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Mass Effect

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Fantastically immersive sci-fi RPG

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

It's a rare moment in games when you get a "Hell yeah! That's MY character!" moment of wonder. The beginning of Mass Effect, should you choose to create a personalised Shepherd, is just such a moment. I was sucked in as supporting characters described my character's history and I moved through my Cruiser with some of the most human motion capture I've ever seen, all set to a swelling atmospheric musical score leading up to a nicely scripted action moment. The rest of Mass Effect lives up to this intro. The cast of supporting characters you assemble are beautifully fleshed out with very distinct personalities, and while the planetside missions in your buggy can feel a little samey, the side missions and plot, especially those in the Citadel, are gripping enough to keep you addicted. The bad guy is great, and the final battle is satisfyingly epic with much at stake. While some of the best weapon choices feel a little out of your league financially, and the combat needs slight improvement (this was addressed in Mass Effect 2) they're still lots of fun and very enjoyable. This is an example of a character-driven action RPG at it's finest.

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  Very enjoyable RPG.

| | See all Voidhawk's reviews (3)

I really enjoyed playing this game, despite a few minor niggles that reduced it to four instead of five stars, I'll get to those at the end.

The plot is refreshingly believable and immersive despite being based on the generic save the universe from destruction theme. The gameplay is smooth and graphically impressive with a nice clean interface, I assume this is because it has console pedigree, but don't let that put you off.

Many games that wear the RPG title seem little more than interactive movies with very little emphasis on gameplay, thankfully this is not the case with mass effect. Though at times it can suffer from inventory overload, with the plethora of weapons and addons.

However it's not hard to compare items as they show colour coded bars to identify upgraded stats from what you currently have equipped, so it's not hard to pick out the best ones for your squad, your tactics or your mission.

This game has a nice spread of classes and other options, which means it has a lot of replayability, which amplifies my disappointment that it comes with the draconian DRM that only allows for three installs.

The only other major niggle being the squad AI and pathfinding, sometimes they seem to completely disregard your commands and just run in madly, or run right around a room to get to a spot of cover that's right in front of them. That aside, with some care you can keep them working in a useful fashion, and it doesn't detract enough to be game breaking.

Overall this was a very enjoyable game with enough depth in both gameplay and storyline to keep me coming back to replay it.

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  Very good console-style sci-fi RPG

| | See all zzz2zzz's reviews (2)

It's easy, simplified (which is good: you don't have to spend too much time between menus - but also combat, dialogues, etc). If you love traditional RPGs like Baldur's Gate, this feels a little bit superficial. However, the story is nice and well implemented. Maybe a little bit more cut scenes (to go deeper into the story) and little less (ripetitive) side missions... For the PC version, you can download new content (Bring Down the Sky missions) for free, which is good, and you'll have some hours more to play.

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  Worth a play

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

I was a bit iffy about playing this game because I heard about the DTM protection and only being able to install it 3 times (which sucks), but I jumped in.

Its a great game, simple as that.

The main storyline is superb, and well worth a play through (if not remarkably short to complete) just for that IMO if you like RPGs and want a strong story.

The controls are easy, the character development is simple, the armor and weapon personalisation is easy to do, the chat options are very easy to choose.

There isnt a huge amount to complain about ingame (at least nothing important), and thats rare for a PC game or any game. The great visuals are a given and no point going into that, because you have all seen the screen captures it does look that good in real life.

And the replayability is great as you can replay the entire game with your current characters level and gear and the squad members keep their levels too.

Also when you replay the game with a high level character you get better gear from creatures and so forth.

But its not perfect...

...1) you get strange shadows in faces when they talk, but its such a tiny issue it doesnt detract from gameplay.

2) The quests which involve going to another planet and driving around in the buggy can start to feel a tad repetative and grinding and the landscapes on each world arent that hugely original when its part of a side quest.

3) The DTM thing is a small pain if you need to uninstall this game at some point.

4) The use of med kits to heal party members can get a bit frustrating if you run out and you have to wait for team members to heal, and I personally felt buying gear from vendors was a bit pointless as items you get from loot seem just as good if not better.

