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Dead Space

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  You wouldn't want to be Isaac Clark...

| | See all JonnyMoley's reviews (17)

What an amazing game - graphically it's spot on, with an amazing opening scene (visually) and strong visuals throughout. Even on lower settings it still looks great. Enemies are by far the scariest and well thought out in ANY game and shooting arms and legs off is loads more fun than standard old head shots. Play this game in the dark on your own and you have a serious recipie for wetting yourself. It's unbelievably atmospheric and the music is perfect. The boss fights can be intense and after certain parts of the game, you just have to just sit back and have a break from the utter madness and intensity. There's so much originality in this game, from the environments to the general gameplay. The game flows really well without cut scenes, and the story is really clever. It's delightfully gory and messy at time, climbing over a pile of pieces of necromorphs that you've just cut to pieces. I also love the various deaths scenes of isaac, again a very good addition that many games don't have.
Overall, this is a truly terrifying and incredible game; certainly my all time favourite, and the greatest of the horror genre of all time I would say. If I was Isaac, I definately would've shot myself in the face at the very start... it's just so damn intense!

  Best PC game at price, no hang on best PC game.

| | See all Pershing1973's reviews (3)

This is truly the best PC game in many years. The graphics are outstanding even if you don't have a modern 2000 pound computer. My fairly old core 2 with a 430 GT plays things at virtually max settings on a 23 inch monitor at 1600 x 1200 resolution. Frames are fast and never below 50.

The control system works well and the game is full of twists and turns and is never predictable. I have completed it now and will be investing in the second in the series.

The only thing to criticise is the unusual third person camera angle which is usually great but can leave it very hard to see enemies at close range. You soon get use to it though, as it is slightly offset but also gives excellent views in other places.

At this price it is undoubtedly the best game on the PC, or hang on forget the price I think it probably is the best single player PC game yet.

  Ruined by controls

| | See all DeadlyBagel's reviews (2)

The game itself shows a lot of promise, but is totally ruined by the awful PC controls. This is a game they've tried to shove onto PC without trimming the edges and it's left some burrs.

Aiming is so laggy it's frustrating, he will even keep turning after you've stilled the mouse.

As mentioned, controls are barely customisable. Some are, but the menu controls are permanently set to the arrow keys, meaning you have to take your hand off the mouse as WASD will just make him walk around. the B key is objective direction, slightly awkward to hit and not customisable. I think the worst bit is it can't even use more than three buttons on the mouse. Not even scroll can be used. I tried a 'replace this button with this key' program which helped, but it's trying to work for the game, the game should be working for you.

Overall, good game, but buy it on a console, because you'll regret getting it for PC.

  Average to say the least

| | See all MarcusAurelius's reviews (5)

well i bought this 1st installment with very high hopes but boy were they dashed quickly as being left handed the controls were poor to say the least unable to confgure the keyboard anywhere near to what i wanted and with that and the odd view from behind the shoulder of your character i quickly have unistalled this game. Such a shame for something i was looking forward to playing.

  ""bloody"" brilliant

| | See all Gunman2008's reviews (2)

Now i buy alot from play but mainly multiplayer games i dont usually go for single players but my god this game is amazing for a single player and not for the faint hearted if you like blood then get this you can really have fun with this game shooting aliens limbs off limb from limb the physics are awesome as we know games are getting better all the time and once you've killed something you can have fun with the physics and chuck it around :D. its action packed great fun and as a single player deffinatly recommended. This i also rate up big with Call of duty series and battlefield.


| | See all machineshock's reviews (4)

Well i usually don't like 3rd person shooters, except for gta, but that's something unique... this however is one hell of a game. Very imersive 3rd person survival horror kind of shooter, with a good (not the best) but a good story behind it. (check the anime they created before the game, which explains you the events that lead to the game situiation u find yourself in). Its my favourite survival horror game with some (not many) scary moments.
Havent bought it yet but after completing half of it in a friends house, i'm sure going to.

5 out of 5 for space fear ^^

  Great game

| | See all largemonkey's reviews (1)

Well worth the 10 pounds. Graphically its outstanding, I dont think ive seen such good lighting in a game to date. The audio is frightning and the voice actors did a great job. Unlike some Resident Evil games I have played you always feel in danger and dont really ever feel your surroundings are safe. The zero-G and vacum environments are some of my favourites.

