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DmC: Devil May Cry

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Fantastic Reboot

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I have been a fan of Devil May Cry since the beginning, its fast, fun and easy to pick up but difficult to master. I have enjoyed all of the previous games in the series and this installment is no exception. I think a lot of DMC fans are unjustly overly critical, saying things like "this isn't devil may cry! blah blah blah!" This reboot brings some fresh ideas, and shows how the series has matured. The story has changed, Dante is now half-devil, half-angel. He isn't the Dante you remember, and works along side Vergil to bring down Mundus that killed your mother and imprisoned your father Sparda. I have had chance to play all three versions of this game, xbox, ps3 and PC. The PC version is superior, it has the best frame rate, best textures, lighting and no pop in. You won't need a high end system either to play it. I would recommend using sweetFX to give the game a nice finishing polish to the graphics. I also use a xbox pad which is a much better way to play than using the keyboard.

  4/5 as a Game 2/5 as DmC

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Well having played the prior 4 games as they were released i was saddened to hear the changes that were being made..angry infact, like a alot of people. However, the game itself is good, u need to beat it into ur own head that its not actually DeviLMayCry 5..infact i found it best just to think of it as Not any type of Devil May Cry, becouse it really isnt anything like the originals dispite the attempts at retelling the story. Anyway the game itself is a great hack and slash game though imo it is a bit to simplified interms of combat and also the starting difficulties r not anywhere near hard enough. I ,without second thought, started on nephilim, the hardest starting mode...it felt like i was playing normal mode ..not hard. After 1 completion the next mode is unlocked which feels much more like how the previouse mode should have been.

Unfortunatly this game is another example of how difficulty modes have all gone down 1 level in the past decade. 'Normal mode' is now called 'hardmode' ..'Easy mode' is now 'normal mode' ..and a new' baby mode' is now in place of 'easy mode'. Any modes beyound this are simular. For DmC the 'Dante Must Die mode' feels like the original 'hardmode' which is available at the start of the game from the original games..u have to go above Dante must Die mode (another play through) to get access to a difficulty that actualy feels right. Granted this has another 2 modes above that which may and probably will be much more hardcore ..but having to play through the game 3 times just to get to a difficulty that should have been available with in 1 .maybe 2 playthroughs.. is rediculus ..ill likely get bored b4 then. Anyway difficulty mode screwups aside.

The graphics for the PC version are ur typical consol port. Same base but with slightly better lighting and textures..nothing to write home about..but atleast it shouldnt have a problem running on low end gaming rigs. Its a shame so many great games are still being dumbed down to totaly out dated consols, but thats buisness for u.

Sound wise the music is fitting to the environment imo. The voice acting is good to.

Story..well u cant get away form the fact that its trying to be DevilMayCry here..as much as i tried to ignor it. Big bad from the original DevilMayCry is here same name and all..along with Dante and Virgil u cant help but compare the games. So.... the storyline is much more modern and i guess 'realistic' set in a dirty gritty city. Some major changes in the story ..1 major one infact is Dante and Virgils parrents ..Sparda is still there and his history hasnt changed much if at all..but their mother ..well i wont spoil it but its a major change ..the mode for the hardest starting difficulty 'nephilim' will give u a clue. Dante himself is much more .... rough..and tbh he acts like a complete asshat for the beginning of the game..not very likeable ..not like the original at all, who could make u laugh now and then and acts more like som1 who knows he's practicaly immortal.

Anyway the game is great, it would have gone down alot better if it wasnt trying to be DevilMayCry ..if the characters names were different and the storyline tweeked slightly to move further away from the real DevilMayCry series..and ofc the name of the game changed ..then i think this game would not have got all the stick it has gotten during its development.

Anyway i give this game ..as a game.. is 4/5 ...As a Devil May Cry game unfortunatly is gotta be a 2/5