5) Placing different mods into weapons and armor can get confusing and feel a bit annoying to manage all the mods.

6) Once you finish the main story, it ENDS! At which point you replay the game with your leveled character. I can understand the need for this in terms of storyline, and how it ends, but it would have been nice to have some quests and freedom to move around AFTER it ended and THEN choose to restart if need be.

I didnt realise this at first and missed a lot of quests, but im redoing them now on a second run.

Also I have NO technical issues with this game when installing or playing. I think it may have crashed once, but that was it and never again. But what game doesnt crash at least once? Not many.

I would recommend playing this iss you are an RPG fan, especially with ME2 in the works and knowing your actions in the first one impact the second.

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  A fantastic, hard science fiction experience

| | See all Snick99's reviews (24)

This is another game that totally exceeded my expectations. Essentially, it is a role-playing game where your skill as a gamer takes the place of dice. You have levels, classes, stats and equipment, and they do define your character, but in the end it's you that controls movement and combat, and for me it works great. You get a lot of freedom to explore the setup; there are a lot of different planetary systems to travel to, and you are encouraged to visit them all. Every location holds some reward, and some secondary quests can be unlocked this way. Unfortunately, most planets look the same, with only basic colors and mountain steepness that change from place to place.
When you are exploring, you usually control a 6-wheeled tank reminiscent of the space buggy from Moon Patrol. When things get close and personal, you get a simplified version of Rainbow Six Vegas: two members of your crew always accompany you, and you can give them basic commands or even directly control their special powers. You can take cover behind obstacles and choose from a several weapons, depending on what the situation calls for.
There is ample room for improvement here. Pathfinding is weak at best, with squad members sometimes refusing to move when you command them to go somewhere, or getting stuck against the most irrelevant objects. Their AI is lackluster, and they frequently get in trouble when they shouldn't. Another minor demerit comes from the cover system. It kicks in automatically when you approach a suitable object, but it would be better to let you control it explicitly as it sometimes is a nuisance and slows you down when you would want to run, and sometimes it doesn't work as expected, leaving you exposed. But at the same time I really enjoyed combat and the variety of tactics you can employ, depending on your skill set and your allies'. You have combat powers, plus technical and psionic skills. I never got bored along two playthroughs.
I'm very impressed by the SF background. If you take the time to read the notes on your codex, you'll realize that the good guys at Bioware have invested plenty of time to create a believable and coherent universe, rather than go for the generic space opera setup and forget about details. These notes are not directly related to the game, but they really helped me feel inside the game.
I also liked the cinematics and the space music themes a lot. This is a game with very high production values. To best enjoy it, I suggest you go for the hardcore difficulty, which is unfortunately locked the first time you play. Don't worry too much at first: the game gets gradually easier as you progress, because your equipment improves at a higher rate than your opponents' skills. Also, I suggest you don't go for the pure non-combat classes, as they are less fun to play. Soldier or vanguard give you plenty of variety but also allow you to be the centre of the action, while a pure biotic heavily depends on his squad mates and slows the pace of the game (I haven't tried out ALL classes though).
I won't go into the details about the sad DRM scheme they decided to employ for this game, but it prevents me from giving a full star rating. I suggest you make sure to read about it before you buy the game, in order to make an informed purchase.

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  a big pain to get working but good game

| | See all purespite's reviews (1)

I brought this some where else a few days ago an found that when i installed it, the game just keep crashing for no reason.
So i tryed it on my brothers pc (which is exactly the same spec's as mine) an it worked on there so ill just warn people of the problem with this game if u look at the web site for it this error seems to accure with a lot of people.

But other than that its a grate game gd game play an its got to be one of the best games iv play id reccomend it.
Just beware of the big problem most people have with this game

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  Maximum pleasure ... start to finish

| | See all GamersGuide's reviews (39)

Just finished Mass Effect and all i can say is this is a jaw dropping game!

From the top, everything you say and do really does seem to shape and mold the storyline - making you carefully pick your words. Its incredibly immersive, and will captivate you (it did me anyway!) for hours and hours on end.

