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The Sims 3 (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (175 reviews)"

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  The Sims 3 PC - Great

| | See all BigBongo's reviews (46)

This is a really good game, it is the Sims, so it is as realistic as always! Build houses, create an avator of yourself, live a second virtual life, make your sim`s dreams ( or nightmares ) come alive.

Run or ruin their lives! Make your sim a 5 - star chef or a world class athlete. Make your sim a family man or a heartbreaker. Fulfill their dreams and keep them in good moods, or for a more twisted game-play, ruin and wreck their lives, make them lose their jobs, have them cheat on their partner (or the other way around) and be found out, fulfill their worst nightmares or even end their lives!

Overall, this is a great game, but if I am to be perfectly honest with you, the Sims 2 ( with 'Freetime' expansion pack ) is, and always will be the No. 1 PC game for me!

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  Very good!

| | See all Drewienko's reviews (19)

I've always liked the idea of Sims. Since the beginning it was something different, something that stands out and something that millions will love. It's the same this time as well. New version of Sims has got more juice that previous one, thats why people love it so much. The only downside might be a graphic engine, I think it could be optimized a bit better and after awhile You get the impression that it's all been there before. Nevertheless it's still great fun.

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| | See all summerlove2106's reviews (1)

When I started playing The Sims 2 game, about five years ago,I was completley hooked. I loved every aspect of it and collected all the expansion packs. However, the same did not happen with The Sims 3 because I expected a lot more items and seasons (which we had in the sims 2) Having said that, now that there are some expansion packs and stuff packs to add with the game, I find it completley addictive! It's especially incredible to those who love building more than actually playing, because a) they have made things easier b) there are LOTS of new features. So if you are a fan of The Sims 2 and are thinking of buying The Sims 3 I'd say- Do it! But keep an open mind about it...don't try to compare the two games because while both of them are about controlling the sims lives, they are actually very different...

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  Brilliant! Just needs abit more juice!

| | See all CaptinCrash's reviews (3)

The person who said this isnt different to Sims 2 is nuts. It is easier to use and much more detail than 2. The expansion packs also make the game more interesting and challenging unlike the Sims 2 ones. It does need abit more juice to run but I just bought a new graphics card and it runs fine now. So aslong as your processor is to spec you dont have to buy a new computer just to run it! Just a computer geek to fit you new graphics card!. The only problem I have with Sims 3 is that you can only play one family per town. You can swap which family you play with within a town but because all families live their lives while you are playing if your a control freak like me its abit annoy when you come back and something you didnt want to happen has happened. But I got over this quite quickly! If you Love Sims you Love this!

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  Best So Far!

| | See all KeiraLou's reviews (8)

I have been a Sims addict for a good ten years now. I remember when The Sims 2 came out and I went to the shop before it even opened on the day of release to go and get it haha (don't judge, I was only 16 :P).

Now at 22 years I am still playing The Sims Franchise, and The Sims 3 is no different. Yes, it took my a few months to truly get into it, but once I saw past the errors and annoyances there are actually some amazing realistic qualities to this game.

I would say though, you really do need a good system and graphics card to run this game or it does look and run really poorly. I refused to play on my old system due to terrible lag and quite frankly disgusting graphics (this is the same system that ran The Sims 2 with stunning graphics so goes to prove you need a top notch one for TS3).

  Brilliant Fun

| | See all sam1993's reviews (54)

As with any sims game I find myself totally hooked. This is a fine game and a superb way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the sims. A great new feature is the ability to buy a car and drive into town with it and having a relaxing fish on the beach while the sun rises. There is countless things to do in this game and countless time (you can set your sims lifespan to 936 days !!). Any sims fan would be mad not to buy it and anyone whos never played the sims this is a great game to start with.


| | See all JimiiCole's reviews (2)

i love this game!
i have always liked the sims, but this has taken it so much further! i suggest everyone with a good laptop buy it! i had a few problems using The Sims 3 on my old windows vista laptop, but now i have a macbook pro and woah! it runs amazing! 5stars! also i suggest buying the expansion packs! in Sims2 installing an expansion pack would make the game lagg but this has kept the original gameplay the same!

find me on SimPages under JimiColePlayer

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  It's not worth a sequel

| | See all jay1007uk's reviews (33)

Firstly, charney1813, it depends what the laptop runs (version of Windows, tech specs etc)

As for the game, I bought it with high hopes. When The Sims 2 came out, I was overjoyed as it was a hige improvement on the original. As for this... it's the same! Okay, not as many loading times, the layout is a bit different and you can walk around other houses and stuff, but it had to be an expansion pack if anything else. This is not worth a new, full, 30 pound game, unless there was something new and truly groundbreaking.

If you haven't got the SIms 2, by all means, get this instead. If you've got The Sims 2, I wouldn't bother unless you're a huge fan.

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  Brilliant Game

| | See all Purplemalteser's reviews (36)

I have always loved Sims and now Sims 3 has come out I love it even more. I have a laptop and it workes prefectly. You can design everything and the people you can create are really life like. I would really recommend this game !!

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