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Conflict: Denied Ops

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Rambo style action this can be entertaining but nothing deep

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Good points:

Nice explosions.
Switching character mechanic is a little bit different.
Not all run and gun.
Intense firefights.

Bad points:

Weak story.
Bad voice acting.
AI can be really stupid.
Same enemies.
Hit detection is awful in places.
Controls are a little bit console.
Check points aren't always in the best places.

Explosions are always nice to have in a FPS game and this Conflicts explosions are really nice. Some a absolutely huge!

Switching between the two characters is a game play mechanic that's kinda rare, you don't usually get that kind of stuff in an FPS game. The two characters don't feel a whole lot different except for the weapons. The older grumpy man is a sniper and thus is a more long range person. The younger guy is a cocky inexperienced agent who has a machine gun (similar to a M249 SAW) and he's basically the Rambo man.

Conflict is not all run and run there is some stealth in there as well. Some of the missions have different ways to the objectives. Obstacles such as machine gun nests have different ways to tackle them such as flanking etc.

Another good thing about this game is the intense firefights, sometimes there's all hell breaking loose.

The games story is nether good or bad, it's just weak. I guess the developers just thought that a decent story would get in the way, obviously they've not played COD4.

A game must have good voice acting and this game just hasn't. The old grumpy sniper is passable as a voice actor but the rest are just awful.

AI or is it AU? (artificial unintelligent). The AI can be very stupid at times, running right at you or standing still while shooting at you.

I shot you, I shot you! When I shoot someone I expect them to fall over dead not just keep on running. Just like when I shoot someone with a sniper rifle I don't expect them to keep on shooting at me. Quite frequently you'll shoot someone five times with a sniper rifle to down them. Hmmmm......

I hate games that have console style menus and having to press one key to perform for just about every action. Press space to activate something, press space to climb up something...you get the general idea. Hello developers there are 104 keys on a keyboard why not use more of them? For example the grenade menu, hold down G and then press up,down, left or right to select a type of grenade to equip it.

Checkpoints, I don't particularly like or hate them but some of the checkpoints are in the wrong place.

Overall this game certainly won't win any awards but if you want a pure action game then this is for you. If you want a more intelligent action game with a story then you're looking in the wrong place.

  console fodder

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I've quite enjoyed the previous Conflict series which offers a variety and strategy in the way you approach the game with 4 squad members and a multitude of weapons and kit to choose from...Denied ops however seems to be a dumbed down version that has completely lost the key elements of game play of the previous releases...what a shame and missed opportunity

  conflict: denied ops

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see the first mistake you can make with the game is to expect alot.......... i didn't so it wasn't that bad, its not ground breaking stuff but it will keep you happy for a couple of hours, blood, guts and head shots. when it comes down to a tenner maybe £15 well worth it. enjoy

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  Not what's written on the box

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Unfortunately this game has got quite a few problems which in some ways spoil what could really be a good game.
The enemy AI sucks, they can hear you from the other side of a base when you are sneaking around, but are deaf to your presence when you are shooting up the place. they can kill you with on blind shot but you can empty a full magazine into them from a few paces and they still keep coming. This also goes for the AI controlling your partner, when you are flat to the ground sneaking into a place he just casually walks in without a care in the world. The graphics are not the best in the world, giving you a pre 2003 feel and your weapons of choice have the power of a party popper.
That's some of the bad points out the way. now for the good points. The action is fast paced none stop. Story line in not bad and, well that's about it.
There are a few bugs in the game, for instance i ended up playing a previously completed level halfway through.
They have tried to give the game a 'Call of Duty 4' flavor but fails pretty badly.
Although this is a game i would not recommend 100% i did find it quite enjoyable and strangely captivating. If you are going to buy this wait until the price comes down, that way you wont feel to badly cheated.

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  I've played the demo...

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... and I wish I hadn't. Whilst the thought of being able to play 2-up co-op mode was very appealing, this was more than buried by the awful gameplay.

I can only suggest that you download the demo of this game from one of the online repositories and give it a go. (Fileplanet is a good one, has a download manager and does not require payment unless you want faster speeds & download queue priority over us tightwads.) Then, if you don't already play it, compare it with the demo of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

There was a lot of lag between running the game and getting into the demo level, almost 2 minutes (on a 2.4GHz PC?) before I was in a position to move & shoot. Quitting the game ended up with a Ctrl-Alt-Delete as I didn't have all night to wait to get to the desktop. In my opinion, very sub-standard and had overtones of the old PC game SiN (but that was eventually fixed).

Some mouse configurations and keys cannot be used - Jump, for example, is replaced by the Use key (you don't hop onto anything, you always have to climb up). Controls feel sloppy at best and don't really compare with FPS games from 2003. 2nd chracter AI is about as smart as a brick and as for the enemy AI...

All in all I've saved myself £25 here, but that's only down to my experience with the demo, maybe the commercial release will be better - but why would the programmers deliberately release shoddy demo code to showcase their pride & joy?

BTW, the only reason that this game got 1 star is that that's as low as the Ratings can go. Don't take my opinion as a final though - go try it for yourself, I'm more than fussy about the quality of my FPS games - maybe you'll like it.