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Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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  Don't waste your time or your money....

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As you have probably gathered from the title of this review, its bad news Im afraid....
My first piece of constructive advice to anyone thinking of buying this game would be check out the EA SimCity general discussion forums and you will see for yourself that my decision to write such a review title is not a minority, toys being thrown out of the pram opinion.

Okay, on to the explanations as to why (In my opinion), this game is soo bad...

1. Traffic...Once your city gets to a population of around 100k and over the traffic of your city becomes a real problem. Your sims cant get to work on time, your children can't get to school on time, deliveries to your companies and businesses don't happen. As they all clog the roads this backs up your firefighters, ambulances and your police as they simply cannot get through the overwhelming amount of commuters. So you very obviously upgrade your roads to high density avenues with street cars and place some public transport in the form of buses and trains, however, this doesn't really make any difference to the amount of traffic you have as your residents get more wealth they in turn buy cars, your tourism also go's up, causes more people to flood in. This all sounds great but really your city is beginning to choke on air pollution and ultimately grinds to a halt.

2. The knock-on effect of #1^...Because your city is backed up worse than a toilet in Libya your firefighters don't get to fires on time, sometimes at all, which of course means buildings simply burn to the ground. Ambulances don't get to the scene of accidents and emergencies which mean your helpless sims simply die. Your police don't get to the scene of crimes which means crime pays. All this might have you thinking 'well okay, just place more F/P stations and hospitals', of course that would seem like wisdom and it did cross my mind too, but bear in mind that will simply add to your already woeful traffic problems. Basically after doing everything humanly possible to counter this problem as your city hits populations of 250k and over you spend most of your time bulldozing buildings that have been abandoned, businesses gone bust because they can't make or receive deliveries, homes because people can't get to work, but hands down the most annoying reason is the amount of fires and crime because your emergency services just cannot get to the scene.

3...No amount of road upgrades or public transport even make a difference to any of the above. The problem is fundamental in the games design and development and can only be saved with patches that EA just aren't providing.

4. Disasters...Now you may say 'Hey, these things happen', and of course I agree but my last city had a population of around 260k and was powered by a nuclear power plant which a giant lizard rose up from the ground and decided to destroy. My city was making money but not enough to replace the power plant and a cheaper 1 simply didn't generate enough power which basically meant game over! You should get the option to turn off disasters but you dont.

5...So far EA developers have given no indication as to when these issues will be resolved or whether at all.

Ultimately Im now left with a game that has more issues than the Iranian government which to put right EA will probably charge you for in some sort of DLC when they should of made it there and available in the first place...

I would conclude that there is a great game waiting to escape here but that anyone thinking of buying it should first do their homework on whether or not the fundamental things that make it not fun and at times unplayable have been fixed...

Another concern is whether or not Play.com will even post this damming review...

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