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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  No flight training needed

| | See all moontan101's reviews (10)

Think of the old Topgun arcade machines,easy to pick up and use
if all you want is a quick blast.Not for the hardcore flightsimmer
(a few mapped keys and a 5 button mouse is all i needed)

  Looks gorgeous - if only I could play it...

| | See all andyblair1972's reviews (4)

I bought this game to play on my normally very stable and reliable Windows Vista x64 PC platform (ASUS Maximus Formula, Q6600 3.0GHz, HD Raedon 3870X2, 4GB 1066 DDR2 RAM). It may be 18 months old but there is still more than enough specification to run this game at full detail and since I had only days before rebuilt it with all the latest drivers and Vista service packs, I didn't expect any problems...

For me this game is totally unplayable. It plays perfectly for a few seconds - sometimes minutes - and then it freezes mid-game. The screen goes blank and then the action restarts only for it to freeze again and restart a few seconds later and so on and so on. At worst, the action only resumes for a split second before the next freeze. Utterly infuriating.

When I ventured online onto the Ubisoft forums, I was shocked to see many hundreds of pages of queries reporting numerous faults, bugs and glitches for this game - not just on the PC but also on the XBOX and Playstation. Clearly it has been rushed to market.

I have installed the latest 1.02 patch for this game and I have today downloaded the latest DirectX10 from Microsoft but the game still freezes as much as ever.

I tried to write an email to the support address on the Ubisoft website but when you click on the website it says something along the lines of "we are experiencing a problem - please try again later". It's been like that for 3 days now.

I desperation I called the premium-rate 0871 helpline. The advisor talked me through a few things, one of which caused a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) crash of my PC. The result of this was that I lost my overclock settings and my RAID 1 array is putting itself through a full verification process. Hopefully it should be finished by tomorrow morning...

For what it's worth, the game looks gorgeous in full HD resolution, 8x anti-aliasing and DirectX10 and the gameplay is possibly a nice, addictive balance between arcade action and combat simulator (emphasis appears to be on the former though). But none of this is relevant to me as I wish I'd never set eyes on the pile of half-finished rubbish.

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  Great Flight Shooter Sim

| | See all Desperado126's reviews (1)

It's awesome game had it for a while now finished it though pretty quick the graphics are good not amazing but good I'm running it at max out settings been playing it on DX9/10 and didn't see much difference if graphics well I'm lying actually I've seen a difference in FPS id dropped pretty big in DX10 so I suggest you play in DX9 it's a Great game but I suggest you play it with a controller or a Yoke the best buy is the one that comes with the game I stopped playing it though due to the fact that I don't have internet and I got bored of it but other than that I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of games ;)

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  Good, fun game

| | See all Cerberus90's reviews (4)

Very nice game.
Graphics are good, the choice of planes is large, the choice of armaments could of been bigger, but theres enough.

It doesn't take long to complete all the missions, but you can replay them all with whichever plane you like after you've completed them all.

Very good with the Saitek Cyborg X joystick, the controls do however suffer from being a bit too arcadey, there isn't enough accuracy in the controls, your either banking, or not, theres not really any inbetween/gradual adjustment.

The OFF mode is a bit weird too, and I only use it occassionally if I need to get behind a plane that is tailing me, then I'll switch back to normal mode.

There aren't many new combat flight sims around, infact there are very few if any, if you want to fly around shooting things down, its definatly worth the money.

  tom clancy's H.A.W.X.

| | See all rakimd's reviews (14)

The game is great,but short!!I've played Ace Combat on PS2 and it's SUPER!!! If this game was a little bit more like that with the take off & landings & resupplying your aircraft.I would've given this game 5 stars.Graphics wise it looks SUPER!!

  Awesome fun

| | See all Boggit67's reviews (5)

Although some may find the single player missions somewhat easy, the online experience is what makes this title!

Loads of planes to choose from, easy to fly, and stacks of fun.

If you have Vista and DirectX 10, the graphics are excellent. It does, however, have some minor drawbacks, such as the useless flares, but all in all great fun.

Buy, fly, and shoot 'til you die!


| | See all Masterfx's reviews (5)

Great game with quiet a good but short story and the graphics are pretty good as long as you don't fly too low. overall its a great game.


| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Let's get one thing clear, this isn't a flight sim! This is Afterburner on steroids! The focus is on action rather than realism and it benefits from it. Even the most casual gamer will be able to plunge head long into this game without even reading the contents page of the manual. With real life planes that can perform unrealistic manoeuvres (in some cases would result in death) the action envelope is pushed to the extreme. This is the air combat game I have been waiting for.

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  utter boredom!

| | See all Ruzzard's reviews (2)

If you want a game that not only looks but feels like an early '90's flight sim, then this is for you. sorely dissapointed with lack of difficulty, poor graphics and sound, and clearly just a stop gap for the next 'tom clancy' bag of nails.

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  Not the Worst Flying Combat game.

| | See all Xerane's reviews (6)

When i first installed the game i couldnt wait to get started.
The write-up and reviews looked brilliant.

But was quite disapointed once i got into the game, for example, the flight isnt really realistic, no turbulance, Not joystick sensitive (Turned my joystick a small bit, no movement, a bit more... still none, a bit more and the plane rapidly moved and started spinning..)

The lockon system makes missle fire easy.. too easy, the gun fire is manual, hard to hit targets because of the dodgy flying.

All in all 3/5 - Graphicly it is pretty good, scenary is amazing, plane choises are good.

Wouldnt reccommend for people who like extreme realistic flying combat games. But for people whom like easy games that the computer does most of the work games, then reccomended for you.

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