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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (63 reviews)"

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  Top Notch

| | See all fynnlacey's reviews (2)

A very good game, lots and lots of work has gone into the creation of this masterpiece.
Graphics are Something for inprovement but are not enough to make this game to lose a star

Gameplay is Amazing, as this game doesn't require a hoard of units to win

The campaign is the standard C'N'C Quality, very good

I bought this game on steam and I cannot recommend it more.


| | See all MisterPiglet's reviews (10)

It's a more farcical outing than Red Alert 2, but no less fun. A good contrast to the overly serious tiberium series. Daft but fun.

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| | See all Alkar99's reviews (1)

Well lets get this out in the open strait away, I hated this game. The game play felt sticky and generally revolved around building the biggest bad ass unit I could and steamrollering across the map hoping the target got destroyed in the process. Original tactics being almost completely missing. The units were carbon copies of red alert 2 with another army tacked on that may as well have called it self the brother hood of the rising sun and stopped pretending not to imitate NOD.

The only thing I liked about this game was the graphics, But frankly I'm fed up with game designers shoving pretty visuals and incredible battle scenes in my face and expecting me to ignore the fact that the game play and story are dead.

Now down to the specifics. I actual really wanted to like this game it had everything Tania, pretty visuals, a great back story to draw on, Tania, a great engine, Tania... I should really get off of Tania.

But it just failed, the story seemed week and rather childish. Yes I realise this might be the point but after C&C 3 and even red alert 2 it just seemed to lack pacing and intrigue. Also in the most pathetic example of there failed imaginations, they completely changed history giving them the opportunity to completely remodel the Allied army and then they go and change NOTHING!

But the icing on the cake is nothing to do with the story or the game play or even Tania... nothing wrong there. It's the shared funds. Because in single player it's almost impossible to actually create decent armies because the computer butchers you cash total by steeling the money you took time to collect. Building rubbish units and letting the enemy army hand those units there own livers! Meaning that every level takes about 5 years to complete. I actually found myself putting the computer down and playing another game whilst a waited for my units to create. If I'm having to find something to distract myself from a game it's failed plain and simple!

Now I'm going back to C&C3 don't disturb me until C&C4.

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  Worth buying

| | See all thebaron987's reviews (1)

This game is awesome and i don't undertstand it's detractors. It continues red alert's fine tradition of ludicrous fun and DRM shouldn't stop people from playing it.
The units are wacky and are better than the usual boring balanced anti-infantry, anti-tank, anti-air, etc, from recent C&C games.
The cutscenes are entertaining and boast some impressive talent, and the overall storyline is of you leading one of the three world powers to dominance in a fairly predictable manner.

The problems i found with gameplay were
- the failure of the AI when doing unscripted actions (particularly evident on the last allied mission)
- general lack of difficulty even on hard as the levels swap between scripted set pieces, walkovers and standard base destruction (with very notable exceptions usually towards the end of the campaign)
- the camera is rather zoomed in and it can be hard to tell what's going on

Overall it is a good blend of red alert 2 and generals. It has 3 factions, fun commander abilities which are not too powerful and impressive graphics, combined with mad-cap units and great storylines.

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  Due to DRM

| | See all stormwind's reviews (10)

I got this one for Xmas but unable to play as I do not have Internet on the my games rig and can not activate it. Once you buy a game you should be able to slot it in your machine and away you go. If you take the game off your machine or format your PC then you have to do it all again. So it looks like this one is for the bin or I could give it to someone else let them mess about with it.
I know its done with good intention but all it does is drive away paying customers

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  Great game

| | See all lockon's reviews (8)

Don't be fooled by more than half the reviews below because they are by people who have no concept of modern gaming - that is to utilise multiplayer features over the internet. The days of singleplayer and LAN gaming are long gone as far as RTS games are concerned. Get online. Play some matches. Make some online friends. Play the campaign co-op with someone online the way it's meant to be played instead of with some stupid bot.

Overall I give this game a 4 star rating because it's not as good as Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour which I'd give 5 stars for replayability (and again I'm talking online multiplayer as that's where I feel you get your money's worth). Why 4 stars? It just lacks army diversity (3 armies is no competition really for Zero Hour's 12). Build orders are also quite limited and it feels like your doing more or less the same thing every game.

  Good game but there are problems....

| | See all Pedz221's reviews (13)

This games great, good acting and storyline of an alternate past. The graphics are beautiful and the water especially is the best ive seen on a game. The units are well imagined and are not just copies of other games.

I advise you not to buy it if you want to play lan battles with friends, siblings or anyone else in the house. This is because you will need to buy 2 copies because for some unknown reason to me, they require 2 cd keys if you want to play a lan game.... This annoys me alot as i normally play games with my brothers over lan using just one cd and i have no idea why this game has to be different.

Also the hud is a bit confusing to begin with, as its down the side and im used to having task bars along the bottom(obstructs the view of your units quite a lot)

All over a good game but the cd key lets it down alot for me.

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  Oh Westwood

| | See all HexDragon's reviews (4)

When I saw the preview to this I thought great! Another Allied soviet style game that spun off from the 'red alert' title series and although these games, in my humble opinion, are not as good as the NOD and GDI games, they are usually highly playable.

This game, however, seems to fall victim to the usual things contemporary games do; a lot of time has gone into graphics, highly paid actors and quirky cut scenes and while this game does have those improvements, after awhile it feels like Red Alert 2 again.

There are more teams and hence a lot of different vehicles to choose from, although when you pick your team things feel limited. There is a new system or ground vs ground, air vs air, boat vs boat, and you find your self having to utilise your whole range of units to combat the apposing forces. This sounds good on the surface but in reality you find your whole army taken apart by a single unit that your units cannot attack. The system is a good idea and does get people to use all the units available, but clearly is not perfect.

The game also hates the player... Ok, so you begin playing against a team or number of teams and after awhile of building a base you find someone has launched a super weapon at it; and guess what happens next? Good-bye base. You see super weapons seem out of proportion and it very quickly becomes a race to build them.

Personally I feel the games needs only a few adjustments to make it better; one, a tech level slider similar to the one in TS. Two, a button to turn of super weapons. Three, enable all units to fire at any unit it logically should be able too. Four, give us more content, maps and such like.

Should you buy this game?

Die-hard fans like myself will probably say yes, it is still a fairly decent game and has an enjoyable campaign and quality online community. But then again it's not perfect and it could be better, I personally enjoyed Kane's wrath more. Still multiplayer will keep his game afloat and for that reason I recommend the game but if your on a tight budget then try Dawn of War, which in my opinion has over taken the C&C series as the leading provider of RTS's.

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  Great game

| | See all dwb102's reviews (1)

It took me a while to get into it. I didn't like it that much at first but it is actually a really good game. The graphics are not particularly impressive but the game play is amazing. They use the 3 elements to the game of land, air and sea very well and it is probably much more strategic than previous C&C games. I think this is the best C&C game so far.

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