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Race Driver: Grid

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (55 reviews)"

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  The PC answer to Grand Tourismo

| | See all Arxxforever's reviews (5)

If you don't have a Sony Playstation and you like the idea of the Grand Tourismo games this is what you should get.


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well not huge fan on racing games on the pc but i like them! but this game just simply stood out its amazing. despite the comment below (guy who obv never driven before) the game is unbelievable realistic, and with the driver aids it can become very challenging turning off TC (Traction Control)

First game play is very long so makes up for these games that are being made andput on the shelf 4months later this game has had a lot of thought put into and and it has achieved great things!
Second Graphics, no for driving game the graphics are simple amazing look and theefffects of cars in front you find your self captivated by the way that cars are moving around the coruses. BUT there is one problem i have found when the camera angle is inside the cockpit if you look in the wing mirrors the graphics are terrible its just a pixelated mess as cars flash in and out of them!
Finally Sytem now you wil be surprised at how great these graphics are and can be run a low system.. runnning eveyrhting high 1248x1024

Memory: 4gb Ram
Graphics: Radeon x1950 pro 512mb
Processor: amd 2.2 dual core

game runs fine even with appplications open like vuze,msn,itunes

so overall 9/10 (would of got 10 if the wing mirror graphics would of been descent)
if you like toca racing, grandtarnio and NFS i would highly recommend this.

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  AAAAARRRHHHHH i was right before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To start off with i love driving games prefer sims but like the odd arcade run about (burnout etc) but come on 5stars honest???
First thing i should point out i first played GRID on xbox a while back now and it was only for a few laps but didnt like it to much. Hard too explain the cars feel like there hovering about an inch off the road which in my eyes is game over as far as im concernd. Anyway a couple of weeks ago treated myself to a new graphics card which came with a free copy of grid so i had a think that maybe i was a little harsh about it before NO I WASNT if anything it was worse it just doesnt work with a wheel the cars have no feel feels like it was made for people who have never driven a car before in mind so off it went off my PC for good. If you like games like forza2/Gran turismo (1's better than this)/GTRevolution you will hate this so much it will hurt. One more thing why people buying this when you have a PC and theres games like GTR2-07/evolution Rfactor for gods sake wasteing your time on this???????????? i had a reason it was free

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  Absolutely Outstanding!

| | See all Foxtrot1's reviews (13)

Seriously the best driving game I've played to date. It's such a welcome relief to see a game like this out to free us from the misery of Forza 2 and Need for Speed Pro Street- it's just so playable. The graphics are simply brilliant, very crisp, particularly lighting/shadows. Game play is superb, the menu system/selection is fantastic, and so are all the different modes/types of event available.
One major advantage GRID has over its opponents is something that has been missing from all the other racers -ITS FUN. You don't have to break exactly 100 m out to advance, or sit pressing the trigger for what seems like an eternity listening to some annoying engine drone. In GRID it's so much more enjoyable, especially the way you fight for 1st place by flooring into a corner and barging your opponents.
The AI in GRID is really great, not 'too realistic' but just originally and it gives a new dimension to the game. You get the sense your opponents are not just robots, because they can spin out (which is really good fun to watch - and cause!). The whole way the cars handle is absolutely outstanding - it actually puts a smile on your face. You do have to have skill though.
The damage engine in Grid is by far the best I have seen. You can't just not brake, smack into a barrier and that's that. Your car will take damage and affect its performance -a brilliant edge to the game and a change from the boredom of other titles.
Overall this game is a breath of fresh air, a real enjoyable change to standard racers. It has it all and more, great graphics, great cars, great driving physics, original AI and the finest crash/spin/tyre smoke system around! A MUST BUY!

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  top arcade racer

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Graphically this game is spot on. The cars look stunning, the scenery looks stunning and it all moves at fantastic pace to give a real impression of speed, and there are no graphical errors or break that I can see.

The PC version has greater resolution assuming you graphics card can handle it. I have tried it on 6800gt 256mb and it runs well in 1040 res. But on my 8800gt 512mb it runs brilliantly at 1680 res.

If you have a 360 controller, the game plays exactly the same as the 360 version.

My copy for the PC cost a tenna from playtrade , which is really great value.

Having played the 3 main versions on both consoles and PC, I can confirm they are all the same. With the pc being slightly better looking.

A great game, that is a must for the PC.

  Buy it!

| | See all PollePolle's reviews (1)

I buy games fairly often, this is by far one of the best I have bought at the price of 10 quid. I have never written a review before, that shows how good I think it is.
Had to know the graphic detail down 1 level as it was being a bit jumpy, but it is still brilliant and addictive!

  Fantastic game

| | See all deejaykelly's reviews (3)

As the title says, this game is fantastic. Created by the same guys who gave us TOCA so you know it's going to be a decent racing sim. The graphics are pretty stunning too but I'm running this on a pretty high spec machine, out of curiosity I reduced the graphics settings to medium and they were still quite good so you don't need a high end computer to enjoy this game. The only reason I didn't give this game 5 stars is because at first I found the controls quite difficult and sometimes frustrating to get used to, I would highly recommend you play this with a controller as opposed to a keyboard, however even when using a controller it can still be tricky to master the steering at first.

  Insane Game

| | See all HealthHazards's reviews (1)

This game is mental. I decided to get it due to all the good reviews on play.com, and at a tenner, you cannot beat it for the quality of game it is. I am using a cheap Logitech steering wheel and the game is insane. The realism of the game with your car spinning out of control when you corner too fast and the damage you can deal your car due to driving un carefully is brilliant. I love all aspects of the game and the graphics in no way let this game down at all. I sadly have not yet played this game online, but during single player it is brilliant.

  Excellent addictive racing fun

| | See all ManicOps's reviews (3)

I'm usually hesitant to buy racing games as I usually get bored after an hour or two. Considering this was under a tenner at the time, I decided to fork out on it.

I'm glad I did as this is one of the most addictive and exciting racing games I have ever played. The game runs smooth, looks excellent and the difficulty is just right.