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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (41 reviews)"

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| | See all MisterPiglet's reviews (10)

Looked forward to this after the first game, but it's even more buggy, and nowhere near where it should be. Worth avoiding.

  Awesome game but so many bugs

| | See all CrippledHooba's reviews (18)

This game is a definite improvement on the original and is so much fun to play. If you liked the first game you are going to love this game. The faction warfare is great fun and you'll sometimes find yourself not bothering with main storyline, even though the story is alot better than the original. This is definitely a game you won't want to rush through, you totally feel like your a stalker in the zone. One of the best new features in this game is the ability to upgrade and repair your weapons and armor, which actually gives you a reason to spend your money which i've got to say is alot harder to come by. The graphics are superb although you will need one hell of a systems to play this on absolute maximum settings. Now the bugs in this game, will come at you from nowhere and the patch doesn't really help that much at the moment. The patch was supposed to make the game 5-10% more optimized, but it actually has made this game harder to play and I had to lower my graphics settings in some situations. Whether you want to buy this game at the moment is totally up to you and although its really buggy at the moment and you might want to wait for another patch to be released, £17.99 is a steal for a full game and this price might not last forever.

  One of the worst games ive played

| | See all BrillowPad's reviews (10)

One the gameplay is faily bad. the graphics are not too good, and it doesnt perform very well on my computer and i can run Crysis on Full so i dont know whats happening here.


| | See all legoman's reviews (23)

It feels like a beta game. The bugs & glitches make this game unplayable & the patches fix some problems. But make others worse.

  Flawed but Lovely

| | See all theztara's reviews (1)

reading some of these reveiws i can see that the gaming world are split on S.TA.L.K.E.R Clear Sky. Trust me on this, it is an amazing game. Yes it is riddled with buggs but patches have ironed that out and i have yet to find a game with the same atmosphere and ambience. The gun mechanics are some of the best iv seen an unlike most games you find yourself actually having to think about your next move, its not a simple point and click game. I understand this game willl never b hailed for all it should be but for anyone who is serious about either FPS' or RPG's it worth sticking with, trusr me, you wont regret it.

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  Should be in the bargin bin at £1 due to bugs!!!

| | See all CodeMonkey's reviews (4)

This game is so buggy it is not worth starting. Sure, it looks good and the principle is great. However, the bugs ruin everything.
Firstly, you will probably get a really early version. BE WARNED: your save games will not be compatible with the later patches and you will need them. Due to this I have started the game from the beginning once over already.
Then, even with the latest patch, I get stuck when one key character refuses to talk to me due to a bug. It seems many people have this problem and there is currently no fix. So I played half way through the game just to get completely stuck and not be able to continue. I really wish I had not bothered. It will certainly be the last STALKER game I buy, and I will avoid other games by the same developers too.

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  Must have, though good to wait this long.

| | See all MikeyBug's reviews (1)

I have to say i loved the whole concept of the first game and although it had its problems it was still everything an atmospheric fps should be.

Clear sky has only built apon that and though again it had its fair share of problems i for one have only suffered one crash since playing it and ive completed the game! Thankyou to all who bought the game when it first came out and bug tested it for the rest of us ;).

Amazing graphics (if your computer can take it), ai that reacts to your every move, and a not to shabby story (though a little weak in places) this game is at the forefront of the genre! Though dont expect an easy ride (though there is a thriving mods/trainer community if your into that kind of thing).

Four stars not five for the bad reliability and problems when it was first released but 6 for every other aspect! A must have in my opinion!

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  Creepy, Spooky, Pretty, Buggy!

| | See all GamerSince74's reviews (1)

Firstly I would like to give the GOOD points. This is the 2nd game in the series,(although a prequel) the 1st I have not played, but this game is making me think about getting the 1st.

The Atmosphere in this game is, simply put, awesome. Dark creepy landscapes full of monsters at night (STOP!! Don't turn up your gamma! its worth it!), special effects when encountering Radioactive areas, chemically desolate areas, and humming annomally fields make you feel sorry for the citizens of Cheynobel even though this is fiction! 9/10 for atmosphere (top slot is reserved for F.E.A.R). When its night time I recommend closing the curtains, or turning the lights off. It will scare the hell out of you!

