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Call Of Duty: World At War

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (91 reviews)"

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  Played it finaly

| | See all paulcamps's reviews (1)

Bought CoD WaW back in Nov. 2008. I was one of those that it wouldn't work for, just wouldn't play, under any circumstances. Just got new PC with i5 processor, 8GB ram and 6670 AMD, with dirX11. It was certainly worth waiting nearly 5 yrs to play the game. Wont go online though as I get killed too easily. But I love the way you can blow the crap out of the enemy, bits fly off in all directions. It took roughly 6 hours to complete the solo games in recruit mode, I'm a bit slow but I am nearly 60! Much of the time you make good progress by rushing at the enemy and dragging your comrades along with you, storming the headquarters at the end is a bit disjointed as you don't get much clue as to what your meant to be doing. But I soon worked out that you need to keep your head down and wait for the column to fall. I'm thinking of buying modern warfare II as a sequel to MWI that I already have.

  2 years down the line...

| | See all PSdude's reviews (13)

So the game is just over 2 years old now and I first got this on the PS3 platform. And did not like it much so at the time I went back to COD4 witch still remains the best call of duty for me. Then MW2 came out and then black ops. Now they are both good games. I have played them both for pc but they have problems on the pc platform and black ops on the ps3 platform. So after a good 2 years after WAW I decided to get this one for the PC.
And I think its the best platform to get it for and heres why. Free maps. OK so its been a couple of years so there are going to be updates. 7 infact. But they are easy to get hold of and install easy enough. And its worth it because Xbox/ps3 owners have to pay for them. Another reason dedicated servers and as of today there are still people playing on them. Last reason it just looks awesome on PC. Playing on a GTX 460 1920x1080 24inch screen. So much better looking than the console versions. I think this game is underrated now. So pick it up

  Brilliant Game!

| | See all kylemac's reviews (14)

This is a brilliant game with good story mode and epic multiplayer. I have played it since it came out and still play it today. Worth buying!

  fab game

| | See all nukem2011's reviews (72)

this is an brill game that has coop play with upto 4 players makes it much faster and better has all the things call of duty 4 missed out on fun worth having very hard grate ai just amazing game thats all i can say hope this helps

  Absolutly fantastic game!

| | See all Harrybo21's reviews (1)

Okay so yes Call of Duty WaW is just another army style game set in the clutches of World War 2. And yes it is very difficult at times. All things considered I have never put so much time into a game before.

This was bought as a present for me, but Ive neverbeen a huge fan of this kind of game so it sat in a cupboard for a few months until my brother in law needed help completing his copy. After a few hours on co-op I was enticed.

The cut-scenes are great (A little annoying if you have already seen them once but same with all games), the detail is amazing and the maps are absolutly beautiful!

But thats just the campaign, after that theres the Multiplayer, granted its a little better on Xbox but the PC version has a few secrets of its own that i will cover in a moment.

The multiplayer is pretty much the same as Call of Duty 4 but with different weaponry and a few more perks. The maps make it a whole new experience though, plus whenever you think you are unbeatable there is always a little window or something that lets someone get the drop on you.

Next after you have completed the campaign you unlock the famous "Nazi Zombie Mode". On single player its fun but not the best. Co-operative its the most addictive gam I have played yet, this is also the only mode where you can use the "Ray Gun" (Other than a cheat on a particular level but i want tell you which).

You and your friends must work together stopping waves of zombies from eating your brains by a: killing them, b:boarding up windows so they cant get in, c:just plain running away.

It gets better though, over the past year the Nazi Zombies and multiplayer have hd new map packs added to them, making the experience even better. Rather than running around one very small building on round 30 knowing your time is over on the original Nazi Zombie map "Nacht Der Untoten", They have added more inventive levels and a lot more detail to the AI.

2: Verruckt : Zombie Asylum
Added perk machines just like in the multiplayer, change of weaponry, a much larger map and smarter zombies. And the much appreciated "bouncing betties" which are a kind of landmine defence that cannot hurt the players. And lets not forget the electric fences, the perfect defence... for 30 secs then the tide changes!

