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Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning - Collector's Edition

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all birchtree1000's reviews (1)

Arkantos117 i find that your review is invalied, wow ownes warhammer online in the neck, the only resion is that wow has been out longer and have a bigger fan base. i do think warhammer online is a good game but isn't as good as the pvp and pve on wow. and there for once agin you are invalid.

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  Reccomend to all MMO fans.

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I really enjoy playing this game and give's me a break from another MMO im currently playing also came a day earlier that estimated which was a nice turn of event's.

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  Great Game - no problems

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First off i would like to say that those people who wrote that the discs don't work were wrong, infact if they'd bothered to read the instruction manual it would tell you how to use the discs when Autorun doesn't pop up.
As for the game, the graphics are the best of any current MMORPG, hence the relatively high system specifications, and the servers are great, i've been in battles with over 80 people and i didn't get an ounce of lag, which is more than i can say for certain others *cough* WoW *cough*.
The game itself is great, easy to pickup but if you master it, it will pay off in fights, and on the subject of fights each one is different, you always have to be on your feet, but if you don't have the skill then stick to WoW.
The lore is great, you could spend hours reading it if that's what your into, and there is a fair bit of PVE and PVP, even though many people would have you believe there is no PVE.
Anyway for £17.99 how can you say no? The books alone are worth that!

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  ingame content

| | See all monkeygod06's reviews (1)

i was wondering if u buy this off playtrade do the codes for ingame stuff like new heads still work???

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  Decent CE edition

| | See all Wildeybeast's reviews (1)

The game itself id perfectly good, see elsewhere for more info on that. I'm lloking at whats in the box.
First off, major problem. My game disc did not work, and WAR technical support were most unhelpful. I had to download the client from the website, which at 10GB took me most of a day to do. So in effect the discs were useful only for the CD key which you neee to authorise the client.
The books were good with some nice artwork. The model is very good, particularly as a collector, however mine came without a base so it would be useless to non-GW collectors who dont have spare bases.
The mousemat is pretty, if a bit cheaply made.
The in game stuff is quite cool, especially if you like making your character look distinctive.

Overall, I fet a bit let down with my CE, which i pre-ordered at £60. However at the new price of £40 its quite a good little set for those who like game CE's/GW fans. Anyone else should not bother and simply get the standard edition

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  A nice touch

| | See all EvilNobby's reviews (1)

Reviewing the CE Vs standard edition. (not WAR itself)

a High quality product here, the two books are nice, i enjoyed reading both, and definitely added to the colour and anticipation of the game, while i was waiting for the launch.

The miniature was a bit wasted on me, i gave up collecting years ago, but if i were still a collector i would of loved this addition.

since i went optical ive never used a mouse mat either lol

The in game items and quests are ok, another nice little touch to make me feel special. i especially like the exclusive titles.

the different heads are ok, it depends on your taste really, the orc one is awesome, chaos - not so much. and i found you could get a good look at them from the merchants when you were testing them.

This game has been knocked a little in reviews for not being able to customise your characters that much and 'individualize' them, this means us CE box set owners will get that little bit more than everyone else.

over all a very impressive CE box set, the best ive seen for a game.

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  A great professionally done collectors

| | See all Davidt555's reviews (2)

Some collectors edition boxsets look a bit shabby and provide poor quality bits inside.

The warhammer online one, doesnt.
Right from when you first see it you think..wow this is huge.
This continues as you open it. Inside you find 2 lovely hardback books (a comic and an art book)
Below this comes the game in a lovely plain case and the exclusive minatures

Ontop of this you get a mousemat

The whole thing just screamed class, perfect for a warhammer or gaming fan.

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  If your PC is upto it then take the plunge

| | See all NeoWolf's reviews (41)

First thing I have to say is the collectors edition is HUGE, when the courier rolled up and dumped this knee buckling package into my arms at first I wondered what it could be,... however I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it was my Collectors Edition.

It hould also be noted (because it isnt in the main item description) that the prelude graphic novel and Art book are not only beautiful and full colour but they are both Hardbound (hence the weight). The miniature was nice though not quite the epic (much assembly required as is typical of GW miniatures) I was expecting but it is a good figure(s) all the same.

The bonus Quests and items in game and the Custom Heads are a nice touch too, the orc head I liked Especially, the others varying in quality (as an aside it should be noted once applied to a character you dont have the option to unapply it, so if you dont like it once its applied yourpretty stuck, which can be annoying as you cant really see the true look of the custom heads in the character panel very well, only at the Charcter Selection screen..so try and find some screenshots on the web first if I were you).

The game itself is a nice new MMO I have to say as someone who is a PVE'er by preference I have also been enjoying the RVR side of this game too, more so than I thought I would(and largely because of the no real death penalty aspect to the game). I should also note many of th best items I have found in game to ate have come off RVR kills (and no the loo they sometimes drop doesnt come from the killed player but is randomly generated).

The Game itself has a look and feel that will appeal to many WoW players, though doesnt run anywhere near as smoothly and lag free as Blizzars game if im honest, but with the game being so new and server populations being so high on some servers I guess the lag is to be expected for a while until things settle down.

The Games Classes on both sides Order and Destruction are enjoyable and many of them have thier own mechanics with relation to their ability use (balancing high magic for Arhcmages, Stances for Swordmasters etc..) so they all have thier own learnng curves, whic are easily mastered.

The familiar archetypes are all present, healers, ranged DPS, Tanks etc.. though due to Mastery Paths that become available the base classes can go outside of these roles and into others, which makes for a very unpredictable battleground, which is nice as it keeps things lively.

The Game lost a number of clases pre-launch due to balance issues and lack of individuality so the class options for all the races arent equal.. the Dar Elves dont have a tank class for example to begin with as the Black Guard was one of the classes removed, but this doesnt detrac too much as thier are plenty of options.

The Game also has som nice touches in the form of the Tome of Knowledge, which not only allows you to earn experience, rewards andtitles for achievements based on killing, exploring, questing, even silly things like clicking on yoursel, or littering.. but it becomes a great way of introducing peopleto the World of Warhamme, its places, people, denizens and story and will be something people constantly finding themselves turning to and reading.

As another note I would say the Public Quests in game ( bit like open air instances lol) are a great touch,basically anyone can enter the aea and take part, earning influence (which can be turned in for rewards anyway), but also through participatng earning a chance at the loot for completing the public quests.. also the more you stay in a public quest the better your chances of winning so they arent set up so that only the pure DPS characters can only benefit, everyone has a chance

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  well worth it

| | See all haighey's reviews (3)

This is an excellent bargain for anyone who has followed the game for years/warhammer fans/video game collectors it just screams value for money the art book is full of fantastic art which shows the old world in all its glory, the graphic novel also has some brilliant art work and gives an insight into how the races became embroiled in the current war the figure comes unassembled and unpainted so if you're not into warhammer this may be slightly pointless and the uk version comes with a further feature a brilliant mouse mat. I haven't had time to explore all the in game bonus I've tried one of the heads the empire male and if there all like that then I'll be more than happy the other in game features such as quests and titles can only be a good thing to further distinguish your character from the thousands of others which are bound to be in game once this game gets going, so I reiterate if you're a fan of this game this should be a definite purchase

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