its a great game. Only things that are different are different races,maps and items in each race .

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  More of the same!

| | See all khisanth's reviews (5)

This is very much more of what Dark Crusade introduced. So more compaign mode spread over planets and introduces Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle and flying units.

So nothing really new or groundbreaking, the new races are not much different to space marines and eldar so dont go expecting any surprises.

Overall not bad for the current price, worth getting just for completeness but if you dont get it you are not missing out on anything.

Roll on Dawn of War 2 !

  An enhanced Dark Crusade

| | See all scoobyjenkins's reviews (5)

If you enjoyed Dark Crusade you'll love this. It's basically the same sort of campaign mode but with more races and therefore longer. I love the Dark Eldar and I'm yet to play the other race.
The only thing which isn't up to par is the cinematics.

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  Could've been far better

| | See all Salter25's reviews (1)

Loved all the DoW games. Dark Crusade was mind blowing when 1st played. Really thought the designers of DoW would've put the effort into Soul Storm. Alas not. have to agree with most other reviews. Air support is naff & have used it once. You lose all you build when the fight moves on etc etc. I wish I'd personally left it with Dark Crusade & not gone for Soul Storm too. Even my 8yr old son was bored of it in 2 games. Real let down....

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  Could have added so much more to a great franchise

| | See all PukiePaul's reviews (5)

I really loved the previous DOW games so I was really looking forward to this but was left feeling a little deflated by it. Firstly they have put the Dark Eldar in which is probably the least popular army in 40k. The hell with the 'plot' they should have put Tyranids in instead. As for the plot, some of the voice acting is laughable, especially the Imperial Gaurd's level where there are long pauses between dialogue and the characters are poorly scripted. You have to watch it to see how bad that scene is between the Commissar and the General.

My biggest problem though is that there isn't really any change from DC. the aerial units are a cheap add on that offer no real update to this francise. There are a few strange annoyances like when you conquer a territory anything you built is gone if it comes under attack which makes defending a tedious chore.

Also the single player gets really monotinous as there are 39 territories to conquer which involve the same routine every time. Attck area, build base/army, destroy enemy base, move to new area and repeat. With 9 armies in the game it is a little too big and I got seriously bored after trying the single player during the 3rd army. I haven't even bothered with the other 6 cos they are exactly the same as in DC.

I'm not saying it's a bad game, far from it. I really like the Sisters of Battle. It's just that this is just DC with 2 new armies 'tacked' on and that's it. It has a very rushed feel to it. Also the load times are horrendous and I have had issues with my copy crashing and losing the saved data, which was a bugger playing as Tau as I was on the very last level and have to start all over again.

If you haven't bought any of the Dawn of War games yet I can only really recommend getting the 1st 3 (Dawn if War, Winter Assault & Dark Crusade), get the anthology edition as it's cheapest option to get all 3 in 1. Everything in this game is exactly the same as in DC so a bit much to ask to fork out the money on buying.

I am eagerly awaiting Dawn of War 2, I just hope to god that they put some effort into it unlike Soul Storm.

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| | See all crofties's reviews (6)

Excellent graphics, fun, exciting, what more could you want from a warhammer game. I really enjoyed it and it is definately worth buying

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  Dissapointing, Not a Great improvement on Dark Crusade.

| | See all TerrorTrooper's reviews (26)

Firstly, im not a major fan of Warhammer 40k, but i do like the Books and the Storylines of this future, and have been interested in the litterature of this universe for some time, When Dawn of War was released i was extatic as im a Real RTS fan! DOW, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade have got progressively better as the series continued, Sadly, it stops there.

Soulstorm is basicly Dark Crusade all over again, but minus some of the Polish that made DC so great.

I shall start with its negative points.

For example, when taking an Enemy stronghold, there is little or no dialouge or banter between any Faction leaders like there was in DC.

Also, the Battle map view of the planets, its like looking at a 1980's RISK board game, none of the finer touches of DC's campeign map, and with only a few territorys on each planet, not really many more territorys than its preddeccesor. Also, many of the maps are in fairness, Too big!!

Also, the variation of battle type. Like in DC, the Servitor mission, the convoy mission, Soulstorm lacks this variety, for the most part, the majority of Soulstorms missions are plain and simple "kill the enemy" type missions, also, all the Stronghold missions are more or less the same.
Another mission gripe is all of the warp gate missions are "Take and hold Critical locations". Theres only so many times you can do that and call it fun with a straight face.
Generally overall, the storyline was less involved, and had less dialouge than its preddeccesor. Also, the new races, as entertaining as the Dark eldar are, they are nothing radically new, and the sisters of battle are a bit too samey samey.

If your well into skirmishing and Multiplayer in DOW, then Soulstorm is deffinately for you, Apart from that, i Feel Soulstorm took too many steps back, and not enough forward.

I cant help but feel the Developers and publishers just used Soulstorm to cash in on a thriving franchise.

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| | See all JohnHepburn's reviews (7)

Not going to spend much time doing this as the developers couldnt be bothered spending any time on the game.

Makes no improvements over the last game, removes some of the good features, frankly boring single player, new units/races just the same with some dodgy animations, same bugs from previous games still around.

Save your money and just stick with the earlier games as this is a blight on the series, rushed,half finished with uber long load times.

In all a half baked job the Inquisition would purge on sight.