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GTR Evolution (includes Race 07)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Everything but the baby seat

| | See all joyofsix's reviews (5)

Had this for over a year - absolutely great. Takes a bit of practice but if you start in the minis or seat on auto then the learning curve is gentle enough - no harder than DIRT. Its recommended for its tweakabiity but I dont bother - just jump in and drive There is a demo available. Best game I own.

  Best PC SIM no question

| | See all Pafkosta's reviews (1)

Foxtrot1, you really must be one of those who think that arcade racing games r the best around. This is a SIM game, and it must be used with a racing wheel. This is without any doubt the best PC game in SIM racing and only paralelled by Forza 2 and in a near future 3, and LFS, and a few others.

  Poor Attempt - Not Recommended.

| | See all Foxtrot1's reviews (13)

As racing games go, and there are a lot of really good ones ( and bad, Forza 2 cough cough) , this ranks as a bad one. The graphics are not anything special and the whole way the cars handle and move is just weird and very annoying. Not enjoyable to play at all and with a endless list of far far far better rivals. Avoid.

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  GTR Evolution

| | See all marcusmx's reviews (1)

Had original Race07 (brought 2nd hand - consequently denied multiplayer access) - So invested in this - yes it runs on Vista and no - the game is not your average console offering - it has an involvement and feeling that belies its bargain price - yes you have to invest time in learning car-control - but the single player and the online gaming is superb. For under a tenner this is an absolute steal - Easily in my top 5 games.

  The series just gets better and better...

| | See all Unzen74's reviews (14)

I received my copy from Play today and got it installed ASAP. Having played right through the series from GTR, GT Legends, GTR2 and even Race '07, I had my hopes high for this.

I shouldn't have had any doubts. GTR Evolution is simply THE cutting edge in terms of what a driving simulation should be. Yes, the graphics are merely pretty and the sounds are good. But combined, they are simply 'fillers' for the core of the game - and that is the handling and dynamics of the cars themselves.

Having few (if any?) racing games on the PC that accurately represent the sacred Nordschleife circuit - that was my first port of call on GTR Evolution. Selecting a Koenigsegg CCX in bright orange (what else?!) and heading out onto the 'Ring - I realised that I was waaay out of my depth. Keeping the car on track was a feat in itself, but even when struggling with that, the handling model of the game shone through. Fish-tailing under heavy braking, tail-happy powerslides and rapid changes in gear as the redline was reached all too soon.

Deciding I had bitten off more than I could chew to start with, I switched cars and chose one of the Caterhams on offer within the game. What a transformation! No longer under the hellish acceleration of the CCX, I now had the chance to savour the large power band of the Caterham and 'prep' the car for the next oncoming corner.

Following a computer controlled Caterham, I managed to keep the blue car in check - just - the AI drivers' seeming to have the great balance of being a challenge to beat, yet not a complete pushover. There's even the neat little addition of having a key to pull off one of the tear-off strips on the visor. The attention to detail is that good.

Sure enough, the overall charm of what GTR 'is' let itself be known in a mere half lap. There are plenty of racing games out there that look better, have more options, have more cars and tracks to choose from - but nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the latest GTR incarnation in terms of car handling.

Granted, you'll need a decent wheel and pedals combo to get the most out of it (GTR Evolution itself supports many wheels - including arguably the best of the moment - the Logitech G25) - but it is SO worth it. However, if you're into your racing games enough to even consider this, then you probably have a decent control setup already. And as a fresh addition to the series, there's even the option to have engine 'rumble' come through the force-feedback wheel as well. Just don't set it to maximum. It feels like driving over a field of bricks!

Put simply. If you want your jaw to drop at stunning visuals and simply have fun in a racing game - pick Gran Turismo Prologue on the PS3. If however, you can look past graphical perfection and instead, want to be rewarded for pure driving simulation - then GTR Evolution really is your only choice.

And the icing on the cake? You simply cannot argue with the price of £17.99! For anyone who considers themselves even as a part-time petrolhead - you need this in your collection. Just brilliant.

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  Great Game

| | See all TeeBiggle's reviews (1)

Bought this a couple of days ago for my shiny new gaming PC. All I can say is you can keep your console racers! This surpasses all of them, yes even the mighty Forza. The 'feel' of driving the cars is something you just don't get on other racing games. On my 28" monitor with the sound cranked up it is completely absorbing and with a thriving online community - what's not to like? Graphically it's good but not amazing. You don't need a behemoth PC to play it. Go buy and enjoy!

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