The story is also worthy of a Sci-Fi epic, although possibly more work with factions and characters would have been appropriate.
Graphically, it is a fantastic game, one of the best I've seen recently, however you WILL need a fairly decent gaming rig to experience it; a high end dual core processor or a quad core is recommended, with a £200+ graphics card, should see you on Very High settings with a few tweaks in the Advanced graphics section. Another thing that stands out is the Artificial Intelligence of the computer foes - in short, pretty damn good, the sly rats! Enemies will run to hide, shoot over boxes etc, and frequently change position.

Gameplay: Apart from the AI mention earlier, the game play is fairly open; you can do whatever you want in whatever area, although access to some areas is only possible with plot advancement. However, this game is great either for the game plot hammerer, or the pottering-about-get-everything-explore-everything-gamer. Pretty much free form. However, this game is, unfortunately bugged to a fairly annoying level, although the latest patch (1.05) manages to sort a lot of them. However I noticed several annoying things like equipment you cannot find EVER, and tasks you can never complete due to characters disappearing. Sometimes the plot line will just die on you and you can't take it further, requiring a reload. of course these bugs aren't there all the time, but occasionally you think an Annomaly has drifted into your hard drive...
In it's defence, there is a community of game modifiers (moders)out there that have added "mods" to the game which fix a lot of things and indeed enhance them.

Endgame: Challenging, but do not expect a huge explosion and mankind to be wiped out as you stare at the screen in awe. Remember, this is a story with more than one part.

Overall, I loved it, despite the annoyances of bugs, and its got 4/5 Stars for story, atmosphere and gameplay (sans bugs). But its 7/10 for bugs, something which in recent years has annoyed me with PC games; The get-it-out-fix-it-later policies which MUST change, Mr. Software House!! Get it right first time will you!!

  A worthy advancement for the Stalker series

| | See all LittleDom's reviews (1)

Having played the 1st Stalker I pretty much knew what to expect from this sequel but was pleasantly surprised to find this game had more to it than I thought.

Firstly graphics: This game has amazing graphics. I was constantly fascinated by the attention to detail on buildings, models and especially the trees, bushes and grass which make up the landscape. This game runs well on mid range systems and above with lots of options to turn enhancements on and off to get the best performance for your system. A special mention goes to the sky - the most amazing clouds, sunrises, thunderstorms etc ever seen in any computer game, highly impressive and really helps you feel your in a living environment.

Gameplay - Clear sky can be played without taking too much part in the faction wars and still be an engrossing game. All sorts of jobs and tasks can be taken on as a sideline to the main quest and I lost many an hour in searching for ellusive stashs of weapons and artifacts and finding and upgrading weapons and armour is always a fun. Taking part in the faction wars is the only gripe I have with the game. From the beginning how the faction wars work is slightly confusing as many tasks the factions give you to hold a point etc can be possible to complete. It is better to go to faction members themselves and ask them for work as then a team come with you to help secure points. It is also helpful to point out that you can't help a faction take another factions main base until all other points on the map are taken. Hopefully this will help you avoid some of the frustration I had.
Once you join a faction the entire game changes, if you played the game through remaining neutral now you find that old friends are enemies and vice versa. This really help the games longetivity as you can happily play through the game more than once as its likely different bases will be open or closed to you, factions will give you different weapons and armour and the tasks the factions give you are in keeping with their viewpoint.

Overall if you liked the original Stalker you will love this. Atmospheric graphics, great level design and lots of different tasks to take on and a great game for an RPG weapon/ammo hoarder.

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  Stunning, Atmospheric Game

| | See all psefton's reviews (4)

Firstly, I have all the latest patches installed and have had very few problems with the game. Get all your latest drivers and you should be fine.

The game itself is fantastic. I've got the first Stalker, and loved it. Clear Sky is even better, building on a great game through improved graphics, little tweaks that you will notice, and gameplay that is genuinely tough. Some people have moaned that it's too hard, but it's designed to make you think and consider your actions - and conserve ammo.

Yes, you do have to save a lot, just as in the first game. But to be honest, that's just what i had to do in Crysis, and Dark Messiah, and most other games i can think of.

10/10, a brilliant, epic game that will keep you busy for a while. And it looks absolutely gorgeous!!

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