I knocked a star off for a few annoying things. The control system cant be fully re-mapped in game so I just had to get used to it. I had a lot of mouse lag when I first ran the game but that was fixed quicky by turning off V-sync in the game's visual menu.

  This is the game you must play!

| | See all forgodsake's reviews (6)

This is it, the one game you must play, i rate this up there with GTA 4, Left for dead, Cod 5, Excellently written game.

  OMG, can this game be any better?

| | See all rajun2701's reviews (2)

I suppose it could be. But that would be nit picking. As an overall package, this game is an absolute stonker! Never have i been scared so much playing a game (on PC anyway), especially in the dark with surround sound on.

Graphics are superb on PC, smooth, fast with excellent use of lighting and effects. Sound, well, if you got the surround sound for it, you may well think you are right in there with the action with all the haunting noises all round you. Gameplay is cracking and although many people found the controls hard at times on PC, once you have fine tuned them (very easy and quick) it becomes a joy to play.

Plenty of variety in gameplay, interesting use of levels (just remember you are on a massive spacecraft), great use of voice acting, and even though you have regular contact with your shipmates, the overall sense is one of loneliness. The weapons offer a different slant on the usual guns and like. Using blades and cutters to dismember your enemies is a blast. Plenty of gore, heck yes, loads of it!

Yes this is a cracking game, I would say much better than Resident Evil 4 (which is indeed superb in its own right). If you havent played this, i would absolutely recommend it! You are missing out on a whole lot of fun and frights! Roll on the sequel(s)!

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  On second reflection this is a decent game.

| | See all z33ker's reviews (19)

Basically when this game first came out I played it for a while but ran into the mouse lag problem. Some people may not have had this problem but when Vsync is turned on it creates a weird bug that makes some mice tracking lag :S Strange. Anyway turning Vsync off stops this problem.

So i picked this up again a few days ago and finished it a few days later. And i really enjoyed it!

The story basically follows a team of engineers on their way to fix a broken mining ship in space. When you arrive there is no contact with the workers on board and you are forced to make a crash landing within the craft. Basically you and a small team of survivors are stranded on a derelict ship in the middle of space with hordes of mutated undead humans as you company.

Graphically the game looks pretty good. It's main charm is its atmosphere. It reminded me of the old horror movie Event Horizon.
Spooky ship in space plus undead mutated humans and freaky women whispering stuff while you make your way through dimly lit, tight corridors with ventilation shafts, floor grates and holes for these nasties to jump, smash and crawl through in order to slice, pounce and bite you to death. *Breath*
So yes the game looks good all round.

The soundtrack and sound quality are what make this game freaky in my opinion. Chains clanging, people screaming and things crawling around in the vents around you. It uses its sound to distract you while nasties creep up behind you. Everything sounds very fitting and believable within the atmosphere.

AI well theres not a huge amount to say about the AI. Its pretty stupid but it fits in with whats going on i suppose. Get a bunch of enemies together in a large room and they'll generally try to split up or crawl through vents in order to get to you in different directions nothing shockingly new but its done fairly well at times. It usually depends on where you are fighting the enemies.

Gameplay wise the game plays very much like Resident evil four and five with the same slightly over the shoulder camera angle. However what i really liked about the game was the UI. there is no HUD to the game other then laser sights from your weapons. Everything is projected infront of the character when you want it.
For instance when you want to see his inventory a projected image is displayed infront of your character which can add to suspense when you're being chased by a group of enemies. Do you have time to stand still and heal or not? Do you have time to recharge your stasis power? etc.
Another thing i like about the UI is that Isaacs health is shown on a blue bar on the back of his armor as well as a small dial showing your current special attack charge so there is quite literally nothing cluttering up the screen.

As a whole this game is very fun to play alone in the dark on a weeknight. It takes a few hours to complete depending on how direct you go with the story, between 8 and 12 roughly so for the price its a bargain.

Just make sure you have a decent sound and graphics set up otherwise you'll miss out on a huge part of the game. Id recommend 5.1 or a decent headset etc.