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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Karbon's reviews (4)

I had high hopes having played the Xbox 360 version around a friends. But this is nothing like that. And it's nothing like the trailer makes it out to be. And it's not graphically pleasing during gameplay. Sure, you see a HD rendering when they go to pick up the ball for a throw - but aside from that this looks like World Cup '98.

The AI is HORRIBLE. The most noticeable proof of this is just after you've scored a goal (which, if you're on 1v1 with the keeper, will always happen) the players stand around for 2-3 seconds before celebrations begin. Watch a few players who don't currently have the ball, and they're either tripping over each other or doing very awkward backward strides that make them out to look like crabs. The referee is always in the wrong place, and the linesmen do NOTHING. This is an APPAULING coded game, avoid at all costs for the PC, get a 360 version this time around.

  Fizzy pop standard league

| | See all requiem7's reviews (17)

The general gameplay is ok. The graphics are top notch. But where are the tournaments? I don't want to have to run about for the ball. I want total control of the team. Rubbish menu screens. This is not going to last very long.

  Online is full of cheats and the game is same old same old

| | See all playtrader01's reviews (1)

It's about time a decent game development company with innovative and fresh ideas - made a football game.
Pes has hardly changed and Fifa has been built on the same buggy engine for years. Another thing if you run a dual core upwards machine You need to physically set the affinity of the cpu's to the game so that it is using more than a single processor. Very sloppy coding really. If you need to set affinity, press CTRL ALT DEL and in the processes list, right click FIFA and select "set affinity" This might go some way to improving performance at least.

I won't be purchasing any more games from EA sports especially not the fifa series. The after care of the fifa product is non existent.

Do not buy this game, having said that I've got one for sale for 25 quid on here ; )

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  great game

| | See all daveayton's reviews (16)

I have always been a fifa fan, this game does not disappoint me graphics are fantastic as well as game play, well done play.com delivered on the very day it was released no complaints.

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  Fantastic Game

| | See all GlenThomas's reviews (6)

Im shocked to see people slating this game. It is possibly the best game i have ever played.
Pes is rubbish, always has been and always will be.
Fifa til i die.

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| | See all johnmcl's reviews (4)

I bought this game a few weeks ago and thought it would be a better than fifa08 but it is worse!! My computer has a high spec but game still plays quite jerky especially on online mode.After a while it hurts your eyes.Other problem is getting a controller to work with game its's nightmare(read fifa09 forums).Really disappointed.


| | See all trapperjohn's reviews (4)

What a game!best fifa so far by a mile.the gameplay and graphics are so much better than last year and the new be a pro feature is just brill.havn't played the new pro evo 09 yet but it will have to go some to beat this.


| | See all Pedro1969's reviews (12)

Looked forward to getting this game for a while, had to wait ages for it to arrive, and took even longer for me to get it to work. There was problems with getting the game to work online, which results in you having to get a patch from an unofficial site......need i say more. Game not really that special, expected much more.

  Not bad...

| | See all Bleech's reviews (6)

Ok. This the first fifa outing i have purchase since, oh...way back in 2001.

I've been an avid player of pes from the beginning and on first comparison to last years pes, this isn't such a bad game.

Animations are fine, ball physics are adequate, but it is a tad easy to score.

I pressume like most people, i buy these games for the online experience. This one tends to start of fluid and plays very well, but for some reason it begins to get very jumpy on the screen and becomes sore on the eyes.

My pc is fairly high spec with a 20 meg connection, so i doubt if the problem is caused my rig. Maybe a patch or update could sort this.

All in all a decent game of footie, but i'll reserve full judgement until the new pes arrives....

  Great game but has it done enough to beat pes?

| | See all cwtonothy's reviews (9)

I was expecting alot about this game due to the fact there was 250 tweaks so to say. I had read alot about it and being a avid pes fan i dont normally buy fifa, but the reviews were good and the demo was ok so i thought what the hell. FIrst thoughts visually its great running everything on high and it looks brilliant. Controls are easy and the online play is good and if your beating someone and they decided to lose there conection you still get it put down as a win which is nice when your beating someone 5-0 and they have had enough. During reviews they said that the keepers reacted faster and were harder to score past. From what i have played keepers are still slow and when in box just hit it around 3/4 and you should score most of the time. Another thing is that if you put a thru ball over the top 9 out of 10 times your thru on goal and its pretty easy to get alot of chances. Thbe tackling is brilliant depending on peoples height and weight depends on who wins the ball, this makes it harder for your to win the ball if your defoe against terry for example, this is also the same with trying to win headers. Over all this game is good and any fifa fan will love it. I also think pes fans will love it to as i do. BUT has it done enough to beat pes this year? My first imperssions is that its a good game but ill have to wait till pes comes out to decieded...