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Football Manager 2013 (PC And Mac)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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| | See all Crouse's reviews (1)

I am a big fan of previous Football manager games such as the 2008,2010 and 2011 version, but this one is nowhere near that standard, the whole management screen is so bold and in your face and theres about 2000 different player aspects, I prefer the older games where there wasn't so many diiferent aspects to consider in order to win a match, you have to let you assistant manager do the team talks because your players don't even care about what you say, no matter how decide to approach team talks, the players don't even try to win.


| | See all JMcSorley's reviews (1)

I have completely no idea why this game is rated so low, and I totally disagree with the bad comments from other people about this game. The game is very in-depth with all new features which don't annoy you, they put you more in the game rather than just clicking through it till you get matches or transfer windows. The game is tactically far more challenging, there is no formation that is guaranteed to make you win so you always have to alter tactics before and during games, which I personally like as the 2012 edition you could stay with the same formation and dominate everyone. The transfer market is also much more realistic, instead of enquiring for a 1 million pound player and getting back an asking fee of 12 million pound you get a realistic sum that makes it much better to work up the leagues and acquire better players. I also love the transfer window feature, so you can keep upto date with all transfers and rumours and actually stand a chance in signing someone last minute. Overall it's a fantastic game, if you like 2012 you'll love this!!!

  Same as ever

| | See all JamieManic's reviews (2)

All the negative reviews seem to be about people unable to keep up with the increased difficulty. You need to change tactics, you need to have different options and awareness. You can't just do the same thing in every game. You have to address the opposition carefully.

If you want to play it like you used to, you want the Classic mode.

  Love FM.

| | See all DivMuzza's reviews (5)

If you enjoyed previous FM games you will enjoy this also. Very addictive. The Editor is very handy for creating your own player/leagues/teams whatever you like really. I like the added feature of letting the chairman or Director of Football handle hiring staff to let me focus more on my team.


| | See all TCBAKER's reviews (30)

The game for some reason has become very, very difficult. I'm yet to have a successful game despite numerous attempts. I'm not saying im the best player out there but i haven't had a problem in previous versions of this game. I'm was managing Chelsea and struggling in 12th half way through the season. Out of the FA Cup, went out of CL in the group stage, out of the League Cup, then got sacked. I wasn't doing anything obviously wrong.

I can't figure out whether they've made the game much harder, or the game just doesn't work as well this year. Either way i've had it for a while and rarely enjoyed any success whatsoever, and haven't really enjoyed playing it.


| | See all jodpal's reviews (1)

this game is shocking, for years FM manager games have been getting steadily worse..
you have about as much influence on your team as the supporter in the stands. I blooded my teeth on lower league teams to get a feel for the game, and routinely got battered, fair enough, but when using a top premier team it makes no difference, i get battered. change tackling and tactics, formation and buy world class players pointless. most sole destroying moment was getting beat 5-0 in the FA cup by Darlington, my team was Man Utd. my players scored 3 own goals for no reason, just passed the ball into my net.
franchise needs to go back 5 years when the game was awesome.


| | See all Jackyboyblue's reviews (1)

Fantastic game!!
I like the fact that the contract system has been revamped and made more realistic, this game is so addictive i've already racked up over 2 days of play time. The training system has been simplified which is fantastic and a particular highlight is the spread and depth of the regenerative players that pop up throughout the course of the game and not just from "major" nations

A must buy for any aspiring football manager!!

  Better than last year!

| | See all happygilmoreuk's reviews (2)

Great game, in my 4th season now with QPR and I cant stop playing. There seems to be a few bad reviews on here from people who aren't good at the game. That doesn't mean it isn't a great game!

  What have they done?

| | See all RussellSkinner's reviews (3)

First of I bought a new laptop this xmas a Samsung one pretty good, this game is so slow you can click the button 5 seconds till anything happens.
My old laptop was pretty old and last year game run fine.
They have changed the layout and it looks childish and its made for kids.
I have been playing football manager and championship manager for 16 years now and this is the worst one.
Sad face!

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  Great job

| | See all FatAgnus's reviews (1)

Great update to the series, much harder, you really have to look at the player stats and best positions that he plays, so it matches the formation and role you set for him, or you will loose all the time.

This game takes time and patience, you have to look at the oposistion formations and take note, no more 4-4-2 and just wing it and expect to win 4-0.

Good news there is a quick start game where all the hard stuff is done for you and games come quicker and this will be better for lesser players who keep getting beaten with best players and teams, because they cant master having to do there own backroom ans tatics to a high level needed to win.

Geat game, and worth the money.