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Sins Of A Solar Empire

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  Good and bad!

| | See all Zombiesbum's reviews (12)

Ok so i havent played this in a while so i will just mention the good and bad points that stick out.

First the bad points:

There is pretty much no story to this game, this i would say is a pretty hard hit for the game, as every player likes a good adventure.
Also the gameplay is alot slower than other RTS games, a good match between 4 players can realisticly last a minimum of 2-3 hours, simply becasue ships are slow, research takes a long time, and resources take a while to gather.

Those are the only 2 bad points that comes to mind right now. So onto the good points:

What i like about this game is that your armies evolve around your capital ships, a little bit like a hero in lets say WC3. There are different kinds of capital ships you can choose from which all have advantages and disadvantages.
When i played the game there seemed to be pretty much no bugs and the balance was good. Also the graphics were pretty decent.
There is also a map editor, its pretty easy to use and you can play maps created by other players without needing to manualy download them.

All in all, if you like space games, play mostly multiplayer, and have alot of time to burn, then this game is a nice buy.

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  Not that exciting!

| | See all Gr33kelite's reviews (11)

I would of preferred the game to have extra features and tactics. Instead i was quite disappointed, that this game was not that amazing!

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| | See all tommocraig's reviews (2)

I am glad that I waited to get this game, only £10 but still disappointed. From a seasoned Civ player I was expecting alot more strategy, but as always with RTS it is "grab the resource, build more than your opponent and attack". Diplomacy is a joke and the tech tree is 5% more this, 10 % faster that. Deleted from hard drive after 2 weeks, enough said.

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  Get this game!

| | See all headjam's reviews (1)

This game truly captures the thought of space travel.Very good graphics.
Just one complaint though, it is soooo slow and takes ages to travel to planets.
If your looking for a game that includes space battles, this is the game for you.

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  Great 4X game

| | See all Gordznz's reviews (1)

This is an epic game. Great graphics, sounds good and is totally immersive. But you should be aware, this is a 4X game, so like Civ 4, it is designed to generally take a long time!! If you want a quick fix you would be better of looking at Company of Heroes or Dawn of War.

But if you don't mind spending a fair few hours completing a campaign, get this!!

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| | See all blueschill's reviews (2)

Ok ill go for the good points first,

the game it self is flawless no bugs no glitches graphics are quite setailed especially the zoom in feature

thats about it for the good points

bad point ok here we go

There is no story line people , dont buy this game if you want to be taken through a whirlwind adventure, there is none , the game involves scenarios thta you can pick by your choice, no unlocks, and as there is no story line, there is nothing to work towards completing the game,

the game itself is slow, it takes a long time to get through the tutorial , and you need to go through it because the game is quite in depth , when your in the game itself it takes ages to build up your resources and the ships are slow and research is slow its just all slow slow slow even on fast settings.
to have a decent game your looking at a good ten hours really which is an uber amount or boredom watching slow ships move around the galaxy,

your view is just watching planets thats is

to update the game you have to install another program which is absolutly ludicrous!!!

over all a poo game, the novelty of this wears off after around 2 hours of play .

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  Soooooooo Slooooooooooow

| | See all Whatshisnehm's reviews (2)

This game, even in the tutorials, is mind-bogglingly slow. You start playing and then find it takes ages for resources to build up (on fast resource setting), your fleets take an age to get anywhere, if you're even thinking of dominating the system then you're looking at a good 7 hour game. Saying all that, the content is good, there are plenty of ships and a good tech-tree style research system. Your forces have different abilities and visuals and the economic system is well done. Overall a good game, but utterly slow.

  Truely awesome but forced to use impulse

| | See all avp2501's reviews (8)

The game itself is flawless but the fact that you need to install "additional" software (impulse) to update the game is ridiculas and impulse is also needed if you want to use the "micro" expansion pack.

if i was you i'd wait for the complete gold edition thats fully patched

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  A dam fine RTS thats only surpassed by supreme commander

| | See all SafteyFirst's reviews (1)

Been playing this since lauch and its a dam good game, forget story as like any other RTS game Story dont mean much. what you have are 3 factions that with different abilitys and played on maps that range from just a few planets to galaxys that hold over 100 planets. the only other way i can describe this game is Supreme Commander in space without out the stupid mass energy thing.

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  Amazing Game, Even runs on Low spec computers

| | See all BigJaf's reviews (8)

This game is an amazing RTS, it may take a small amount of time to get used to the research side of it and how to get the correct balance of resources but once you are past that, this game is very deep and addictive. The lack of a campaign mode is the reason why i give it 4 stars, but the sheer scale of the battles in skirmish mode makes up for this. I was also impressed on how well it ran on low spec computers, i have tried it on a pc with the following spec:
-Dual core 1.46ghz
-2GB ram
-512 ATI graphics
The game ran very well i was very surprised at how many objects could be on screen before it showed any signs of tearing. When played on full graphics the game is outstanding to look at and the ships have amazing detail even up close. Well recommended for even the slightest RTS fan. Much better than Star Wars EAW
Overall; very good game despite no campaign mode.

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