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Empire: Total War

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Oh Dear

| | See all TheHitchman's reviews (1)

I'm a big fan of the Total War series and have played games in the series since Medieval: Total War. Unfortunatly this installment in the series was a complete let down. The AI in the game is shocking. Every battle I play I completely destroy the computer, making battles seem pointless and far from a challenge.
However other than the crappy AI the game looks beautiful (if you have the specs to run it on max) and naval battles are pretty cool.

  well worth the money

| | See all daveeyyy's reviews (4)

great game and a time waster too, like the last review even a good computer see's the graphics on medium, but other then that its still a great game for all total war fans

  Step down from Rome and Medieval But its Total war.

| | See all ThePS3Oracle's reviews (19)

The title is just a personal point of view as i like the time periods better Roman and Medieval. That out of the way you need a super computer to run this game pay no notice of the mimium specs at the bottom of the screen i would say double these to run even of the lowest graphic settings i.e. a min Duel core processor (probally go as far as to say quad core bare min) 4GB memory any less will be notacble and painfully slow. 1Gb graphics card again any less will be very noticble on screen/refresh rates during big battles. Basiclly A very high End PC to play it on medium graphics.
If you have all these things and have played a Total war game before this is very much of the addictive play youve come to expect. Quite a few major changes. 3 Different THEATES i.e. Euorpe, Eastern America and the Indian subcontinent. The trade and diplomatic system have had a big overhaul. No more diplomats just instant acess to foriegn relations. Cites now how Accual Farms and Colleges outside of the main citys instead of just building them in the cities themselfs. You can now reseach weaponary and other stuff. Reseach Banoynetts and multi line firing early (i forget the proper names of these reseachs).
For the first time in the series they have added sea battles i have only played 1 of these and auto calced the rest as my PC carnt handle them. This is a pain cause as youll know when u auto calc you will lose double the amount of men you would if you did the battle yourself.
As the title says it is a total war game easilly the best staragy game series there is. And this game is a brillant addition. I would still say Rome is my favorite as you need only a very basic simple PC to play it and i love the roman period of history and also the game is different levels of good.

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| | See all sam1993's reviews (54)

Firs things first. To run this game you will need a very powerful computer. Secondly before you play the game you will want to download the latest nvidia graphics drivers (they're free) from the nvidia website. Now you are all set. This game is vast and hugely enjoyable. Playable regions include a larger and far more accurate Europe. The Eastern Americas (North and South) and all of India. It may not sound like a lot but believe me the regions are bigger and far more detailed. Naval battles are truly incredible. The water is so lifelike its breathtaking. The campaign can be very confusing at first especially with no campaign tutorial but after a good few turns you should have it figured out (the advisor help works well if you care for that sort of thing). Probably my favorite new feature is the ability to promote any captain from any land unit to general. This is extremely handy when conquering far off lands as you don't need to worry if your general dies so much. Overall the game is fantastic as long as you have a computer that can handle it and you download the latest nvidia drivers. Now sit back and watch as your nation conquers the known world.

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| | See all Tezzajh's reviews (12)

I had a laptop which could run this game well over the specs so I got this despite reading the reviews but was ultra slow, so about 2 months passed and i got a new desktop pc which can play any other game on its highest specs and is really fast for such games as dragon age or mass effect 2 but tried this game and its the same, slow to move the mouse over and slow combat. what I did see of the game was also a downside to the game, such as improving technology to improve buildings, its just a way to make things longer cause for example past games like rome and medieval i would have to wait 2-4-6 turns to upgrade a farm but now with technology i have to wait 2-4-6 turns for that to upgrade then 2-4-6 turns for the farm to upgrade which dont work for me. also there is a lack of troop varieties in this game which is something like 4 infantry to choose from 2 calvery and 2 cannon, so it ends up being the same battle over and over

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  4 Stars

| | See all TheHurf1's reviews (4)

I have always been a big fan of the Total War series since shogun to medieval to rome back to medieval then onto empire! The main thing I have loved about this series is the macro style management of your nation mixed in with the micro battles and troop management and Empire Total war doesn't disappoint! The graphics have been Massively improved with excellent detail on the grand campaign map and also amazing textures on the land and sea battles. They have improved the management and diplomacy side of things which includes the use of towns and farms outside the main cities which hads a completely new dimension. The sea battles are a great addition with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay.

