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Hitman: Blood Money

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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| | See all Joansean's reviews (1)

Graphics are good, and the environments are fantastic. Loved the Mardi Gras levels with all the people walking about

Very high replay value as well, you can do every hit 10 times and each time you do it differently.

  Replayable and unique

| | See all mattmachine's reviews (6)

I have always been a big fan of the Hitman series, and this one is as you would expect - the best one yet. The graphics are nice, and it is still really is original as although there are no shortage of stealth games, there are none wuite like this.

You can play the game the way you like, shoot'em up or sneak around and devise intricate plots to take out your targets. I love the freedom of the game and the vast arsenal at your disposal. The huge freedom means a nice amount of replayability, I must have played all the levels time and time again.

There is the slight issue of the combat AI. The AI in the game is good generally, but when it comes to out an out firefights, their tactics consist of rushing you until their numbers overwhelm you. However this is marginal, and shouldn't detract from what is still a good game even by todays standards.

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| | See all brownieee's reviews (6)

Good game! wasn't sure about it as it's 2 years old, at the time of this review, but it's amazing. The graphics are good and the AI are smart. Was very enjoyable and each level is playable again and again, with different ways of hitting your targets off. Very enjoyable.


| | See all somethingfishy's reviews (58)

have just played kane & lynch from the same creators of this game i though i give this a go.how did kane & lynch go so wrong hitman blood money not only look better plays better i mean what great ways to take people out (barbecues poison nickers shooting the bottom of a glass hot tub out)this game is every thing kayne and lynch is not it's playable for a start the controls work theirs no stupid log in system to play the game so if you want to buy kane & lynch dead men buy this at £6.99 save a tenner your thank yourself for it

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  At Last, Everything is Right at Once!

| | See all Fleedleflump's reviews (58)

This is definitely the Hitman game that us fans of the series have been waiting for. I had waited for this with baited breath, as the Hitman games are all on the very short list of games that I have every played right thr way through to completion (ie without getting either fed up with the game or distracted by something else coming out!)

Whilst I enjoyed all of the earlier games, I had concerns after Contracts that the series was doomed, as that game wasn't as good as the second one. However, as information was released about this, the fourth game, I started to hope that it could be really good.

Thankfully, it is. Third person sneaking and shooting has never been so much fun. For the first time, there are enough options and approaches to each scenario that you're not tempted to just blast your way through it (like I did with almost every mission in Hitman: Contracts). The new "accidental deaths" are hilarious and rewarding to discover. The weapon upgrades are great fun, and allow you to concentrate on your preferred tools of the trade. Combat both close and distanced feels assured and responsive.

Standout missions for me include the private hospital, the suburban street, and the playboy's mansion.

Most fun you can have in this game: Seeing how many people you can "off" and hide before those left start to realise you're a very bad person!

Graphics and sound are spot on, and if IO INteractive can reel out another game with this many imporvements and ideas, then the next Hitman will be well worth a look too!

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  Best Hitman Yet

| | See all Brausch's reviews (187)

The first Hitman game to get everything right. Sneaking is no longer painfully slow, disguises work and there are a nicely varied number of ways to tackle each mission. Graphics are excellent. Thoroughly enjoyable

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