The storyline is, admittedly, a little weak - but its very easy to work with. It feels 100% dynamic all the way through - you even face tough descisions deciding wether members of your team live or die. It twists and turns all the time - making this an incredibly more-ish title.

Graphically, Mass Effect is outstanding. Facial and body movements on characters are all synched to correspond to whats going on in the environment. Vast amounts of explorable world across loads of solarsystems boast epic, exciting and interesting atmospheres and climates. Mass effect will demand a little more of your machine than todays average, but its not too hungry.

You may be thinking its all story based chatter, but there is Shooter side to mass effect. Highly customisable weapons, armour and equipment makes the combat situations very satisfying - knowing your filling your enemy with the Sheild bypassing toxic rounds you purchased earlier!

For those who like to collect stuff, this games for you aswell, constantly finding upgrades and additions to your teams weapons and kit.

Another thing i've noticed with Mass Efffect is (most of) the characters are actually interesting - you feel inclined to talk to your squad and ships crew about their personal issues; the ongoing racial disuptes, and their thoughts on missions.

Mass Effect should definitely, definitely not be missed by anybody with a decent taste in games.

Picking up on a couple of negatives (as i always do!), it was a shame to learn you cannot continue once you have completed the game, maybe finish the side missions etc. But in Bioware's defence - Mass Effect 2 is on the way! I'd also suggest that the games fairly short - maybe 20 hours of gameplay if your really explored.

Graphics: 9/10
AI: 8/10
Characters: 10/10
Storyline: 7/10
Gameplay (action): 8/10
Gameplay (role-play): 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Near perfect!

Ran very well on the following (stuttered slightly during the final battle - highly demanding on your system)

Nvidia Geforce 8800GT
AMD Athlon62x2 4600+

Thanks for reading!

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  As polished as it is generic

| | See all damwookie's reviews (39)

The DRM is over the top.
The plot, environment and characters are generic and bland. The game isn't a patch on KOTOR or any classic RPG. However the game is very very accessible. It doesn't matter if you lose track of the plot. It doesn't matter if you don't choose wisely on character improvements. You can always fall back on action based point and fire at the baddies, from start to finish. So if you are new to RPGs, find reading and planning a bore, or are attracted to shiny objects I would recommend this. Especially if you can get it on offer. Role-playing dumbed down for the Masses Effect.
Look if you really think the story is good, you seriously need to pick up a Sci Fi book from your library, if this story impresses you any book at random will blow your mind.

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  Surprising good, but...

| | See all Manywydhan's reviews (5)

I enjoyed the game, twice; I could probably enjoy it a third time, but there's still something missing that's hard to define. I found it graphically very pleasing, and I enjoyed the storyline. I liked the freedom granted by the system to develop the personality of the central character to a good degree of difference, and there was something good about the mechanic which represented how roguish your character had behaved, and how straight, as two separate figures.

I was disappointed only in a couple of areas I can explicitly identify. Firstly, I felt that it ended too soon. I felt like I hadn't really done enough to warrant finishing playing with these characters, and I was left wanting an add on, or an extension, but with a meaningful plot. Perhaps that'll come.

Secondly, I felt that the plot was just a little bit too much on rails. There was a small variation in possible endings, but the primary points of the plot were utterly unalterable, and although that's true of most CRPGs these days, I still find that disappointing.

These are probably minor flaws in what's the most excellent offline CRPG currently available. If I'm wrong I'd be delighted to be pointed in the direction of the competition.

A word about the copy protection: I hate it, it's a dreadful system which I find most annoying; however I was able to restrict its capacity to dial home by careful use of my firewall, and I found that the offending (and offensive!) API was already installed on my machine by some earlier game, so whatever holes there were in my PC security were probably already there. I do sincerely wish that the copy protection was more consumer-friendly, but it's a good enough game it might just be worth putting up with it.

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  A good game to have.

| | See all RooBeL's reviews (1)

I enjoyed playing this very much and will prob play its again but when compaired to KOTOR the GFX are better and can't touch the story that blows you away. 3 Stars as i didnt enjoy the story as much as I thought i would.

But it you will like it!

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