I'm only giving it 4 stars because the land battles can sometimes get a little drawn out and the movement of ships for the sea battles can sometimes get frustrating but other than that its a great game. Personally I have had no problems what so ever from the game on the technical side, it has never crashed and loads at exactly the same rate as medieval total war war 2 for example, and I run it on the highest settings! If you love total war but don't really like the idea of muskets then stick to RTW or MTW, I personally enjoy this era with its great corntibution to the series.

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  Must Buy!!!

| | See all jc21morpeth's reviews (3)

This is possibly the best game in the Total War series so far. The graphics are good even if your computer only just meets the minnimum requirements, although often when I have just started to run the game it will freeze up, but after 10 seconds it goes away and you are left with a really good game.
The content is brilliant especially with all the DLC. I really enjoyed playing both the grand campaign and the road to independence game modes. It took me awhile to adapt to the three separate continents and various trading areas, but when I did I found that it worked really well. As for the battles I found that although the battles were being fought at a longer range it did not take away any fun from the battle, you just had to employ different tactics and not try and charge everyone. I liked the new research aspect of the game. I think the game has become a lot more rounded because it is very difficult to win the grand campaign by brute force alone, you have to think about diplomacy and the economy. This game focuses more on naval warfare, with the new ability to control naval battles. This is reflected within the game because you cannot succeed without a good navy, due to the separation of the three continents.I had no problems with the online steam account.
Altogether this is a must buy game, even though it is quite expensive. I can't wait for the next game in the series. One thing to improve would be the loading time, but I suppose you can't have everything. Thumbs up to Steam, DC and SEGA.

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  A step too far

| | See all theWind's reviews (2)

Before reading on bare in mind that i have a pc that is more than capable of running this game very smoothly so my issue is not to do with game crashes or slow gameplay. I bought this game the day of its release, so i havent taken this opinion lightly.

My issue is that CA have taken a step too far into the evolution of man. Due to the timeline in which the game is played, technology has taken a massive leap forward and as a result there is very little close combat, about 10% of the battles may get up close and personal otherwise it's just who has the more accurate gunmen, which is boring to watch. Hiding inside the buildings is a nice touch but again it's about the quality of the gunmen. I am also not a huge fan of the trading and settlement building changes but i suppose thats again down to the timeline of the game.

If you enjoy carefully managing resources and settlements then by all means take a shot at this game, you will probably enjoy it. However, if you enjoyed ROME and MEDIEVEL 2 because of the battles and the chance to become a feared and respected general fighting on the front line, then think twice before buying this game. My advice would be stick with Medievel 2, if you havent got the expansion pack for it then get that instead of EMPIRE.

CA, please, please, please, give us MEDIEVEL 3, take things like being able to hide in buildings and lots of other little touches from EMPIRE and give us game we deserve.

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| | See all LtMoFo's reviews (3)

I have had this since release & the game still will not work. Every other game I have runs sweet, I have a superb gaming rig, but this software is faulty. It just crashes time after time, you will never get a decent game in. I would avoid at all costs, even patch 1.4 is useless. I have finally managed to get a refund from SEGA, although they are calling it a goodwill gesture. Don't touch this game, look at the Total War support forums to prove my point. Awful.

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  Not quite reaching the heady heights.

| | See all Anasyn's reviews (2)

Having played every Total War game, multiple times, I must admit I was slightly disappointed by this latest offering.
For me, the game lacks the immersion and the "just one more turn" addictiveness that were really at their heights with Rome and Med2.
The inclusion of India and North America, and the trade basins have just broken the game up too much for me, you end up feeling like it would be easier trying to manage your empire by having a tri-monitor setup.
In all honesty I've never even reached the point of finishing the game, as I've grown bored by the time I've taken command of North America and the majority of Western Europe, as soon as France and Spain are crippled, as the English there really is no competition left to the game, I've not once seen any of the Indian nations leave that continent, even to work the trade basins, makes you wonder what's happened to the historically superb AI.

I've always felt that combat felt weaker in the TA series with the introduction of gunpowder units (med and med2), with the exception of the large cannons, having a game based in an era built around such units may have prejudiced me against the game from the start, but it IS Total War, so I felt if anyone could do it, they could. I guess even CA have limits however.

Also, for those who may be wondering, there is STILL no Multiplayer Campaign mode included (not even play-by-email).

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