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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (80 reviews)"

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| | See all MarkAntonyC's reviews (4)

A waste of large open enviroments. The gameplay is often reduced to having to rush (..'or else' blah blah..) from checkpoint to checkpoint, whereby each checkpoint is usually an enemy strongpoint... resulting in death and a restart from the previous distant checkpoint (often again and again). It gets so frustrating. Ghost Recon it definately is not. Graphically OK. Stable. Value for money. Some great firefights.

  This game is absolute pony

| | See all goody657's reviews (1)

Compared with other games in the genre this is clunky and bad..hard to see enemies and most of the time squad members do most of the killing for you..game is just slow really slow....shame coz i was looking forward to this....avoid this game there are so many better games available

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  Good Game - Like COD with an AI twist - No Multiplayer

| | See all JimHix22's reviews (1)

Firstly, this game is great for those with a fairly up to date pc. It runs incredibly smooth and is great to look at. The look and feel of the game are similar to COD which I don't think is a bad thing.

Game is centered around yourself and an AI team, as was the first, and you move from mission to mission in a level type fashion. The main thing about this game is it reminds me a lot of Call of Duty, but you have to manage your AI team, who always have ammo and are frequently standing next to granades. The game is great and challenging with loads of single player missions, but can be frustrating if your medic forgets to stand behind cover and gets blown away.

Unfortunetly as many have siad, there is no deadicated server for the online side of this game. This I dont see as all too important. As I keep mentioning, it is a lot like COD with an AI team, as you wouldn't get AI online, why bother, just play COD, there are more people playing that and loads of servers.

  epic fail

| | See all ArmAplayer's reviews (1)

this game is tested and developped on a xbox 360 so , there's not any dedicated server in PC version, the graphic look like cod4, oh and yes, the hardcore mode has no HUD that's the only thing real in this game

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  No dedicated server means this game is an utter fail!!!

| | See all ThomasLittler's reviews (1)

If your thinking of buying this game, first you need to ask yourself a simple question... "will i want to play this game online". If the answer to this question is yes, then you certainly should not buy this game! The lack of dedicated server support has led the game to fail completely in terms of multiplayer, and has dissapointed many die hard flashpoint fans like myself, who have been waiting for this game for years. However if your happy to play this game in single player, and have no desire whatsoever to play online then go ahead and buy it. It is by all accounts a great single player experience with a lot of replay value. The missions are exciting, well written and engaging. The graphics and effects are really something else. But like I said before.. if you want to play it multiplayer, dont even think about it, you'd be better off to buy ARMA 2 which has full dedicated server support and is a much better online experience.

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| | See all Beccckkky's reviews (1)

I got this for my game loving boyfriend for christmas and he says its the best game he has played in ages and cant thank me enough. Im not much of a gamer but i know he loves it and says its much better than ARMA 2. Ive seen him on it once and the graphics look really good. I couldnt ever play a game like that but thats just not my thing

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  Better play system but they killed the editor

| | See all freerider73's reviews (2)

The graphics and game play is better polished than Armed Assault. However the editor was what made the old games great, the scaled down clunky editor isn't a patch on the old one.

Unfortunately the fact that the developers didn't know this has consigned it to the mediocre cupboard. I guess the lack of effort put into the effort and campaign means they'll keep churning out expansions that aren't worth paying for.

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  Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

| | See all Sam249's reviews (1)

This game is in no way like Arma 2 there is no editor which for me is the best part of opertion flash point and all the arma games I think they have spent to much time making playable for the console gamer's and they have lsot all the good parts of the prevous game where you can make you oewn senarios etc. The game's graphics look nothing like the trialers and I waas very disapointed in the game if you are looking for military simulator go for Arma 2 only as this game feels like it was trying to be COD 4 and it most certainly isnt.

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| | See all HounDk's reviews (2)

Well i think the title said it all but let be fair and way up the pros and cons:

1) Good Gfx enviroment
2) Large Area to run around
3) Ok story Line

1) Game play is sluggish
2) you need 20/20 vison to see any enmie
3) No dedicated severs for Multipalyer
4) muntiplay crashes frequently (no not my computer)
5) combat is slow and reperative
6) The developers spent tomuch time on enviorment rather than game
7) Stupid AI

to put its simple, the hype was good the game aint... Save your moeny and by summit else

majour pro
1) COD 6 out soon

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