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BioShock 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  The Perfect Sequel

| | See all julianoutram's reviews (1)

This game really does deserve 5 stars. If you liked the first one you will love this. The story is good, not as good as the first but what sequel is? and the gameplay is magnificent! There are sooo many plasmids to choose and upgrade and with dual wield it is perfected. I personally love the multiplayer, it's fun, not too serious but deffinately worth a try! The artistic environments are just as beautiful as in the first game and you really feel like your there when you play it! Simply beautiful, i cannot say more.

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  Does it's predecessor proud.

| | See all Velaphor's reviews (4)

I loved the first game it had a great story line and a fun game play as well as fantastic graphics. Bioshock 2 gives you a healthy dose of the same. Playing as a big daddy isn't as easy as it sounds, the creators have made sure that you can't just run around like the terminator killing every one with easy, you really have to look out for your health.
You have to really listen to the story line to understand it but it follows on from the original well without you having to remember or look back on the old game.
The graphics are amazing and the underwater parts are to be admired.
On the multi-player I would recommend turning the graphics down as even tho I can play the game on max graphics in multi-player I had some graphical lag. Apart from that the multi-payer works very well and has so great special features to keep you going.
Defiantly worth getting if you like the original or just a really good shooter with a twist.

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  Good but somehow lacking.

| | See all jayksmith's reviews (7)

Firstly to the people whining about gamepad support. If that is all you can moan about go and buy a kiddie console!
I had decided to replay Bioshock 1 (which now works in Win7 64) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once again I was drawn in by the idea of Rapture, captivated by the plot and loving smacking splicers round the noggin with my icy wrench.
Started Bioshock 2, loved the better graphics and that was it. The settings in Bioshock 1 were grand and hinted at former glory but in 2 I was playing in big shanty town connected by sewers. However it is all beautifully drawn but the developers should not have been afraid to incorporate settings from the first game. I felt the best bit was when you saw rapture through the eyes of a little sister.
The game play is great at first but quickly settles down into a wave based shooter. Gather Adam and a wave of enemies attack. Get near the end of a level and once again defeat a wave of enemies to continue. Something important happen defeat a wave of enemies and so on.
I played on the hardest setting from the off and didnt find it that challenging. My biggest gripe was the weapon and plasmid controls. Why why why put the plasmid in the left hand and use the right hand mouse button to fire it. I remapped my controls but it was very hard to stop my finger firing off my plasmid when I really wanted to riddle an enemy with bullets. I think simply changing the hands over would have made the game smoother.
I think for this game to be perfect it needed a bigger variety of enemies, strong end of level bosses and to be twice as long. I did this game on hard and it took me around 4 hours. I checked a walkthrough and I had found all but 3 diaries and all power to the people stations.
I am waiting for the multiplayer to settle down so I can get into that but all I can hope for is an add-on pack or 2011 when Bioshock 3 comes out with the movie.
Thanks for reading

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  Bioshock 2

| | See all doctorrock's reviews (6)

Can't understand the mixed reviews on this one- I find the game absolutely terrific and immensely enjoyable. If you've played it in 10 hours try cranking up the difficulty and exploring a bit!!! Better than original. Excellent game.

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  Seems enjoyable for single player but rather short.

| | See all Bopsta's reviews (2)

The single player campaign is shorter then I like but it would seem that the main focus of this game is it's multiplayer game, as most of the ingame achievements are multiplayer focused. The single player campaign is around 10 hours of game time.

Sadly the game is let down by the Game for Windows Live dependancy, as there is currently a crippling problem with Games for Windows Live login, causing single player saved files to become corrupted and crash the game. The only work-around known is deleting the corrupted save file.

Until this problem is fixed, the single player portion is unplayable as a crash can occur at any time during gameplay; which is a big disappointment and has earned this review only 1 star.

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  Amazing Game!

| | See all Ruddick's reviews (5)

this game is just amazing! very chalenging when you really start to get into it :p love the multiplayer even though it can get a little laggy at times. Game runs really smoothly on even a low end system like mine : AMD x2 3800+ clocked at (2.7Ghz), GTS250 1GB, and 2GB DDR1 ram. With settings at max and resolution at 1900x1200 on a 24" and still 60fps :D

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  Really Disappointed it does not support xbox controller

| | See all AndrewReading's reviews (1)

I loved the 1st game kicked back in my armchair playing this on my huge telly, rumbling pad great graphics etc... didn't care to play online(if I did I would use mouse and keyboard and my computer monitor) . This is much the same game as the 1st, however trying to balance my keyboard on my knees and mouse on a coffee table next to me just is not comfortable. I would "just get an xbox" but pcs provide much greater graphics. Currently I am playing and winning on left for dead 2 with my controller and having a great time (it does not seem to affect my gameplay at all), after an hour playing Bioshock 2 I went straight back to L4D2 on my telly fwith the controller support. Really really dissapointed, some people do not want to sit for hours crained over a monitor.

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  Overall still a great game but beware of a couple glitches

| | See all Zyborgmonkey's reviews (2)

If your a big fan of bioshock the second one is definately worth getting for the story and the experience from another chartacters perspective.

I found a couple glitches with the pc version:

at one point through the game you need to use a recording to unlock a door but before you do you need to do a bit of travelling about during which time any other recording you pick up along the way wouldnt play or would just freeze completely.

the second glitch which kinda killed one of the tonics occured when you switched through multiple plasmids quickly your hand would just lock up stopping you from using any plasmids at all. the tonic thats mainly effected is the one that reduces the amount of eve used significantly but disarming most of your wepons ... obviously you can guess its not the best thing to happen during an intense battle.

All I can sugest if you run in to this problem is to go straight to a gene bank and take a plasmid out of its slot and put it back in which should reset everything by automaticly switching to the new plasmid.

Enjoy :)

  Bioshock 2.....STUNNING

| | See all Dave290's reviews (3)

If you could call a game a thing of beauty this is it. Excellent game ,graphics are absolutely stunning and the sound quality is something elce.
Running game at a fantastic 60 frames all the way through without a drop in fps.
Rig Q6600,Radeon 5770,4gb ram using sound blaster and 1650x1050 screen.
Buy this game and be prepared to be amazed.

  Good but not quite perfect

| | See all Jonny22's reviews (2)

Was a MASSIVE fan of bioshock 1, thought it was brilliant. Started with the single player and I have to be honest, it's absolutly brilliant. The graphics are top notch and the story line is just as good as the first. They made little tweaks to things like hacking to make the game run a little bit smoother. The only let down I had with the single player however was just how long it took to finish. The first one went on and on and on and whenever you thought it was just about to finish, BAM! there was more. Bioshock 2 just does not cut it when it comes to how long it should of been, no where near.

Bioshock 2 introduces multiplayer. I personally think they only made the MP to sell the game on consoles and i'll be honest, it's shockingly bad. It's been out a week so far and it's laggy, buggy and it's a nade launcherfest and I can't really see that changing. I think the novelty will run out very very quickly.

If you like bio 1 and enjoy your singleplay then i'd get this straight away. If your buying for multiplayer then buy it anyway to play sp but do not expect anything at all from MP. Had the foundations for a perfect game but it only get's a good from me.