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Far Cry 3

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Will not save.

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Game will not save. Pass several waypoints but game returns to the very beginning when the game is re-started.
Manual saves are not permitted.
Posts on the internet indicate I am not the only person to suffer this problem.
Ubisoft customer services can't be bothered.

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| | See all beadlehand's reviews (1)

top marks for this open world FPS. wasnt a massive fan of FC2, but still thought i'd give this one a go, im pleased i did. graphics are fantastic, so much to do and explore on the island, vehicles, jet ski's, hang gliders, wing suits and parachutes are just a few to mention. side quests as well as meeting the islands wildlife, some not very friendly, oh and did i mention theres a mission to do as well. all in all a refreshing change from call of duty. a big thumbs up from me.


| | See all rupertthebear's reviews (4)

I love this game!!!!!!! This is the best game I've played in a long time and a huge improvement on the last one,it looks fantastic,has a great story line and is full of surprises.I wasn't sure weather to get this or not but I'm so glad I did......MUST BUY!!!!

  Good Game

| | See all rebirth's reviews (3)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and it is an improvement over the last. I'd say it was definately worth the 20 pounds it is selling for, at least when you compare it with other hyped games that are almost twice sd much, but offers far less variety in gameplay.

The only downside is that it could of done with a harder setting to make it even more challenging for PC FPS gamers. But still, it does have its moments!

  Fun in the Sun

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

It's been a long time coming but the next Far Cry has arrived, and unlike Far Cry 2, this was worth the wait.
It feels like a mix of the first 2 games, the Pacific Island setting of the first, with the open world mission format of the second, and it works well to create a solid gameind experience.
The story is good, you and your friends get kidnapped by pirates / drug dealers after arriving on a remote Pacific island, you escape, and have to then rescue your friends with the help of some local rebels, aiming to take the fight to them.
Their are a few twists, but you know where its going and it keeps you interested.
The gameplay is great. The Island is well imagined, dotted with villages and compounds, high mountains, rivers, roads and populated by armed pirates or friendly locals. There are a good viriaty of vehicals to get around on, cars, jeeps, trucks, quads, jet skis and boats, and as you liberate villages and compounts you unlock "fast travel" to those areas.
They have also added a full ecosystem of wild animals, most of which you can hunt, and you'll find you have hunt to to fashon larger rucksacks etc to carry more guns, ammo, money etc, which works quite well.
There are a lot of side missions to the Main story which you can do at any time, such as assasinations, animal hunts, shooting challenges, and even suprisingly satisfying poker games!
The weapons are great, you unlock new ones as you go along, and can pick them up off fallen enimies. They feel soild and satisfying to fire and you can coustomise them with attatchments and paint jobs.
Attacking compounds is great fun. Usually 8 or 10 enemy, you can charge in guns blazing, but if one gets to an alarm several jeeps of reinforcments arrive, so firefights can get intense. You can always go for stelth, scilencers can be fitted to most of you wepons and your default is a knife which performs a kill move if you manage to creep up on an enemy.
I have liberated many bases from range with my trusty supressed 50 cal sniper rifle, knocking the unsuspecting pirates off one by one. There is often a caged tiger or bear somewhere in the compound, so for more chuckles you can shoot the cage, and watch as the goons run around in panic.
No real proplems of faults come to mind, there are hand glides at various high points which are cool, and the vehicals are great, but a helecopter some where would have been fun (I still havn't quite completed it so theres still a chance!)
The enemy A.I is competent, your allies could be more helpful though, they have a slightly annoying habit of turning up after a firefight you've just won and making commets like "i'm the man", which after a while started to grate on me and caused a couple of "friendly fire" incidents!
The characters are for the most really good, although one character did start to annoy me, so my eventual dispatch of him was well overdue.
Overall, 4.8 out of 5, a Great game, certainly for me the best multi mission shooter, I prefer it to the linear Black Ops II, and better than the similar, very good (if buggy) Dead Island,
Well worth buying.

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