3:Shi No Numa - Zombies in the Swamp
A absolutly massive map with one twist... The zombies are Japanese (or Korean i forget) instead of Nazis. And they introduced the dreaded Hell Hounds. As well as a new gun (The Wander Waffe DG2 - a electric shotgun that will chain link between any zombies in range! Like the previous levels it has perks and betties, electric fences etc but the AI has been much improved an there are a lot more easter eggs that start building the "Story of the Nazi Zombies". This is the first map where characters and story was properly introduced. Now you will player as either Dempsy, Rictofen, Nickolai or Takeo, all of whom are from different countries.

4: Der Riese - Zombie Factory
The latest addition to the Nazi Zombie experience and it does not dissapoint (apart from a few minor problems and planned things that were removed before release like The Ammo Machine, The Type 99, The Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun, some of the fly trap game and a small part of the map was removed). It keeps the perks, fences, betties, wander waffe, the characters and voices and includes even more. Once again a large map but it has two floors (so did veruckt btw), they added the boxie knife to replace the original, teleporters, monkey bombs and the wonderful Pack-A-Punch machine that is used to give your weapons a much needed upgrade. Packed with nice spots to hide it also has its fair share of easter eggs

Definatly a good Buy

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| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Basically another solid addition to the Call of Duty games. It again manages to create a good atmosphere and solid game play, set in the Pacific and Eastern front thertres of WW2.
Some of the negative reviewers should remember that COD4 (another great game) was indeed innovative, and took the series into the moderen era, this game went back to its roots. Cries of "its great but just the same WW2 setting" don't really stand up, I mean thats what it says on the box!!

  Once again the enemy have wall hacks!

| | See all Marks34's reviews (66)

well the gameplay is what you have come to expect from cod so its very good some new interesting missions but iam affraid they have ruined the game yet again with the difficulty veteran, i mean if your taking the high ground tkaing out soliders from an elevated posion iam sure you would not get grenades just hrown at you.. and the enemy seems to know where you are before they even look round the corner.
for example the russsian sniper mission where the sniper is in the building accorss iam sorry butyou cannot just aim down a sniper scope and find the target annd hit them when there hiding in 1 second... that is unrealistic and thats what the veteran is just pure unrealisitc and it has once again ruined the game. sort it out!!! make the game hard but make it realistic not so the enemy only aims at you... get it sorted waste of time this game

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| | See all adey1kenobi's reviews (4)

Never have I played a game as much as this. I played the Single Player game which was great but then I discovered the Multiplayer which was even better. Since then the Mod maps have all come out it has just become the best game ever.

2 things I could add is, If there are more than about 15 people in a server, the spawns become unbearable & you need a pretty smokin' PC to run this game.

Can't wait for Call Of Duty 6!!!

  Solid shooter, somewhat unworthy of the name

| | See all gh0ti2's reviews (3)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a major step forwards for a venerable franchise. It stepped out of its comfort zone, and attempted to turn its own brand of frenetic first-person shooter action away from the confines of the overused arenas of the Second World War and into the near future and a hypothetical modern day conflict.

Alas, the decision to return to WW2 is not the only one that feels like a step backwards for CoD. The mechanics are still solid, the weapons feel and behave as we've come to expect and there are some neat experiments with enemy behaviour (such as the terrifying cries of fanatical Japanese troops as they ambush your troop at bayonet point), but otherwise the game seems to struggle for new material. The strong story element of Modern Warfare is notably absent from this entry, which flits incomprehensibly between set-piece battles from famous WW2 engagements. The voice acting of Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman are highlights, but the writing lacks humour and their talents are largely wasted in this cliched environment.

Having said that, multiplayer is a blast, albeit with a few downsides. The action is fast-paced and varied, but lazy level design and a lack of thought on the part of the developers have resulted in a few unpleasant quirks. 'Spawning' problems abound and a few of the levels have some unusual placings of important accessories, such as tanks.

So on the whole, Call of Duty World at War is a decent, if largely forgettable shooter. It has its charms, but if it's choice between this and the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, you won't miss much by waiting till November.


| | See all KrisyL's reviews (18)

Its ok for those who like Old-styled war games, but personally i wouldn't recommend it.
Its online is very boring and repetitive, the guns are bad and it gets boring after a couple of days